Multiplayer horror games Contagion and Damned receive updates


Two of last year’s multiplayer horror games that we were quite fond of are facing ch-ch-changes. Contagion and Damned are both part of the Steam Early Access program and thus are not quite finished yet. They are both very playable right now, but there are still bug fixes and content additions galore heading their way.

Contagion’s list of updates contains a spawning adjustment, the quashing of some annoying bugs in regards to the in-game cell phone, and a new weapon. You can see the whole list here. If you take a look at that page, you’ll also find that developer Monochrome LLC have also announced the full release date for the game: April 11, 2014. Two new maps, Barlowe Square and Pioneer Express, as well as new sounds, new features, new voice sets for characters, and new mo-cap animations will all be part of the full game. Cool! CJ and I have been enjoying Contagion here and there. It’s a cool little co-op shooter with a good foundation. A little polish could make it something special.

Damned isn’t quite as far along, but the update should help make it a bit more stable, and it’s adding a new game type as well. Life Mode has the survivors sharing the same health pool. Sounds like an aggravatingly fun way to play! Network fixes, a new map, and interface changes are all listed here.

It’s been entertaining watching these two edge towards a complete release, like watching two of our little brothers growing up. Soon, they’ll be old enough for full, honest critiques. They should have thick skin by then. We’ll try not to leave any scars.

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