New details about RE4 PC Edition emerge


Excited for yet another Resident Evil 4 port?  Don’t answer – it’s coming whether fans want it or not.  And I’m sure that after the dismal PC edition we’ve already received, anything is a step up.

A developer has spilled a little bit of information as to what exactly we should expect with the upcoming port.

Feature wise, the game is based off of the Xbox 360 version, which was based off of the Wii and Gamecube versions.  So there’s one for the win column.

The game has an option to toggle between the original SD and HD texture repack.  Why you would put out cash to buy an HD version of the game on a PC and not want to use the HD textures is beyond me, seeing as how all of the textures have apparently been reworked from the ground up.  Take a look at the screenshots and see for yourself.

[imagebrowser id=151]

According to the developer, most of the cut scenes are rendered in real-time and in-engine:

Similar to the Xbox 360/PC version, most cut scenes are rendered in real time and in-engine.  Some cut scenes, such as those from the Separate Ways content introduced with the PS2 version were only capture in video.  Aside from that, movies such as the opening cGI movie are naturally upscaled from the original 2005 release (again, same with all other versions.

Additionally, the game is optimized for 1920×1080 at 60fps. Anything beyond that has not been formally tested and is not officially supported.  There are however a bunch of other graphics tweaks available in the menu, such as anti-aliasing options (up to 8x), shadow quality settings and one other fun setting that is being kept a secret.

Big head setting?  Comic book graphics?  We’ll have to wait and see.


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  • Bulbatron

    PS4 version would be nice.

  • I am excited about this. Not sure because I want to see how good it looks, or because it gives me an excuse to play it again. Though from that comparison pic, I like the SD better, HD seems to have just fixed up the fence, the SD seems worn out and adds to the environment but guess we’ll wait and see.

  • Casper Bronmans

    Should be fun, but does anybody else think that in the first picture the HD texture looks a bit too clean?

    • exactly my thoughts. Too clean, when its broken it’s unsettling.

    • Nerdmaster

      I actually thought that they swapped the HD and SD versions in that picture.

    • Levito

      It should be noted, that you don’t have to install the HD textures.

      • But then what’s the point?

        • Levito

          For purists that want the option to play the game exactly as it was in the original release.

          • Casper Bronmans

            Can I ONLY install the SD textures for the wood and keep the rest HD? Actually though the rest looked really spiffy.

          • Sorry I understand that, I think it’s a good option to have, but why get this game otherwise then if you’re not going to play with HD visuals on even just once? Why not just stick with the currently released PC version then?

          • Levito

            The “current” PC version released by Ubisoft is absoutely terrible. It doesn’t even have mouse support. This release will give PC gamers a great version to play finally.

          • Ah very true! Thanks, I like hearing both sides of the story.

  • qqryq

    They should call this version “ULTIMATE HD SUPER HYPER WASHED AND CLEANED”

    • Fernando Silva


      • qqryq

        Indeed man, indeed…

  • I’m looking forward to an ENB mod. New lighting will give this game some new life.

    • Agreed, the game is old now and still looks and feels great to me.

  • Jason Mounce

    HD and more clarity at the cost of grit, dark atmosphere and the like….looks babysmooth.

  • Demi

    Just finished teh HD version on PS3 after playing it back when it was released on PS2. This new PC version has cleaner textures on the granades (you cant even see the letters on the PS3 version), but the wood textures look better in SD, the new ones are out of place and too clean and perfect.
    I loved the first 2 chapters at the village. After that, the game goes down hill, the castle scenario is horrible and boring. The last 2 chapters are exactly like Resident Evil 5 but with worse controllers. It closer to RE5 than the older titles in retrospective.

    • I agree the first two chapters are the best. But I still think the game was great overall. What did you find boring? Salazar? the cult? or just don’t like castle settings?

      • Demi

        The first 2 chapter have the zombie like ganados, the stages is monocromathic but very beautiful, natural and rustic. There is also the battle withthe sea monster and the battle in the barn, both really good.
        After that we arrive to the castle, still very very monocromtic but this time is grey, boring and with poor textures. Enemies start to have crossbows, rocket launchers and shields, shifting the gameplay to absolute action, no more running from enemies, instead is better to use the shotgun/sniper rifle. Also, Ashley becomes a pain in the ass, she gets hit because she is crouching instead of running. The crank room where you have to take care of her is frustrating and stupid.
        The game gets much worse at the island, more enemies with more firepower, fat zombie with gatling gun, zombies with dinamite, turrets shooting you. People complain about RE6 but this is no different.
        Bosses also get worse at the end, Krauser was random and boring and had ton of invisibility frames.
        Also, in the first 2 chapters I felt that I was really underpowered next to the amount of ganado and how many bullets I had to waste to kill them, as you progress, the weapons get so rediculous that you can one shot almost everyone, the weapon scaling is more drastic than RE5.
        I could go on, for me its the weakest RE, next to 6.

        • I can agree with points to that argument. I really also would’ve liked it if you felt under powered throughout the whole thing, would’ve made it scarier.

  • Nikolaos Nounakias

    And when this version flops, Crapcom is going to blame the fans, and translate the low sales as a sign that ‘RE Fans don’t want horror anymore, so we go Mobile”, or something. But what am I saying? RE4 was never horror in the first place.

    Whatever, Crapcom, just go fall off a cliff and fucking die, already.

  • Thomas

    ……. No what we need is a new Resident Evil game that actually is a Resident Evil game…….

  • Liam Mountain

    I love this game but I aint buying it again lol I already bought the older pc version for modding and I own the wii , ps2 and 360 versions , I think I’ve spent enough lol. I really can’t be asked to play it all over again and try and unlock everything all over again lol. but I suppose for the really really hardcore fans would enjoy on steam I might get it if it goes for 1.99

    on a steam sale one day lol.

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    SD looks more natural

  • luigiix

    Is it just me or the SD picture actually looks better. I may be getting old but i think the original still holds up well visually.

  • SecretX

    It be nice if there was a wii u version. oh well.

  • Nolan Watchinski

    They “fun” option is probably fixed camera angles.


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