Devil May Cry HD Collection caught in the wild

Spanish retailer, Xtralife (listing has been removed) recently posted the Devil May Cry HD Collection on their store. No announcement or confirmation from Capcom has been given, but based on the box art and plain ol’ common sense, it’s safe to expect this game to exist. The retailer had listed a PS3 version, and a November release.

This year marks the 10th anniversary for the series and it would be nice to go back and play as classic Dante. Not the new Hilary Swank edition. While I know I’ll be picking this pretty package up, I don’t think better visuals can improve the attitude of DMC 2 Dante. He was such a jerk in that game, right?


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  • Hans

    this one’s ps3 only too? wtfffffffffffff

    I should just replace my broken ps2 already instead…

  • Daniel Forbes

    Please, please, please oh please may this be available for xbox…..

    plz plz plz

  • SHFandemon

    I’m curious who had the idea for these collections. Sony or the creators of the games themselves!? At first i thought that it was Sony’s idea, but the Metal Gear Solid Collection is coming to the 360 aswell, although they were PS2-exclusives.

  • Sony started the trend with GOW. Other devs are following, but I don’t think Sony regulates these. As much as I like achievements, I don’t mind my collections just being on PS3. But damn right I’m getting the MGS collection for Xbox. Gonna strut my stuff as Raiden and earn that gamerscore.

  • KoRnCreep

    I actually like DMC2 Dante, but DMC1 Dante is my favourite


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