Gamescom 2012: Some more Book of Memories screens to look at

In the latest installment of “That Game That Disgraces The Silent Hill name, Because It Will Personally Come To My House and Take a Shit on My Other Silent Hill Games as Well as My Family” Konami has released four new screenshots for their upcoming Vita dungeon crawler. While I would prefer some gameplay footage, this will have to do.

The new screens don’t reveal much about the game other than show some different looking rooms from multiple stages. The UI seems to have undergone some changes as well. I’m not a big fan of the excessively large multiplayer health bars. I’m also still hoping that the game will look better graphically when played on the Vita itself. The screens that have been shown make the game look very jaggy and not too pretty graphically. Regardless, I’m still looking forward to playing the game. A casual spinoff set in the Silent Hill universe doesn’t molest my love for the series. It’s something simple with the potential to entertain my other gaming interests.

You know my spiel regarding the game: I hope for it to be a fun experience that won’t take itself too seriously–despite some fans doing exactly that.

Konami has yet to set down a specific date in October.

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  • What is that Image from?


    mmm cj, this game looks horrible, maybe some people overreact about the real situation of the saga but, if you really want to see, because maybe you have a very very subjetic point of view about the last games of SH, all of them were a bit dissapointing. You say that downpour was a great game but man, for me and other persons, that game doens´t do a excelent work has the first games…i understand you’re a great friend of hullet, brian gomez or devin…that’s great! but you didn’t very impartial in the last review of SHD. That’s my opinion. For me, is a very great news that Kojima shows a interest in silent hill.

    • So you can have your opinion that new games suck but I can’t have the opposite without an ulterior motive?

      Loved Downpour, greatly enjoyed Shattered, Homecoming was a decent game with a badly told (but decent) story, and Origins was OK.

      I don’t understand what’s so hard to comprehend about a wait and see mindset. If I don’t like BoM then I’ll say so. It’s not that hard.

      There’s some validation of my bias.


        but, you’re a reviewer, you need to be impartial in some points but in others, yes, i admit you can have your own opinion as if you “enjoy” the game after all. Maybe i can “like” Schwarzengger’s COMMANDO but i know that movie sucks. Or maybe i can enjoy read Mario Puzzo’s Omerta but i know that book is not great like The Godfather. I played all the silent hills and i know that the last ones were disappointings in many levels (story, gameplay, graphics, fun…) sorry if i can’t explain all my point of view, my english is not excelent, but i’m sure you need be more impartial…downpour a 9?

        • I think you fail to understand what an opinion is. Reviews are entirely opinion, my opinion was and still is, that I loved Downpour. If you find it too hard to understand that people like different things than you, then I can’t help you.

          I felt that DP finally reached what *I* felt the series needed. The review is my ideas and my point of view.


            mmm well man thanks to respond, but then i can’t understand why the critics exists (el crítico tiene críterio, más allá de ser una simple opinión en una crítica se argumenta el por qué de las cosas, más allá de un gusto enteramente subjetivo) if everyone can do a review…so, bye.

          • Everyone can do a review on anything they like. If you don’t agree with it then that’s it. I’m not telling anyone the game is great, I’m offering my opinion that I think it is, to me. There is no way to make a review that everyone can agree with. Critique is based on the author’s views.

          • Elyssa

            If you cannot bring yourself to accept that others’ opinions differ from yours, go read the SH reviews that state exactly what you want to hear, or rather, write your own & stop whining about something you have no control over. Seriously, stop trying to tell people what to think, it’s silly.

            Also, I hope we get an official release date soon.


            If you really read my point, you’ll understand, meanwhile i don’t chance my mind. I don’t wanna try to have control over others opinions, that’s no my idea.

        • Giving an opinion is the POINT OF A REVIEW. IF IT WAS IMPARTIAL IT WOULD BE A REPORT. You can’t just call his review invalid because you don’t agree with him, IT’S NOT SOUND LOGIC. But then unsound logic seems to be a staple of this fandom so WHATEVER HAVE AT IT.

  • Poor poor BoM doesnt get love from no one. Oh well, logic goes like people. You play the game. You either like or not and that is that. Zee end!

    Personally I’m waiting for the game.

  • Silent Evil

    The game has been getting positive responses from the RPG community. Odd that so many negative opinions have come from the horror gamers. Personally, I’d like to think this game is in the spirit of Koudelka and the Shadow Hearts sequels.

    Horror RPGs! What’s not to love?

    • Neutron15

      the negative response (SH fans) that’s the real problem to it, plus the game may not be all horror after all

  • Neutron15

    might as well removed the SH title in order to minimalist the rage, people seem to mistook it for a proper silent hill game also people seem to expect it to be like revelations on the 3ds

  • Solyant

    I wonder if people will tolerate the game more if the name would be changed
    to something like “Silent Hill Gaiden” or “Tales from Silent Hill”.
    You know what i mean? Something that just tells you straight away that THIS IS NOT A REGULAR SILENT HILL GAME.
    The normal games could still be called “Silent Hill” and all Spin-off games get another relatet titel, like “Final Fantasy” & “Final Fantasy Tatics”.

  • Giant Bat

    So far the game reminds me of Obscure, which was good but for different reasons than the traditional Silent Hill game.

  • ca

    The game should just get renamed: “SILENT HILL:GAME OF DESTRUCTION” Because its gonna kill the series.


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