Game of the year edition of The Evil Within coming

Well if you haven’t pulled the trigger on The Evil Within yet, you’re somewhat in luck. Thanks to a leak on Amazon France, it looks like a game of the year edition of the game is coming. This September the GOTY edition of The Evil Within will include the base game and all the DLC released for the game in the past year.

So yeah, pretty standard GOTY edition affair. Bethesda hasn’t confirmed an actual release date yet, but keep an eye out for it.


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  • Aentik Sparda Ten-no

    totaly will get it!!! hope the price is fair though!!

  • LoveAnimation

    The Evil Within is one of my favorite games ever so im sure getting this.
    Feels way better to have all the DLC on the disc.

  • RT21UT

    Did this actually win a single GOTY award?

    • Kerberous

      Does it have to? Video game journalism and reviews are still a big joke.

  • Andy

    I’m surprised this game sold as much as it did.


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