Metro: Last Light trailer brings Salvation

Any fears fans of the Metro series had that the THQ closure would harm development of Metro: Last light where promptly quelled this morning. Deep Silver, The games new publisher just released a new trailer titled “Salvation” that fleshes out the human conflict within the game, and also hints a few key story bits.

Atmospheric is probably the best way to describe the first game, and thankfully this trailer exudes that same grim qualities. It’s very claustrophobic, every shot makes a point to emphasize the lack of breathing room within the Metro subsystem. The trailer also highlights the incredible lighting and texture work within the game, this is going to be a graphical show piece for Deep Silver for sure.

All in all this is a pretty excellent trailer, it makes the viewer interested in the game while not given away too much of the actual plot away. The original game was all about the narrative, so giving away too much of the story in a trailer could hinder someone’s experience with Metro: Last Light. Thankfully, that is not the case with Salvation.

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