Happy birthday, Silent Hill

Thirteen years ago today Konami released their answer to Resident Evil. What Resident Evil lacked in abstract themes, crazy religions, and demonic gods, Silent Hill made up for. Today not only marks the birthday of the first game, but also the start of an amazing series that has brought much entertainment to lots of people.

The little tyke is closely becoming an adult. At 13 it will start to mature and grow up to become something more refined. Its taste have changed, it prefers the Mighty Kids meal to the Happy Meal at Konami Burger, and it’s hoping to learn some new skills.

Silent Hill has changed. Like all of us, Silent Hill had a period where it needed to find its identity and it stumbled along the way. As its friends and fans, we must stick around through this, because we know that it will once again make us proud.

I wish all the best to this series. I’ve grown up with it and hope to see it grow up with me for years to come.

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  • Zack Furniss

    I’ve grown with it too! It truly is an important part of my life. I was actually playing it SH3 last night and listened to the happy birthday song. Maybe you can help me on this one CJ, as I’ve never looked it up: Why is it that Leonard looked like that, and spoke normally? It seemed uncharacteristic for the series. I usually analyze the plots in great deal but somehow I haven’t checked into this part.

  • Bonen

    Happy Birthday Silent Hill! I still reminisce that day when I first soiled my pants because of you (figuratively speaking of course :P).

  • I’m gonna have to say I’m stuck between saying Heather sees him that way because he’s insane, and his insanity actually formed his soul into something monstrous. Perhaps because of Claudia’s feelings toward him.

    In that scene, Heather didn’t really feel afraid of him. She gave him some sassy remarks haha

  • marcos munoz

    Happy Birthday Silent Hill!! First time i played i was at Walmart 98′ Playing the demo. Kept looking behind me to make sure i was still at Walmart and not in some dark ally . Yep that’s how scared i was love ya SH!!!

  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    Was 18 or maybe 17 I can’t really recall when I played it and I still do.

  • Happy Birthday Silent Hill ^_^

  • Henrik

    Silent Hill series is still my favourite horror serie with Resident Evil,Siren and Fatal frame as close followers.

    I still remembers when I first heard about it.

    At the time Resident evil was nr 1 horror which I played.

    Heard some talk about a new horror game on the way too school on the schoolbus.

    They talked about a game that was much scarier then even the scary RE.
    Especially the School.

    I had to pick it up too see if it was true,which I did.

    First play was fail,I never read the clues right so I never found out about the doghouse clue so I ran around with no aim where too go wasted ammo like nothing on enemies I encountered.

    Got bored and put the game down for a couple of days.

    But could not stay away for long I had to see the School area I heard so much about atleast.

    Found the doghouse clue and got the key after that I never picked the game down until I played it through too all endings.:D

    Yeah the School area did not disappoint me,since then SH has been a must buy for me and got each title on launch day.

    Silent Hill 1 is still the one I return the most too,the metallic industrial score fitted the rusty other world.

    I wish that sound had been used more in sequels too.

    So yeah SH is still after all these years my favourite.

    Happy Birthday!

  • Steven Bayne

    Happy Birthday Silent Hill! It feels like so long ago that I entered the realm of Silent Hill……….. I’ve been messed up in the head ever since (and I love it 🙂

  • StuntmanSnake

    Happy birthday!


  • Grace Saunders

    When people say they soil their pants over a game… I LOL. Stick to the 3DS then. At least you can play that sitting on the toilet! 🙂


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