Hydrophobia developer Dark Energy Digital is broke

The development studio Dark Energy Digital (Hydrophobia Xbox 360, Hydrophobia Prophecy PS3) is broke and was closed.  A reason for the locking apparently has been the commercial failure of Hydrophobia among other things.


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  • Rourke


  • Rourke

    fffff that’s a shame, Hydrophobia was really good after the patch.

  • Ccrogers15

    The game was GREAT when it was title updated with the patch for PS3 and PC. WHY does this GREAT company have to close and kill hydrophobia 2? Why cant that VECTORCELL who developed that HORRIBLE AMY be closed???

  • Sam

    WHHHAAAA?! Oh man, this sucks. I enjoyed Hydrophobia, and would have loved to play other games from the company. Damn.

  • 3rd overall on Xbox

    This indeed is sad news. I thoroughly enjoyed Hydrophobia. I purchased it for the Xbox 360 (after it was patched & reduced to 800 Microsoft Points/$10.00). I was looking forward to the next game/chapter in the series. Perhaps fan support will encourage another software developer to purchase the rights and continue the game series?!

    Perhaps if early players of the game didn’t bad-mouth the game so much, and just ask the developer to make changes to fix the problems… instead of telling people all over the Internet to not play the game, the company might have sold enough copies to keep going!


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