Evolution 6 adds scenarios to Plague Inc: Evolved

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc: Evolved continues to live up to its name by throwing another new patch (evolution) at us. This has been the sixth one since the game released on Steam Early Access and adds hotkeys, better 3D models and scenarios to the game.

The scenarios allow you to play the game with either a real disease or in an alternate universe with different situations you have to work around. Right now there are fourteen of these to play in, but Ndemic promises to increase this in future updates, as well as adding a scenario creator that will allow users to make their own.


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  • CACH

    did you know if this update includes necroa virus?

    • Casper Bronmans

      The zombie strains were introduced in the previous patch and should be available if you kept the auto-update on in Steam. You can make sure by checking the version number of your game, it should be past 0.5 🙂


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