Dead Rising 3 leaked

After being teased on the Dead Rising Facebook page yesterday, we now have what appears to be leaked information of the next installment of Capcom’s Dead Rising franchise.

“I’m getting packing for my new adventure – camera, notebook and baseball bat. What else would i need for a break in paradise?” – Frank West on the Dead Rising Facebook page.

According to a source at Siliconera the next story is set in a Californian town, Los Perdidos that is under Martial Law after an outbreak. The new main character known as Rick, is an orphan who works as an auto mechanic. He joins forces with survivors and they fight for survival to escape the lockdown and fix up an airplane before a bomb goes off and destroys the entire city.

There are a few other characters that have been revealed as well like Red, who is the leader of a group called the “Illegals” who are apparently people who are infected that aren’t registered by the government. Another character, Annie who is Rick’s girlfriend is a runaway and she shows compassion for the infected. Like the other games there are also psychopaths like a biker gang member who drives a “Roller Hog”, which is apparently a  motorcycle witha steam roller on the front.

Also Phenotrans seems to be behind this outbreak as well, no surprise there, and the introduction to a new villain named General Hemlock. Hemlock apparently kidnaps an important leader and is in cahoots with Marian Mallon.

Take a look at the next hero below!



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  • DarkDreamTCK

    I don’t like the idea that yet another protagonist is being introduced. The story seems to be dragging itself out rather than getting anywhere, but that’s just what I’m seein.

  • Dead Rising 2 Stacy Zombie Food

    If True Better Not Be Coming Out Until 2013 that Way We Have 2 Year Break

  • Levito

    Didn’t they learn their lesson with the last game? People want Frank!

  • Jon

    Another Dead Rising is good news. The new character sounds cool, I just hope Frank and Chuck show up sometime.

  • General Tobias

    Does this new hero look like Bruce Campbell’s Evil Dead character Ashley J Williams to you guys too?

  • Henrik

    Orphen hmmm

    Any payed attension to first game plot where the villian had orphens as possible time ticking zombie bombs.

    Capcom never built further on that part but who knows now?

    Rick might be one of those orphens we dont know how long time passed.

  • liam

    it should be frank as the main plus there should be a female character to play as for once

  • Henrik

    Yeah would have loved that too,Women can kill Zombies too you know,Capcom.

  • KoRnCreep

    I dont care about Frank, all I want is that the game is made by jap developers.If U have 360 go and play 1st DR and DR2.1st DR has better graphx, animations textures and stable framerate, DR2 is total mess because it is not made by the same team.
    So if DR3 isnt under the belt of Japan developers/original DR1 team, I`m off from the series!

  • R.E.5HATER

    They should stop being so childish and actually be a serious game no launching unicorn heads or baseball dildo’s

  • randy

    great, more stereotypes and anti-american themes, great


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