Dead Space 3: Awakened achievements appear

Dead Space 3‘s achievement list has recently been updated to reflect the upcoming DLC expansion Dead Space 3: Awakened. The DLC has extended the achievement count from 1000 to 1250. The achievements that are not secret show that Awakened can be played co-op (of course), in at least one extra mode, and contains some sort of reactor that must be activated. I wonder where this game will take place and who it will star; hopefully Lexine makes a come back.

Dead Space 3: Awakened releases in March for $10.


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  • Well the “Get to the Chopper!” archivement makes it look to me like it will be and epiouge scenario of the game.And the 2 archivements for a optional event sound to me like one of the playable characters may be a Unitologist.

  • MattS71

    Just hope its longer than 90 min, the time it took me with Severed!


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