ObsCure and its sequel unexpectedly reviving on Steam

Wait…what? Via Destructoid, but from otherwise out of nowhere, 2005’s high school horror series ObsCure is coming to Steam. Hydravision Entertainment has become Mighty Rocket Studios, and they became aware of the fact that their old games were nigh impossible to get hold of nowadays. And so, lo and behold, PC gamers can soon give it a whirl. New features include 16:9 resolution so it won’t look all wonky on our pretty monitors and Xbox 360 controller support. The release date is set for March 7th, and both the original game and its sequel, Aftermath, will be available. I’m kind of curious to see if online co-op will be implemented or if split-screen will be the only option.

I’ve personally only played a bit of Aftermath back when I worked at a game store and was trying something new every night. I remember virtually nothing other than the college theme and rancid dialogue that went something like this:

Female (thong peeking out from her lowrider jeans): “I’d move this box, but I’m just a WEAK GIRL.”

Male (backwards hat and all-around bro-demeanor): “Don’t worry baby. I’m STRONG.”

So, I guess they got the whole B-movie slasher thing right.


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