Ninja Theory completely focused on DMC now

Ninja Theory was best known for bringing Goddess of War, ahem, Heavenly Sword, to the PS3. More recently, they’ve just released Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, a multi-platform title that further proves Ninja Theory’s narrative muscle. Now what does the developer have next on their plate? DMC, of course. The much debated, and even hated, reboot of the Devil May Cry franchise will now be the sole focus of the company going forth until it goes gold. As aforementioned, Ninja Theory packs quite a narrative punch, this could be of a great benefit to DMC.

I’m not oblivious to the fact that Dante fans will read this post and just disregard it and go on about their new Dante-hating antics, but, as the article even mentions, it might be explained why Dante looks the way he does now, in some part of the narrative, plot twists galore! I’m still sticking with my theory, that by game’s end he’ll turn into the Dante we’ve all grown accustomed to. Enough of me yapping, check out this well-written, and very detailed, article from Gamezone talking about Ninja Theory’s past and how it might have an effect on the development of DMC going forth.

  • thedovcreed

    Well that is very good news
    but can’t believe they think he looks cool…
    anything just not to change the character huh
    this feels like deja vu… let do a simple math:
    Devil May Cry 3 – pc
    Devil May Cry 4 – ps3 = DMC 5 – pc

  • Matthew

    I can’t wait for actual gameplay. The story will probably be good, but gameplay is what makes or breaks DMC.