Netflix’s Castlevania series will be a “Game of Thrones” take on Dracula’s Curse


Yesterday it was officially revealed that Netflix will be putting out a Castlevania animated series. Season 1, Part 1 of the show will begin this year. Yes, Castlevania is officially back!

The show will be a “super violent” adaptation of the NES classic, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, with a Game of Thrones feel to it, according to the show’s producer Adi Shankar. The official description from Netflix states that the four-part season will follow “the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Vlad Dracula Tepe himself.” Each episode will run for thirty minutes.

And this next bit should be quite exciting for all you comic book readers: Warren Ellis is penning and producing the show. With him on board, I can definitely see how the show will be as violent as it’s being described as.

This is really exciting to me. I’ve been missing Castlevania, especially after the Lords of Shadow trilogy, which I was a huge fan of. While we aren’t getting a new game, we’re at least getting an adaptation of one of the series’ best. Now, who do I have to contact to make sure Richard Madden will return to voice Trevor Belmont again?


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  • Survival Horror Specialist

    I am huge 2d castlevania fan, I really hope they get this right, now on another topic whatever happened to Bloostained?

  • Henrikm

    I loved 2d castlevania aswell super Castlevania 4 is my favourite but loved also genesis Bloodlines, where one played John Morris who had a similar play too the Belmons with whip while Eric Lecarde used some sort of Polearm/spear which he could use to reach higher levels(I think Morris could aswell with his whip?)
    Rondo of Blood the real one(not the one that was Dracula X on Snes) was awsome aswell.

    Of the metroidVania I like Symphony of Night but I though metroidvani took over the series too much so while I enjoyed later installment aswell they became somewhat meh for me eventually.

    I like Lords Shadow series aswell however don’t like how Lords of Shadow 2 ended up… It had so much potencial but somehow missed it marks.

    About the animated series I liked Adi’s Dredd movie and his animated version so looking foward to this one.

    And yea too Survival horror Specialist what I understand Bloodstained is still in the make…..IGA want to release it next year though.


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