Fatal Frame is headed west, but potentially just an eShop release


Fatal Frame is my absolute favorite horror series, and nothing would please me more than some fancy collector’s edition of the the Wii U’s Maiden of Black Water. However, thanks to the sharp eye of the guys over at Destructoid,¬†we may have an update that rules out any physical release of the newest Fatal Frame.

The may in that sentence is important, because Nintendo has yet to actually specify the format of the release. But, the page for Maiden of Black Water sports the orange eShop border, instead of the usual box art other games have used.

As disappointing as this is for those of us who enjoy collecting the physical copies, we can at least be happy it’s still releasing¬†sometime later this year. Until then, I’ll just hope the orange banner means nothing.


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  • Melon

    At least we’re getting a release, but I’ll be sad if there’s no physical copy. :<

  • Andy

    Well now I won’t be buying it.

  • Anna

    I knew it. Something else is gonna come up and they will cancel the release for this game in the U.S. I knew it was too good to be true.

  • ariessiren

    No problem. Bring it on and I’ll download it.


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