Fatal Frame: The Movie gets a teaser trailer

Fatal Frame Image

The first teaser trailer for the Fatal Frame movie, hitting theaters in Japan on September 26th, has been released. The Fatal Frame film takes place in a school dormitory in a mountain village, starring a girl named Aya who keeps herself locked in her room all day. However, incidents on campus of students going missing and being found later, drowned, triggers Aya to become involved in this strange series of events… Particularly because a girl who looks just Aya is appearing in photographs. The teaser trailer is brief, but gives us a good idea of the overall look of the film. We’ll bring you more information as it develops.

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  • Liam Mountain

    I didn’t really get fatal frame from this trailer.

  • Koulamatata

    On one hand, the Japanese make pretty decent horror movies.
    On the other, video game movies are not usually very good.

    Not really sure if I should be optimistic here.

  • Ssssimeon

    No news on Fatal Frame Wii U, Fatal Frame Movie #2 (confirmed), or Fatal Frame Novelization?

    Also surprised RoH didn’t get jump on the RE: Enhanced Veronica bandwagon…

  • Liz Baker

    [Based on the smash hit horror videogame “Zero” which has sold more than 1,300,000 copies to date comes a forbidden movie adaptation.]

    [KADOKAWA] (film studio logo)

    [Original Concept: “ZERO ~Zero~” by Koei-Tecmo Games]*
    *The kanji used can be read both as “rei” and as “zero”. It means “ghost”, “spirit”, that sort of thing. This is the Japanese name of the Fatal Frame / Project Zero series.

    “There’s a curse that only afflicts girls.”

    [from the writer of “MPD Psycho” and “The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service”
    Original Story: Eiji Outsuka, “ZERO~Zero~: The Curse That Only Afflicts Girls”
    (something illegible about being a horror author)]

    “I am suffering from that curse.”

    [from the director of the “The Chasing World” series and “Bilocation”
    Director: Mari Asato]

    “Receive my curse…”

    [Aoi Morikawa]

    “A killer who’s after three people…”*
    *litereally, “intended for three people”. It’s an interestingly passive way to talk about the murderer’s intent.

    [Ayami Nakajou]

    “Unexplained disappearances…”

    [a photo of a girl]
    [mass suicides]
    [when the clock strikes Zero Hour*]
    * midnight, but literally ZERO TIME and being pronounced “zero”
    [a cursed camera obscura]

    “What should we do?”

    “I hear her voice…”

    [if you see her picture,]

    “HELP ME!”

    [you will die.]


    “I’ve been waiting all this time…”

    (translation mine)

    I can’t tell if they’re completely changing the modus operandi of Fatal Frame ghosts to be more typically J-Horror, or if the line about seeing the photo (which doesn’t use the kanji for “miru”, to see, so could potentially be some other verb…) means, if you see her but don’t take her picture… I guess we’ll see.

  • Zed Clampet

    Unfortunately I neither read nor speak Spanish.


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