Konami asks: What would you like to see for Castlevania’s 25th anniversary?

Konami finally breaks their silence on Castlevania’s upcoming 25th anniversary. They’ve just posed a rather crucial question on the franchise’s official Facebook page: “ In a perfect world, what would you like to see for the 25th anniversary of Castlevania?” After months of silence regarding the series’ upcoming anniversary it’s nice to see Konami finally start acknowledging it, especially by asking the fans what they would want to see.

I’ve already gone in-depth with a list of my own personal requests– which you can read by clicking here. Now, it’s time for those who’ve made the series such a success to voice their opinions. It should be rather interesting to see what they all have to say as I’m predicting a lot of ‘1999’ and remake related requests! Make sure to head on over to ‘vania’s official Facebook page to leave your suggestion.

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  • Bio-Me

    I would like to see a Castlevania 64 remake or in HD because the game was bad-ass and I loved it because it had creepy music and and a good amount of scary moments and both main characters and villians were and are still AWESOME and it’s a classic 🙂

  • Brandon Roediger

    REMAKES PLEASE! That and make the games good again, like SoTN and all the DS games, not like the shitty ones on ps2 or that piece-o-crap ps3 game that’s not Castlevania people. Classic game-play, classic enemies, and old school graphics. That is all, peace out Girl Scout.

  • JOEmega64

    Brandon Roediger. You’re an idiot. If you want “classic” gameplay, then you shouldn’t be talking about Metroidvania.

  • Brandon Roediger

    Listen here “JOEmega64” have you ever even played Castlevania, and no not lords of ass-blowing. Answer that and I’ll reply back if you think you know what you are talking about.

    P.S. Metroid and Castlevania are my all time favorite games and I don’t fuck around. Go boot up you dick loving 360 and play some Modern Warfare 2 you trash talking pussy.

  • Brandon Roediger


    Is this you… LMFAO your a total loser.

    I’m BLOWmega64 and my interests are blowing and fucking guys and I love to be on the bottom. I also enjoy crying a repressing memories of my dad fucking my fat lonely ass. I frequently play with my own ass and dream of blowing the singer from “Flock of Seagulls”. Ass play is my fetish and I cut myself while I masturbate to pictures of Ryu and Ken butt blasting each other.

    I think we both know who won this battle Joseph Walter.

  • Smokie-ashes

    I’m sorry but, LOL! and yeah, bring back the “classic” Vania … side scrolling, platforming, awesomeness.


    Have you ever play Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow, Brandon Roediger.


    Have you ever play Castlevania: LofS, Brandon Roediger.

  • The Ronfather

    I’ve stated this a ridiculous amount of times, but me personally, I’d like to see Castlevania 5 in either 8 or 16 bit graphics as a DLC for all consoles or as a 3DS game, in the same vein as MegaMan 9 & 10. Good old, level by level, 2D side scrolling action, with Simon Belmont as the main character!!! It seems the most likely to happen being that it is the 25th anniversary of the first game, and building such a game would be effortless for current video game designers to create in time for the actual anniversary date in September!… Nothing against Metroidvania games, BUT I’d like to see a SOTN sequel or Metroidvania game during the 25th anniversary of SOTN, not of the original’s anniversary!!! Konami, bring on Castlevania 5 PLEASE, stop messing around and get to it!

  • Brandon Roediger

    Yes INSANE, or should i say JOEmega64, I have played LofS and it sucked its not Castlevania at all its garbage.

  • Brandon Roediger AKA Qwatwaffle

    Why the fuck am I being targeted here, fuck off you little cowards. I answered the fucking question that the post asked, you didn’t see me criticizing Bio-me for what he said its a fucking opinion on a god damn website you dumb fucks. The internet is a wonderful place. The ability to retrieve information on any subject or communicate with anybody around the world. It’s a significant step towards world peace and the evolution of the human race. Then you got these assholes who gotta be like “I’m gonna shit all over this precious gift to mankind.”
    Oh yeah the answers are out there but you gonna have to dig through this colossal pile of shit to get at them.

    Thank you for ruining the internet.

  • Erick

    I would like to see a game about Aeon. I find that his story arch in castlevania judgment was fascinating, and that his character could really be looked into. But something like castlevania HD was amazing. It was just missing a lot more dlc. I would have spent $hundreds on dlc if they didnt stop. But I ask you, as a Dj that has made a lot of music for castlevania (vgmusic and ocremix, and etc) please bring back music from circle of moon, as I felt this gameboy advance game was so hard that I had to beat it in every single mode possible. The song, big battle, was the castlevania 3 final boss battle became my favorite castlevania song, even more than bloody tears, vampire hunter, and of course Simons theme. You can do anything, and I have my complete faith in konami as well as castlevania!

  • Joshua

    Brandon, SoTN is barely castlevania. if you think that anything that evolves, or changes the series isn’t castlevania, fuck off. go play castlevania 1. 2. 3. 4. any of them. I’ll wait here…

    you back? you notice how they’re nothing like SoTN or other metroidvania games? go fucking crawl in a hole and die. the ps2 games were the epitome of castlevania evolution, and the LoS was an amazing step in a great direction. now, get off the bandwagon, and find your own ride through life.

  • Ahbe

    A prequel to Aria of Sorrow. With a younger Julius Belmont, that chronicles his battle with dracula before they seal him in the eclipse.

    A remake of Castlevania Aria of Sorrow with HD stunning lush animation for the PS3 or PSP.

    A remake of Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow with HD stunning lush animation for the PS VITA.

    A DS to PSP port collection of: Castlevania Order of Ecclesia, Castlevania Portrait of ruin & Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow.

  • dante

    all ds games for vita…… and SOTN (with original dialogues, maybe new ones but optional)

    nes & snes remakes for consoles….

    and a totally new castlevania…that would be nice….

    ahhh and a new castlevania for 3ds…… (not very interested in that…but that cover all consoles…)

  • Andrew

    I would love a remake of Castlevainia Legacy of Darkness that game was epic.

  • Kariston

    I would like to see a remake from Castlevania 64 // Legacy of Darkness. And there should be better graphics and more skills- especially for Carrie (like small teleportations, telekinesis, Magic protection shield etc. I mean in the game it says “Carrie Fernandez a girl with great magical powers”- and what is? She only can throw energy balls-.-

    • MkThundrwd

      Good ideas but her powers as is aren’t so bad. She can cast those tiny target-homing magic balls over considerable distance in rapid succession and indefinitely.

  • Castlevania N64/ Castlevania Legacy of Darkness
    beta style…..
    for X360/PS3

    • MkThundrwd

      Also for PC and Nintendo’s console (for all current consoles).

      I’ld be happy just to see the opening credits of Castlevania 64 rendered in with high polygon count, other fancy graphics techniques, smooth and synced animation – probably with motion capture to sync The Violinist’s movements with, say, a real violinist’s motion capture. Keep it original otherwise although remixing the music further couldn’t hurt too much.

  • Dannyjayfuller

    Aria and Dawn of Sorrow in either HD2D like Guilty Gear, or full 3D remakes in the vein of Curse of Darkness(best 3D CV BTW). Also, can Soma get one more game? Probably my favorite CV protagonist aside from Alucard, but I’m sure that’s a pretty popular answer.


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