‘Next-Gen’ Psychological Horror The Works Of Mercy On Kickstarter

What a wonderful time it is to be into horror games. With the indie scene just churning out one great title after another (Outlast, Layers of Fear, the upcoming Allison Road, and more!), I’m giddy like a Deadpool in a pancake factory.

Another great looking title has just shambled up onto Kickstarter, and  while it does have some inspiration taken from Hideo Kojima’s famously defunct P.T./Silent Hills, it also draws from the works of some of Hollywood’s horror visionaries. The Kickstarter page for The Works of Mercy directly references Roman Polanski’s films Repulsion, The Tenant and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, films known for their eerie tension and dreamlike atmosphere- or should I say nightmare-like.

We play as a man who has been forced to do the horrible deeds of a twisted psychopath who has kidnapped our wife and daughter, and the conditions for getting them back are… unique. We must kill for our family, following specific instructions from the kidnapper, who directs us over the phone and watches our every move from cameras placed all over our apartment. We must murder, brutally, anyone he tells us too. He tells us these are much more than that, acts of mercy possibly, and that no one is completely without guilt. I’m immediately reminded of Rockstar’s ManHunt, a game where the player is directed by a perverted filmmaker making the snuff film to end all snuff films. Of course, in that game we were already a convicted felon and already a killer- here, we’re an everyman, who has never killed anything bigger than a cockroach in his entire life. Pretty big difference.

Running on Unreal Engine 4, and asking for $10,785, The Works of Mercy has me intrigued. There’s a few videos on the Kickstarter page showing off gameplay, as well as some creepy BioShock meets Outlast concept art, I’m hoping we get to see this one funded. The game will also support VR headsets, and the Kickstarter rewards are actually pretty cool, donating upwards of $57 and more gets you the chance to create voice over, 2D, 3D and music work for the game, which is wild (to me at least!). Plus, compared to Allison Road‘s lofty $250,000 campaign, just under $11,000 doesn’t sound that difficult to reach. They already have $3,274 at the time of this writing. Head over and check it out; we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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  • Serge Aris

    “…and for the first time in a while it doesn’t seem to have any inspiration taken from Hideo Kojima’s famously defunct P.T./Silent Hills…”

    From the kickstarter:
    “The game enables you to explore a fully interactive environment featuring the best elements of such games as “Gone Home” or “P.T.” “

  • TH3J4CK4L

    This sounds interesting. It’s like manhunt with a more solid plot and inspiration.

  • Shane

    I’ve said multiple times in comments about my love and faith in VR horror, but a comment from Kojima himself will explain it better:

    “Let’s say you put the VR headset on and there are a lot of people here, people you’re not familiar with,” he explained. “You’re not being told who you are, why you’re there. That alone is scary. That alone makes you want to look away. For example, when you look away you can have someone come [into the room]. You don’t need to explain anything. That’s something completely different. That alone is so interesting, the possibility of creating that.”

    Capcom’s Kitchen demo used some of those elements to great effect.

  • Steven Bayne

    I like the idea for this game. Very original sounding. I’m also really stoked for all the new great horror games coming out. On top of all the other great games rolling out I may need to upgrade my 2tb PS4 to a 3 or 4tb. Haha! 😀

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    it sounds great, i hope they reach the money and make a good game

  • Brodequin

    It sounds so good. To devs: give the protagonist voice, make him feel living and breathing…


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