Dark Souls 2 gameplay footage finally emerges

The Souls franchise is considered by many to be a throwback to traditional survival horror in many respects, despite not being thought of as being part of the genre by the developers. The emphasis on risk, reward, and how the game builds tension is very similar to that of  the original Resident Evil games. The brutal challenge the series is known for also comes from the fact that often the enemies within the game are designed more like riddles to be solved, and that the trial and error nature of the gameplay encourages you to solve these puzzle like foes.

After the pleasantly surprising Dark Souls 2 CGI trailer reveal last fall at the Spike Video Game Awards, everyone has been dying to see the actual game in motion.  Well IGN got the world gameplay reveal today and a full walkthrough of various environments, and it looks to be a another bone-crushingly difficult game that lives up to the franchises name.

A lot of people were concerned that Dark Souls 2 would be watered down from it’s predecessors after rumors of the game including an easy mode. While it has not yet been confirmed as to whether or not the game will feature multiple difficulties, it certainly doesn’t look like Dark souls 2 is going to go easy on players as just in this small demo the person playing dies in nearly every encounter.

We also have a gallery of screenshots courtesy of NeoGAF.

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  • StuntmanSnake

    Praise the sun!

  • ariessiren

    Can’t wait. i hated the series at first, but when I figured it out after like 50 attempts, I fell in love. That click moment was priceless. glad they are making it more accessible for newcomers in terms of coherence vs difficulty. I prefer demons souls over dark, but hope dark souls 2 fixes alot of darks problems. Dark souls felt more of a chore than demons did. Dark souls 2 looks like its headed in the right direction


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