More pics of upcoming Pyramid Head statue

Japanese figure site Mamegyoria has some new images of the upcoming Pyramid Head statue by Gecco Corp. Don’t worry about importing this pretty thing, ToyMunkey studios will be distributing the same figure in the West.

The Japanese release of PH will be in November for around $150 (around the same price that the Western release is anticipated to be). The figure is just over a foot tall and will be thing that gets you fired if you decide to make it a desk ornament.

This figure gives us a much better look at Pyramid Head’s lesser seen areas; look at the bubbly underside of his head. Bubbly.


[nggallery id=48]

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  • When is toymunkey taking preorders for their Pyrimad head? I would have mine imported but I can’t read the ordering instructions on the mamegyoria site.

  • Edward Hallex

    The detail and accuracy on this thing is insane. Love some of the liberties they’ve taken with the design to compensate for the comparatively low-res in-game model, and the powerful but understated pose is a great representation of Pyramid Head’s body language. If I had the cash to blow, I’d snap this statue up in a second.


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