Konami asks: What would you like to see for Castlevania’s 25th anniversary?

Konami finally breaks their silence on Castlevania’s upcoming 25th anniversary. They’ve just posed a rather crucial question on the franchise’s official Facebook page: “ In a perfect world, what would you like to see for the 25th anniversary of Castlevania?” After months of silence regarding the series’ upcoming anniversary it’s nice to see Konami finally start acknowledging it, especially by asking the fans what they would want to see.

I’ve already gone in-depth with a list of my own personal requests– which you can read by clicking here. Now, it’s time for those who’ve made the series such a success to voice their opinions. It should be rather interesting to see what they all have to say as I’m predicting a lot of ‘1999’ and remake related requests! Make sure to head on over to ‘vania’s official Facebook page to leave your suggestion.

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