Could a crossover on The Walking Dead be a possibility?


Earlier this season in The Walking Dead (the TV show), Michonne gave a subtle nod to fans of The Walking Dead (the video game).  If you remember, she said she planned on taking a trip to the city of Macon.  Macon is an actual city in Georgia and this normally wouldn’t be anything or major excitement.  But it’s also the hometown of TWD video game protagonist Lee Everett.

Seeing as how the game and the graphic novel exist in the same universe, we’ve already seen familiar people and locations, such as Glen, Hershel and Hershel’s farm.  Lilly also was familiar to those who have read the graphic novel, but she hasn’t exactly been revealed in the television series.  Has she?  I haven’t exactly been on the ball with that.  In the game though, the locations and people were based more on their appearance in the graphic novel rather than from the television series.

In an interview with Wired, TWD creator Robert Kirkman stated that a possibility existed and the door remains open for the two to cross over, being set in the same universe and all.  However whether or not that will happen is left open.  Kirkman also assured fans that showrunner Scott Gimple is a fan of the Telltale Game series and is “aware of the greater Walking Dead universe.”

The interview also hints at some of the other things to expect this season from the television show with some mild spoilers for the mid-season finale and the mid-season premiere.

I wrote an April Fool’s piece about the possibility of a crossover, was really just fooling.  How would you feel about a crossover between the show and the game?  Would you be for it, or should they continue on separate paths with subtle nods to the other?


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