Latest Amy trailer is all about bonding

A new trailer for Lexis Numérique’s AMY has been released on the Playstation Blog. The trailer, along with a description of Lana and Amy’s relationship, is given by Djamil Kemal. Djamil discusses the similarities between AMY and Ico. Ico, as well as AMY, put players in the role of a protector. Lana must watch over little Amy and make sure she stays safe. In turn, Amy helps Lana with puzzles and her sickness. The two must work together to overcome the game’s intense survival horror atmosphere.

AMY is looking like an interesting game. I hope I enjoy it when it releases this Fall. Check out the video below for some new gameplay footage.


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  • Henrik

    As I wrote on Gamefaqs and Silent Hill Downpour forum

    It shows some deeper realtionship between the cast.

    I could totally see something similar in a Silent Hill title.

    Both James and Henry had Maria and Eileen tag along.

    But this could be somewhat deeper realtionship and more gameplay uses then just a sidekick that follows you around and attack enemies sometimes.

    Plus could be a way too introduce a younger cast as playable too,as seeing past SH children seems to have demons of their own.

    Could see something like this from Amy or from Siren series where one played a little girl too be introduced in a SH title..

    That aside Amy looks awsome kept my eyes on this one from the start.

    Hope it get the amount of player it seems to deserve being a PSN title.

  • Elyssa

    Doesn’t fall end close to the end of December? This game should be out soon then! Yay!


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