Indigo Prophecy sequel incoming?

A teaser site has appeared for what just might be a sequel to Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit).

The teaser page has a countdown currently sitting at 8 days.  A number of different words are scrawled in the background behind the countdown, the most notable being “Guilt is a chilling feeling.”  This was the tagline for the original Indigo Prophecy.


Quantic Dream had previously announced that they had an announcement to make in January, and guess what – it’s January.  As for whether this news points to a sequel or an HD remaster, we’re just going to have to wait til the 8 days is up.

What do you think it means?  Sequel?  HD remaster? A reminder that it exists?


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  • Ross Ingram

    I’m looking forward to whatever Quantic Dream announce. Been a fan since their first game Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

  • Megan Schneider

    Just because it’s possible, doesn’t mean that there needs to be a remaster. I’d like the idea of a sequel. Although, Quantic Dream isn’t really known for making sequels. I loved this game as well as Heavy Rain. But I was disappointed with Beyond: Two Souls. I never got to play Omikron.

    • Michael James Tabbut

      Omikron’s on Steam

  • Michael James Tabbut

    so…shall we expect game overs that lead into lectures about how pixels invoke emoshuns?

  • MattS71

    Always loved this game, no matter what its called… a sequel is intriguing as hell

  • LoveAnimation

    I really love this game and has beaten it many times so i really hope we are getting a sequel.

  • 鷹志水橋

    the first game that makes me love quantic dream project is fahrenheit ..
    it makes me feel playing game and watch a movie at the same time ..
    guess what i’d love so much ?!

    i somewhat feels like i am the actor himself ..

  • Carl Johnson

    Indigo started out good, then it kinda went off the rails stupid. It started as a noir thriller then turns into Goku fighting an evil South American voodoo god alongside the matrix.

  • Jeremy Kaminski

    I don’t care if it’s a sequel or a reboot. GIVE ME A NEW INDIGO PROPHECY! This is my favorite title from Quantic Dream, it had a level of action in it that the other titles did not as well as you were more in control of what was going on. I absolutely cannot wait to hear what is announced.

  • Danyel Armenteros

    I hope if it is a remaster, they change the last 1/3 of the game. Plot it better.

  • handsomejack47

    Oh boy, let’s see how David Cage over-promises and under-delivers again.


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