Our Darker Purpose launching tomorrow

Dark Purpose

The horror adventure game Our Darker Purpose will launch on the 29th of January, which just so happens to be tomorrow. I wasn’t really doing anything anyway, so what better time to lose myself in a top-down game reminiscent of The Binding of Isaac, but with RPG elements and a neat orphanage setting.

This game was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in July, where it made just over $40,000. The game subsequently also made it through Steam Greenlight, so it will first release on Steam before also appearing on the studio’s own website and the Humble Store. Our Darker Purpose differs slightly from traditional roguelike games, since it allows players to pick their own path through the orphanage and choose their own upgrades upon leveling up. Besides Isaac, Avidly Wild Games also claims Don’t Starve and FTL: Faster Than Light served as inspirations for this game.


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