Forgotten Memories Director’s Cut Cancelled; New Game in Production

Forgotten Memories : Alternate Realities Director’s Cut is no longer coming to consoles, PC, or the PlayStation Vita. Developer Psychose Interactive announced via their Facebook page that after careful deliberation, they’ve decided to cancel the port of their iOS mobile game. The team states that the foundation of the game just didn’t lend itself well on alternate platform, so they rather start from scratch with a new Forgotten Memories game — coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The all new Forgotten Memories project will feature a new story, updated gameplay mechanics, a new environment, and also ditch the episodic structure. There’s no release date planned at this early of a time.

The original version of the game was meant to also come to the PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Android as well. When questioned by the community why these platforms will miss out, Psychose gave a variety of reasons — including the Vita’s lack of support from Sony to devs. The Vita community in particular got pretty nasty, prompting the developer to opening a very short-lived petition to gauge whether it would be financially viable to port the existing game to the Vita. The comments got fairly toxic and that was closed.

I’ve been waiting to play Forgotten Memories after the positive praise it garnered at release. But if the developer feels a game built from the ground up with stronger platforms in mind would work better, I’m inclined to believe them. A mobile port, regardless of how polished, will still feel limited in some ways. I’m not about to tell them either how to run their business without first hand experience developing and selling games, either.


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  • Brodequin

    My sentiments exactly.

  • EvilResident

    Jeez that attack tho… people need to calm down.

  • incpdo

    you might not be well informed about this case, the developer promises are also something important , you should check some more facts.

    • They announced a game that couldn’t financially justify porting to other platforms, or feel happy with after months of development, so they’re making a better game instead. These things happen. It’s their company; if they can’t *financially* justify making the game as they said in the past, then they can’t. Would you rather they put the fate of the company at risk to deliver you *their* game?

      • incpdo

        i would rather answer fans and people that is waiting for this game the truth , in this case months before this announcement they were asked if they were working on this game and they answer that the vita version was coming you could have the best justifiable reason to skip the platform , is the way you skip it , the blocking , negligence ignoring this people as if they dont exist , with a simple apology they could fix it all but no , they asked money instead if we wanted to get the game in the platform , the way the manage the PR thats disgusting hence produce disgusting reactions from the fans. So no , i dont want indie companies to close , but i want indie companies to act like companies .

  • Xuchilpaba

    I was waiting for this game as I’d never played it before. So no Guy Cihi for me, well.

    • He’s working with them on the next game.

      • Xuchilpaba

        That’s good to know. I’ll stay tuned.

  • EvilResident

    My only criticism toward them would be that people would probably have been happier if they’d been a little more transparent through the entire process. This team likes to make big promises of exciting news and then completely disappear for months at a time.

  • Alapan Biswas

    Late but it kinda reminds me of whole ‘PT’ case that also never came out for PC and Xbox. I’m actually playing FM in my mom’s iPhone SE and that game really cuts the boundaries of a mobile device. All I wanna say : PLEASE DON’T GET CANCELLED . So hyped up for FM2.


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