Outlast will be a buttery smooth asylum adventure on PS4

outlastDo you find yourself worrying about your console ports when the moon bleeds through your window shutters, silhouetting your sleep-deprived face? Do you quiver in anticipatory fear at the thought of a less-than-satisfactory framerate sinking your funboat as it sails on a jittery ocean? Well, stop it, sissy. I’ve got news about Red Barrels’¬†Outlast that’ll set those silly concerns aside.

Coming from Gaming Bolt, Outlast¬†is going to run at 60 frames per second at 1080p resolution. The tortured lunatics of Mount Massive will chase you relentlessly, and you won’t have framerate dips (I pretend it’s just conveniently-timed slow motion in some games) helping those scary folks out. When I played it on PC last year, it was also a cool 60 frames per second, and it feels great with the sense of movement in the game. Coupled with the camera mechanic, it looks like a live recording at some points. PS4 owners are going to be pretty happy when they get a chance to shit their pants in February. Happy running! Buttery, tasty, smooth running.


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