Lone Survivor coming to PS3 and Vita

Lone Survivor, indie developer Jasper Byrne’s love letter to classic survival horror games will be coming to both the PlayStation 3 and Vita. Lone Survivor‘s pretty pixel art will make its way to the Vita’s vibrant OLED screen, and I can’t be more excited.

Lone Survivor is a 2D survival horror game that incorporates elements and themes from popular survival horror games. Byrne’s prior work includes a Silent Hill 2 demake called Soundless Mountain 2. Our review of the PC release grants the title an 8.5/10.

While I do own the game, something told me to hold off on finishing it. Thankfully, it wasn’t schizophrenia, but totally a premonition! I digress … the game is being ported to Sony’s consoles by Curve Studios (Fluidity, Hydroventure and Explodemon). No release date details have been given, but hopefully it’s soon.


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  • Christopher Jenkins

    I already own this on pc twice (bought standalone and via the humble bundle) and I will definitely buy it again on PS3 assuming its fairly priced. I really enjoyed it and hope Jasper one day makes another game like it.

  • luigiix

    This looks interesting. I’ll check it out 😀

  • I also have it buuuut I kept it on the side. Great news ^_^

  • ariessiren

    are the graphics going to be updated?

  • smash

    This is so good! Jasper Byrne is one of my game dev inspirations. I’ll definitely be getting the console version even though I have it on PC. Anything to support the guy.


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