New Silent Hill ‘8’ Trailer

Well, kinda. It’s a polished version of the one debuted at E3. The guys over at got hold of this yesterday.

The four minute video seems to show off quite a bit. The graphics look superb and we also get a taster of what to expect from the music from the new composer, Daniel Licht. It would seem that now is a great time to be a Silent Hill fan.

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  • remedic

    Yeah… Why does it look like the fog is coming from the flashlight? Shouldnt they try and animate the atmosphere a little bit… They seem to get really lazy with the graphics, its like it capped at ps2 graphics, which was fine ten years ago, haha, but come on. It doesnt look much better than the other silent hill on ps3.

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  • Patrick

    Remedic: I agree. I think the problem is that they received such backlash from SH 4: THe Room because they changed a lot of things about the game, which made SH 5 go back to the old formula, now it seems like it’s gotten stuck there. I could be wrong, but although I’m happy that there is a new SH game out there, nothing here excites me.

    For example, the Silent Hill 4: The Room trailer was EPIC and scary. I still won’t watch THE TRAILER alone. This was creepy, but it was just game footage. Where is the heart to this series? Bring it back!

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