Happy birthday, Silent Hill

Thirteen years ago today Konami released their answer to Resident Evil. What Resident Evil lacked in abstract themes, crazy religions, and demonic gods, Silent Hill made up for. Today not only marks the birthday of the first game, but also the start of an amazing series that has brought much entertainment to lots of people.

The little tyke is closely becoming an adult. At 13 it will start to mature and grow up to become something more refined. Its taste have changed, it prefers the Mighty Kids meal to the Happy Meal at Konami Burger, and it’s hoping to learn some new skills.

Silent Hill has changed. Like all of us, Silent Hill had a period where it needed to find its identity and it stumbled along the way. As its friends and fans, we must stick around through this, because we know that it will once again make us proud.

I wish all the best to this series. I’ve grown up with it and hope to see it grow up with me for years to come.

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