New Famitsu issue shows Sebastian’s face

Some new artwork from The Evil Within, also called Psycho Break in Japan has been revealed via Famitsu.  In it, we get to see what Sebastian actually looks like.  There are also some other game images and an interview.

The interview is in Japanese.  I don’t speak Japanese, so…yeah. They also have continued ‘The Real Tango’ comics, a series of comics about current going-ons in Tango Gameworks starring their mascot, a big snail.

You can look at more over at The Evil Within forums.


  • handsomejack47

    Why does he remind me of FAN. DAN. GOOO?

    • Scott Sands

      Your doing it wrong. It’s FAAAAAN. DAAAAAN. GOOOOO lol. I actually agree with you. I think for my first play I’m going have his song playing through the 1st section.

      • handsomejack47

        Oh that’s right, I forgot to breathe in the A’s. It’s FAAAAAAAN. DAAAAAAAAAN. GOOOOOOO.

        • Ahmed Hassan


  • Connah Harold Harvey

    He looks different in game by the looks of it, he doesnt have the coat and I could have sworn he had glasses and was a little…weedy.

  • Chaos Spectre

    He kinda looks like a badass who has seen some shit and fucked it up lol.

    Also, it seems no one on this site and posted about the free Paranormal Expansion, Paranormal: The Town.

    It only needs 3K funding on kickstarter, you guys should post about it and help it :)

  • BitchDuck

    Psycho Break sounds a lot cooler than “The Evil Within”. Sounds like a name of a shitty guillermo del toro film.

  • luigiix

    Booker DeWitt with long hair.

  • Brady White

    He’ll never be a sexy as Leon… * reminisces* XP

    • Ahmed Hassan

      haha 😛 😛 Leon is just one bad ass and awesum dude

  • Ahmed Hassan

    I think he looks like Shadow of the damned Protangnist

    • Brady White

      You mean *clears throat* GARCIA FUCKING HOTSPUR?! *rolls r’s with tongue* XD