John Carpenter lists his favorite games of 2013


John Carpenter, the legendary director behind movies like The Fog, Halloween and The Thing, has expressed his love for video games before, but now the good man has also delved into the sacred tradition of end-of-the-year countdowns. Speaking to Giant Bomb, Mr. Carpenter revealed his top six games of 2013 and the results are… quite surprising.

John Carpenter’s Best Video Games of 2013

1. ASSASSIN’S CREED IV: BLACK FLAG – Classic ASSASSIN’S CREED gameplay, awesome world, fabulous game.

2. FAR CRY 3 – Magnificent open world adventure

3. THE LAST OF US – Great characters make this a classic

4. DEAD SPACE 3 – Scary snow world and twitching monsters – Please dismember

5. REMEMBER ME – Unique female leading character in futuristic action game

6. BORDERLANDS 2 – I know, I know, it’s from 2012, but the last add-on is this year and this is a brilliant, funny, action-blasted game! My favorite!

I am slightly disappointed that the reworked version of the Halloween game did not make the list, but this countdown is still pretty cool regardless. It’s also good to see that Mr. Carpenter is still a fan of Dead Space, since he also recently expressed his desire to make a film based on that franchise.


  • Liam Mountain

    Remember me is an amazing game and the graphics and style are really good as well , I enjoyed the hell out of that game.

    • Casper Bronmans

      I’ve seen it a few times and it looks really good. Perhaps critics were a bit too harsh on a new and untested IP?

      Here’s hoping for a sequel with a tad more memory-manipulation!

    • drachehexe

      I just got Remember Me on sale from Steam. I really can’t say how this would be on anyone’s top list. It’s a great premise, and I like the story line but it’s a disjointed game. The combat is clumsy and awkward and it’s own worst enemy, some of the characters and events are just so out of place in this game.

      80% of the dialogue is just plain horrible. Also, I don’t like that is you advance too far they lock you in an dyou can’t go back, missed several pick ups because I went one way and couldn’t go back when the pick up wa sthe other way.

      And the games best feature, memory manipulation, was used so little…it’s like th ebig titular hook, the whole concept of the game pretty much and we get tons of crappy fighting and only a handful of memory manipulating sequences. A damn, damn shame.

      The voice acting is great for the most part, the visuals and environments are great too. I absolute love this games world and concept, too bad they choked on the rest.

      • Liam Mountain

        I love the combat I’ve got the timing down perfect with the combos plus I bought the dlc and now she can do spinning bird kick and flash kick and shoryuken. to each there own I think the game is amazing in every department it looks like a next gen game in most places ( to me).

        • drachehexe

          I don’t see how you can, it’s a game that gives you up to a chain of 7 combos I think but you never get to pull off a 7 hit combo. You are attacked by so many things at once you can at best get a 3 (sometimes 4) hit combo before having to daoge an attack ruining the combo. Later on in some extended fights your forced into just a hit hit dodge series that last way longe rthan it should. All this fancy combo building is totally wrothless.

          • Joe

            Combos can be continued after a dodge.

        • ThePainfulTruth

          The only problem I had with the game is that there was no real story arc, and the character arc felt fake to me. I enjoyed the game quite a bit, but it seems like the dropped the ball when it comes to making a story and characters that really leave a lasting impression.

  • Koulamatata

    John Carpenter is awesome.
    Not surprised to see Dead Space 3 or Last of Us on his list, but really didn’t see ACIV or BL2 coming.