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Want to win a free digital copy of Silent Hill Book of Memories? Well, you’ve found the right place! You can win yourself a copy of the Silent Hill spin-off for the Playstation Vita, in a few easy steps.

How to enter

Step 1: Think of your fondest Silent Hill memory. Your story can be from either your time with the games, a personal anecdote that reminds you of Silent Hill, or even a Silent Hill dream that you have had. The winner will be chosen randomly, although I encourage entertaining material from you fine folks!

Step 2: See Step 1? You’re going to be writing that down in the comment section.

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The contest will end on Saturday, October 20th at 10PM EST.

Update: IndubitablyRong is the winner. He or she has until Wednesday to claim the prize!

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  • I’m guessing a creepypasta of Silent Hill I wrote a while back won’t count? ;-;

    • Do it.

      • sweet, also sorry if it doesn’t give out the creepypasta feel!

        What I’m about to tell you is something I can’t quite understand myself……I’m not sure if it was real or not….but hell it’s something I will never forget I never knew that place was real…I thought. It was fake, but it wasn’t…the town of Silent hill is real….What happens when one of your favorite games becomes a reality? You would think it would be the best feeling…but it’s not…it’s hell…

        Let me start from the beginning…
        During the summer I was moving to a new house and I was unpacking some boxes that were old and pretty much covered in dust due to the fact they were unopened for years. I opened one of the boxes and I notice the box contained some of my old video games and my PlayStation 2 console this brought a little nostalgia to me I quickly took out some of my games that were inside the box “Jack and Dexter 1 & 2, a few Dot hack games a Sly cooper game an old copy of Resident evil from the ps1 days but what really caught my eye was this old black game box. Well it wasn’t all black the cover had something writing on it… “Do not play” This was weird when I first saw it….the writing looked like mine. From my younger days did I write it I wondered? I opened the game box and there was a city labeled “Silent Hill” I didn’t remember owning a copy of “Silent Hill” I mean I loved the game series now because some of my friends let me played it at their house I played and beat 1 and 2 and got halfway through 3 but never finished it because I hardly go over to my friend’s house anymore. This was weird but at the same time oddly familiar. I wanted to play it and it seemed like I could the ps2 looked intact with all the cords along with a controller so I decided to play the game. Maybe I wrote “don’t play” because I was too frightened to play the game I mean even now I had a few jumps from the invisible babies or whatever they were in Silent hill and maybe I wrote that along side in hiding it to never play it again perhaps I just don’t remember owning this due to the fact the younger me was too scared to play.
        It was around 11:55 p.m. when I finally got a chance to plug in the old ps2 into my TV in my room finally I was going to play this Silent Hill game I placed the disk into the slot and closed it the screen turned black and the “silent hill” logo or rather name appeared just like the game from my friend’s house a few seconds later the scene of Harry driving his car came on It was nothing new to me just the same old cut scene that was the prologue into the game I remembered, I decided to skipped it again the start up screen showed up it gave me the option of “new game” “load” and “options” I click load (seeing I had the memory card in slot 1) to see if I have played it before and just like I thought I did play it before it looked like I put in some few hrs. into the game so I decided to continue it and clicked the same file, but a pop up screen came out it said “file corrupted” it didn’t let me load I was a bit disappointed that I could continue to where I was to frightened to even continued , so I went back to the main tittle and clicked new game the screen turned black and nothing happened it stayed black I thought the game froze or something I went to restart the system but when I did my watch started to beep indication it was midnight as the beeping sound decline some letters began to appeared on the screen it said “Welcome Back To Silent Hill” At I first I found it weird, that those letters appeared in the first place because If I recalled those weren’t there when I played it at my friend’s house but I really didn’t mind it as much since this was Silent hill it just added more horror to it.
        The screen now was showing Harry waking up next to his car immediately noticing his missing daughter after a few minutes of cut scenes I was able to move Harry around I made him walked around the mist and to see if I can find his daughter and again a small cut scene appeared it just showed Harry’s daughter running through the mist I was able to move harry again and began chasing after her into the alley. The ally was covered I blood and dead bodies though this wasn’t necessary weird because you do see this a little further into the game but the alley design was different….instead of the narrow zing zag turns the alley was a narrow straight one and the dead bodies were pinned to the wall crucified I walked around the narrow ally trying to find Harry’s daughter, the more I went down the alley the more bodies I saw on the walls I could hear the ominous Silent hill sirens started to play. I quickly made Harry run faster I knew the sirens meant something was coming. Something to kill Harry… I finally reached the end of ally and there was one body on the wall. This one seemed different. Some notes were scattered around the floor beneath the body I made Harry picked them up and I started to read them I expect it was a note from his daughter but….it wasn’t…..all it said “Jesus…do you remember?” This shocked me because one I don’t remember Silent hill having anything related to “Jesus” before” and second……that was my name… I made Harry read the other notes and they all said the same thing “Remember” “You can’t never forget” “Come back” I was now getting a little paranoid after reading the notes…was the game talking to me? I didn’t understand. After reading the last note a cut scene occurred….Harry walked up to the body that wall crucified to the wall he examined the body the face looking down the screen didn’t show the face Harry leaned over to examined the face but then the head looked directly at him the face covered my entire screen for a few seconds screaming “YOU CAN”T FORGET” just like Harry in the game I fell backwards that scared the hell out of me. The face had no eyes just empty dark void in the eye sockets but that wasn’t the creepiest thing from it…it had multiple mouths on its face…one big one just like any human had and small ones all over the face whispering different things “can’t forget” “Come back” “ ”you remember” “you can’t escape” Harry crawled away he tried running away but he couldn’t he wasn’t in an alley anymore he was in a solid room with the dead body there’s wasn’t anyway to escape. The dead body pulled itself from the wall and walked over to Harry… I could see the terror Harry had in his face. The body or rather the inhuman gripped harry head, it picked it him up like Harry was a doll, Harry yelled and yelled he tried to free himself from the creature the screen went to Harry’s face he looked directed at the screen….or rather directed at me… all he said “Why did you come back?” and the screen turned black all I could hear was the scream Harry made then nothing….

        The screen showed nothing but an empty black screen. I couldn’t believe what I just saw…this wasn’t the Silent Hill I know. What the hell was it? I decide to press the restart button on the ps2 and start the game again but a pop up window said “disk can’t be read” I took out the disk and looked under it was perfect not scratches or anything I tried it again still “disk can’t be read” I told myself it was for the better I did in fact get scared from the game…I decided to turned the system off and decided to head into bed but as I reached the power switch on the ps2 my TV screen started to flicker it showed the Welcome to Silent Hill sign then messages started to appeared …”don’t forget” “Come back” “can’t escape” and overall what harry said “Why did you come back?…….but my eyes grew wide when the next message appeared it read “Jesus welcome back to Silent Hill” this made no sense to me..after a few minutes my mind wonder into darkness I could feel my myself losing consciousness

        A cold sensation woke me up I was under some bed covers I took the off and sat up I placed my hands on my face trying to wake myself out…was it dream? Was all of that a nightmare I just had? It took me a few minutes to realized something though…I slowly removed my hands from my face….I wasn’t in my room……I wasn’t even at my house…I looked around the room ..I was at a hospital well, from what I could tell the room was all white I got up from the bed I walked and examined everything in the room…I saw a clipboard next to the only door I picked it up and read the note it “do you remember yet? It said… I drop the clipboard am I dreaming again? What happened in the game actually happened? Remember what exactly? I opened the door and the nice white decoration was gone….it was like the parallel world of the Silent Hill rusty pipes metal doors was the only thing I could see. I walked down the long hallway my heart was thumping hard this wasn’t real. I kept pinching myself making sure this was a dream but the pain was real this meant I wasn’t dreaming. I saw a couple of doors in the hallway, I needed to get out …I need to go outside I tried the all the doors I came across but they were all lock…then…I heard sirens ringing. I quickly looked around this was bad…I started to run back to the room where I was. I opened the door and went inside I closed the door behind me…that was a mistake. The room changed…I wasn’t back in the room where I was…I was in the same spot where Harry and the Creature were….it was a tight square room the floor covered in blood I took a few steps forwards I saw Harry’s body it was in front of me…his head was missing. I wanted to throw up….but. I held my stomach tightly trying not to. Above Harry’s body there was a bloody message across the wall.
        The cold sensation came back, my entire body shivered something was behind me…I was right two arms wrapped my body I couldn’t mood my eyes were the only thing that would. The long wrinkled stitched arms tightly hold me. I could feel the breathing of someone behind me I could feel its mouth closing in to my right ear….it whispered “We missed you”

        To be continued.

  • I had a dream two days ago and it felt so real after I woke up. I dreamed that my brother-in-law was going on a trip and asked me if I would like a gift. In my dream, I remembered asking for a samsung galaxy SIII. He told me that it was a good choice and he would do anything to get one from me. The creepy part is that I was absolutely sure I would get one. Reminds me of Heather in SH3 when she was lost in the mall while fighting that weird monsters :S

  • cameron

    When i was 12 i first played Silent Hill 3. One of the best games of all time and best game of the year that year. Im very fond of heather mason, even to the point of buying her costume on PShome on PS3! I even still make it a point to play SH3 at least a few times a year, and the mall is the best level. I renacted the mall level in real life with friends at the now destroyed Dixie Square shopping center. Awesome game.

    • cameron
    • Kinda surprised you entered the contest to try and win BoM given your review for it on Meta Critic.

      “Absolute Mess.
      This game is a complete disaster. It is not silent hill, it is more like Diablo or something, but NOT silent hill. This game is
      terrible. Long load times, bad graphics, bad voice acting, boring
      story, eye straining camera angles, and so so so much more. This is
      terrible. This is the final straw. I will NEVER buy a konami game every
      gain or silent hill. I loved silent hill until konami DESTROYED IT.
      Silent Hill 1-4 were amazing. Origins was horrible and had bad graphics,
      homecoming was super glitchy, shattered memories was boring and had no
      combat actions, downpour was boring, and dont get me started on the
      horrifying mess of SH HD Collection, what a mess that was… konami, fix
      the series. NEVER release something like this again. All the fans asked
      for it to be canned, you did not listen. Let the bad reviews pour in
      now… Even AMY was better then this disaster.”

  • When I was in High School, I got into horror gaming. I can honestly say that Silent Hill 2 and 3 turned me from a timid kid who was scared of everything, into a much more confident man. I don’t know what it was, but working through those games, scaring myself to death was a therapeutic experience that I’m not sure I could have gotten anywhere else. Now I’m much more adventurous than I ever was thanks to those games and to this day, those are my favorites of all time. I also have a signed copy of Silent Hill 2 from Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw on the table behind me, but that’s just a fun aside. 😛

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  • Michael T

    Back when my brother and I were still in middle school (a year or two after Silent Hill came out), we found it at a used book/game/music store and gave it a try. The very first section freaked us out since there was no way to defend ourselves against the grey children and we died. Thing is, we thought there had to be a way to get through that section alive, so before we let the cinematic play that comes right after, we would keep resetting the system and try to get past it over and over again.

    I really have no idea if we ever just let the death sequence happen then find out it was a fixed encounter to continue the story. Since then, I have reconciled this by purchasing the game from the PSN, and beating the crap out of those kids (well, after that point) over and over again in multiple playthroughs. 😛

  • There are tons of moments I can remember from silent hill. The first time I saw pyramid-head with the orgy of nurses around him scarred me as a child. I still remember the first time I booted up silent hill and walking around the town. Going down the alley as the walls slowly became covered in blood and dead bodies. That was the first time I ever refused to enter an area, I eventually got my courage up and got past it, I still remember saying “yeah, I’m not doing that”.

  • It’s Katelin, damnit

    I haven’t played nearly as much Silent Hill as I should, but the reason I got into it and other survival horror games was because of my brother. He’s ten years older than me, and we (including my other older brother) used to turn all the lights off and I’d watch him play as if it was a scary movie. We’d all jump at the same parts, laugh together, and it was one of the few ways I could truly bond with my brothers, being so much younger than them. It’s part of my fondest memories.

  • Kevin

    Definitely the moment that stands out the most would be the mirror room in Silent Hill 3. I was talking to my friend about how the game wasn’t really that scary and she should try it out because it would be fine next thing I know the doors are locked and the rooms going crazy and the mirror scare happens I freaked out… surprising she started playing after that.

  • Jim

    I once had a dream of the Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2), But it was like I was watching a real old movie. I could not move or interact, all I could do was watch and it was like that movie in “The Ring” that killed you if you watch it. It was black and white, grainy, or what I think as a silent film. It was in a forest and it was near a very dark lake, and then the Pyramid Head appear’s out of nowhere just standing around. It would go from from thing to another, Pyramid Head walking to the woods. Sometimes its like whoever is recording Pyramid Head is stalking him, like what you think Big Foot footage looks like. I had this dream about 8 years ago, can somewhat remember it , but I kinda want to do a stopmotion movie on the Pyramid Head like my dream. I already made one on Resident Evil why not. So thats it, I had a wacky dream about Pyramid Head

  • Smiley

    Fondest memory has to be when I first experienced Silent Hill. It was unlike anything I ever saw in a horror game before. My playstation was already giving me enough scares from Resident Evil 1 and 2, but those provided a different type of fear. I was shooting zombies and exploring a mansion. It was a creature feature experience. Silent Hill was more than that. The monsters alone didn’t scare me, and neither did the pop out scares. It was the atmosphere in general. I hear the eerie music play and know immediately from the introduction that this was going to scare the pants off me.

    I was about eleven at the time. Watching as Harry Mason skipped through the streets. It was a blocky, blurry mess to watch in retrospect, but to my mind I envisioned an actual town to explore. The art design of the setting felt very bleak, and it wasn’t until I entered the alley that I started to really understand what makes these games scary. The sound of the siren. The dimming of the lights. Your character using a lighter because it was the only source of light he had on him at the time. Trekking trough blood and rust until you uncover horrific sights that, as Heather would say in SH3, not even a kid could believe in this.

    Then I’m attacked. Helpless in fact. No matter how hard I ran or how often I looked to find a weapon there was nothing that could stop those little buggers from hurting my character. I died on the spot. I was angry, frustrated and confused. How could I die so easily with no leeway or hint as to what I could do to defeat the monsters. Part of me wanted to reset the game right there and try it all over again just to be sure that I was thorough. Thankfully I didn’t. Because something happened that I did not expect. My character woke up. He was fine. In a diner no less being looked after by a cop. I should feel that this would be a safe zone, but I didn’t. I began to understand one of the many quirks of Silent Hill. It continues to change your expectations.

  • Josh Tiner

    I remember the first time I played Silent Hill 2. I was about 12 years old, and was over at a friend’s house playing on his Xbox. I remember how scared I was just seeing the disturbing box art and when my friend loaded his save for me, I started in the appartment building early in the game. I wandered through the dark and claustrophobic corridors until finding a room with a mannequin standing at its center. The flashlight on it’s chest was blindingly bright, so when I grabbed it for myself, I had not yet noticed the shady figure lying on the floor behind it.

    Once the light was fixed to my chest I saw it. It stood up and began lumbering toward me. It had no arms or head. A featureless mesh of torso and legs, shiny with whatever liquid it secreted. It looked like the mangled fusion of two drowned corpses. I took several swings at it with a wooden plank. The rattling groans and spurts of black blood made me queasy, but I didn’t stop until it was convulsing on the floor. After a good stomp or two it stopped moving and blood began to pool beneath it soaking into the drab beige carpet. I went on my way, shaken, and from then on I knew not to trust the illusion of tranquility.

    thx for reading 😀

  • Kyle

    I didn’t play Silent Hill until I was in High School. A group of friends and I decided to rent the third game, shut off all of the lights and sat around the television.

    We argued for a while before I finally volunteered to be the player (or victim). It was intense, I couldn’t play for more than thirty minutes before we shut it off. I’m normally a big horror fan but this game was scarier than anything I had ever experienced.

    However, Book of Memories is a little less intimidating. I hope I win!

  • My fondest memory of silent hill would be the original for the playstation. The white fog and limited field of vision to the creepy radio static to alert near by enemies. I played the original over and over to get all the endings. I honestly did not understand the story but I enjoyed the exploration and puzzles.

  • zackfurniss

    My favorite Silent Hill memory would have to be from the two winters ago. I had just moved to Chino Hills from West Covina. I was sad to leave home, since I had built up a group of close friends. There was an enormous amount of work to be done on the new house, but that wasn’t a problem. The walls were bare, there were tools everywhere, and the house almost looked like the construction site in SH3. Well, this year we had an unnatural amount of rain in Chino Hills. So I was in an unknown town, with a heavily-wooded backyard, in an empty house. There was a bleak beauty to the whole event. Since we were in the process of moving, I decided to take the PS2 out. So in this new creepy house, I decided to play through Silent Hill 2 again. The alienation of my new location added immensely to the atmosphere of the game. That is definitely the memory of Silent Hill I clutch most fondly!

  • Lg

    My fondest memory for sure is playing with my Big bro when I was little. I wa so scared, well I mostly watched, lol

  • DanielR

    I tell this story to all of my friends that play Silent Hill. I remember receiving a Playstation magazine demo disc that had Silent Hill on it. I was pretty young at the time so I popped it in during night, all alone in the basement. What happened next scarred me forever. I remember going through a scene (I think I remember it being in a bathroom) with body parts and blood everywhere and the scariest music I have ever heard at the time. I promptly ran to the Playstation hit the power button and ran upstairs to my room as fast as I could. I am not proud of this moment, but it is the reason I will always remember Silent Hill and it will always be the scariest game to me.

  • Israel

    I only recently started playing the Silent Hill games so my memory doesn’t really have the nostalgia that others have but I remember in the cafe after meeting Cybil really freaking out when that bird thing busted through the window. After reading about Silent Hill really the last thing that I expected was for something to fly around.

  • Omnisage

    When I found out that my fiancee was afraid of Pyramid Head, I promptly created a cardboard box replica of said pyramid and waited for her in a dark room. Hilarity ensued.

  • Lisa’s mutation in SH1 hits me hard, makes me think of someone I know that passed away.

  • The Man

    I once took a shit and it reminded me of a monster from silent hill.

  • Hector

    fondest memories of this game involve me playing the PS1 version with my girlfriend at that time… you would think that I would try to play the manly role here and you know, suck it up…but honestly the only reason I had her there while I played was so that I could have someone to protect me in the dark because man, I’m such a pussy for these games, yet such a sucker for them. Needless to say, she dumped me a month after my cowardness…wuu!

  • Perona

    Fondest memory would be me trying to play the first one when I was younger. I would pretty much get extremely scared anytime the radio made the static sound, so I had a lot of trouble playing it, but I loved it. I recently started playing through the SH games and now my favorite thing is looking up all of the symbolism in the games.

  • noobtiger

    Never played Silent Hill But owns PS vita and played the demo, looks impressive. But I dont have money to get the game. Pick me and I will get some good moments of silent hill :P:P. In case I win, add me PSN: noobtiger

  • My fondest memory of Silent Hill probably comes from the very beginning of the first game. I had received the game for Easter when I was something like 11 years old (the game store clerk told my mother that I would like the game if I liked Resident Evil, and, like a good parent, she disregarded the fact that I was like 11 and honestly shouldn’t have been playing violent horror games). I popped it into a PSX a few days later and hated the game almost instantly. I thought, “these graphics are awful!” and that the game felt like it controlled terribly compared to Resident Evil 2, a game that I had already beaten at least twice.

    I followed Harry’s daughter into that alley, though, and my opinion of the game changed soon after. The siren went off, it got dark, and suddenly I’m thinking, “Wait, what is going on? Now that I think of it, what is this game actually about? Where are the zombies?”

    The wheelchair creeped me out. The sound it made, seeing it sitting there on its side, everything. I had played quite a few horror games up to this point, and sure, I had been frightened by a lot of them, but none quite hit the mark like this. It wasn’t that tense, “Oh man a Licker is going to pop out of that window!” fear that the atmosphere in Resident Evil 2 creates. It was like waking up from a nightmare and realizing you had to pee, and the bathroom was down the unlit hallway. You didn’t want to go down that hallway, no matter what, but you knew that you HAD to. That was what it felt like, walking down the alley in Silent Hill the first time.

    I noticed that the walls were different; they were weird, but I couldn’t make out what was weird about them (I didn’t recognize that they were grates). There’s a corpse, just chilling there, looking like it should be a morgue. The body on the gurney was scary, but it didn’t unnerve me like the rest of the scene did. Still, it was a nice “What the hell?” factor. I *think* I also noticed that it was raining instead of snowing, but didn’t think of it as significant.

    I got to the cutscene: the body on the wall. The music reached its apex, and I was on the edge of my damn seat, holding the controller like my life depended on it. Harry utters his delightfully oblivious lines, and then I’m attacked from behind. I instinctively try to fight back, but realize that I can’t. There is no way to attack. I kept mashing buttons, trying to figure out how to defend myself, what buttons to press, but nothing seemed to do the trick.

    I eventually ran, but didn’t make it to the somewhat hilarious “Blocked by a fence!?” wall. Instead, I was taken down about halfway there, thinking I had already lost the game and, more importantly, thinking, “Oh God, I’m going to have to do that all over again, aren’t I? I really don’t want to do that again.”

    But ah, it was a trick! The game moves to a scene with Harry waking up on a couch. It was a dream. I sat there, unmoving. I kept thinking, “Oh my God. Oh my God, that was scary as hell. I have to keep playing this. I have to.” And I eventually did–it took quite a while to beat the game, due to the fact that it oftentimes scared me to the point of turning it off (the alternate hospital is especially guilty of making me do this).

    It was around then that my enjoyment of horror games turned into love, and I’ve been trying to find games to replicate the fear the first game instilled upon me as a kid. The rest of the series did a pretty fine job of that.

    So yeah, that’s my fondest memory of the series. To think, if my mom had done any research on the game (though, to be fair, such things back then were a lot more difficult), she probably never would’ve bought it for me, and I don’t know if I ever would’ve gotten into Silent Hill, or horror games in general.

    So, yeah. Thanks, mom.

  • Bakedpony

    My memory of Silent Hill eas when entering Midwich school. It was late, was storming and I was alone. When the school shifted to the nightmare world, the power went out. No electricity and no light and when the storm died down, it was completely silent. The last image on my mind was the nightmare school. That was such a frightening experience for me!

  • When I was growing up i was one of those typical gamers just
    growing up loving video games, watching older relatives play and cherishing the
    moments when they let me play YAY!!! I didn’t realize how much I loved games though
    till I played on consoles like Virtual Boy, Sega Saturn and finally PlayStation
    which marked the beginning of the new me. I was big into reading gaming mags as
    well I’m sure we all remember Tip and Tricks from 1994 I loved them so much, helpful
    and awesome had to beg my mom to buy them for me all the time. One particular
    month came along not sure which one but had street fighter alpha on the front,
    something caught my eye it was a pic of good old harry taking on one of the

    At the moment I was just getting into junior high and sports, playing games
    like tony hawks pro skater. Once i got ahold of the tips and trick copy
    it began, I new as soon as i started reading me and this game were going to
    have a future together. As i read it gave me complete chills even though
    it was a guide it was practically a storybook to me . Since i did not have the
    money at the time i continued reading the guide over and over again in class and
    at home getting into trouble a few times like parents taking it away, teachers
    too and friends stealing it because I wouldn’t come out, I was training.
    Training my mind to prepare me to face my first true horrific experience. My
    friends of course disagreed saying there’s no such thing as a scary video
    game their just games they can’t be scary. I at first thought that as well but
    then I believed if I can get the creeps just from reading something imagine playing
    it and having control. In my classes I would
    daydream of ways on how I would handle each situation in Silent hill, the
    weapons I would use the paths I would take , hide or fight.

    I’m not sure if it still happens but remember the times when
    the first games coming out in other
    stores created long lines of kids. Kids use to get mad at the kid in the front
    because he or she was playing too long or didn’t know how to play. I was one of
    those kids that just played and nothing else mattered. When I heard Silent hill
    the demo was at Wal-Mart I immediately prepared for battle told my mom this was
    what I had been waiting for, she knew what game it was too everyone did
    lol. I knew that once I got a chance to
    play I wasn’t getting off. When I got there, there were no kids playing at the
    time but there was a reason the other kids were too scared to play and the
    rating was mature. Apparently at this Wal-Mart
    the rules for kids playing mature rated games was strict …..I was like yea
    fuck that!!lol Nothing was going to keep me from playing the demo. So it seemed
    that once I began to play it everyone lined up and started hating, I guess
    someone had to break the ice of fear and I was proud to do it but 10min into
    the demo kids started telling me to get off I didn’t even hear them though it
    was amazing how engulfed I felt into the game I was in complete zombie mode. I could
    tell me and this game had a connection it was like love just tranced in on
    every detail. I it must have been at least an hour before I got off played through
    the demo probably 3 or 4 times. Though it was a short demo the alleyway seem
    never ending to me. As I went home with the book once again in my hand I was
    finally prepared for the game (not really).

    The time came when my parents finally bought the game for me
    I asked my friends to come stay the night of course they wanted to they all
    wanted to see this game I had been obsessed with. But I quickly realized that there heart was
    not into it and that I would have to be in a different atmosphere entirely so
    20 minute into the game I put it away and asked my parents to make up an excuse
    to chase them back home lol. I continued
    the night thinking on how I could achieve that feeling I had when I was reading
    the guide and I remembered I was always away from everyone, on my own in quiet
    places. So I figured it was best to do this on my own and play like a real
    scary movie in the dark on my own in a quiet area……..whew long story huh sorry.

    Wrapping this up I later came to realize this game was
    something more than just a game it was a psychological horrific experience. A genre
    I was not familiar with the, genre of horror, I never cared for it until now.
    This game opened up a whole new world of respect for the genre and I began to
    take classes on psychology and story writing. Based on something’s I felt as I played
    this game I wrote better papers .I was able to get a better understanding of
    each story by getting into it psychologically.
    Silent Hill opens the world of horror for me now anytime I here of scary
    things going on I’m always interested. I’m also not afraid to play some of the
    best games ever that others fear like Siren, ps1 resident evil and second favorite
    Fatal Frame series. Thx to Silent Hill I
    enjoy something I do in its honor every year, I call it “Horror Season” where
    from October to the end of winter I play all my favorite horror games since it’s
    the perfect time, nights start to get longer its colder I rearrange my game
    area for some alone time and once everyone is asleep in the house I play!!!!
    After the Horror Season ends I put the games away until the next season to keep
    me looking forward to it. Its great you got to see it all you need is an energy
    drink hahaha. Well that’s it sorry for making this epic but it’s been a long
    time since I told anyone about this most don’t listen but I’m sure you will.
    Even if I don’t win it was nice to remember this guess I should also thank
    Konami for a great game!!!!!

    Silent Hill Fan
    for life Marcos!!!

  • jerwinn

    i play the portable the things that i like about silent hill is the flashlite

  • betasword

    Way back in ye olden days, I had this demo disc for the PS1 that had a demo of Silent Hill on it. It let you choose from two sections. If I recall, It was the beginning up until you leave the diner (or thereabouts), and the other section was part of the school. Now, this was back when I was 12, but damn that demo. I was never able to finish the school part, because it was too scary for my young mind to be able to deal with. Of course, at that point in my life, I was still somewhat sheltered when it comes to horror stuff.

    Of course, nowadays, I can get through SIlent Hill games with a minimum of being scared. Mostly. D:

    • Blabla

      Haha, I had a similar experience…actually, very similar. I shut off my PS1 about the time the babies came out and attacked me.

      I too was around 12 or 13.

  • McGo

    Nightmares. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Silent Hill. Probably my own fault though. My brother told me to now watch him play sine it was for adults only, not for kids like me (I was 11). One time, I pretend to be asleep. I watched him play in the hospital area. Then he arrived at that elevator. When I saw that another button appeared in the elevator panel out of nowhere, it disturbed me. My brother blurted out “OH CRAP” in an alarming manner didn’t help. I was freaked out over elevators for a while because of that.

  • Beth

    The only Silent Hill memory I have was when I was looking at youtube videos for the Silent Hill HD collection. Saw the infamous scene with pyramid head and the nurse. I was disturbed! I’m a big fan of action RPG’s though, so I hope I win!

  • IndubitablyRong

    My friend is a huge fan of Silent Hill, one of his favorite series. After we met in college he brought over Silent Hill and watched as I played through it. We hung out more and got to know each other better. It was nice being able to share that with him.

    Playing through the first Silent Hill with him is my favorite Silent Hill memory.

  • Zarile

    Back when the original Silent Hill was announced, they released a demo for it in a magazine. I was more excited by the fact that the same disc also had THPS demo on it, but either way, might as well test out the other games too.

    I remember playing through and being alright with what was happening, a little frightened, but nothing to bad. The fog was pretty creepy, going around an alley corner to find a wheelchair with it’s wheels spinning was pretty creepy as well. It was when I got to the school that I had problems. Walking down the hall I was expecting another dog to come out, nope, I was wrong….babies….with knives. The first one startled me when it appeared directly behind me stabbing me in the ankles, I jumped and spun around and started fighting back, only to have another one come up from behind me again and start attacking me. It caught me so off guard that I physically jumped up and slammed the power button on my playstation. Never played that demo again….I did wind up buying and finishing the game a year or so later though.

  • Brad Pelletier

    I don’t know if “fondest” best describes this memory, but it certainly is the most prominent. In “Silent Hill: Shattered Memories,” there is a cabin that has references to a father verbally (and perhaps physically) abusing his child for being too scared to kill a deer while hunting. The haunting sounds of the child crying can be heard while the father scolds the child.

    It’s the first time that I realized that Silent Hill can be truly for mature audiences by having a disturbing, realistic story and not simply relying on violence and gore.

  • Necro Phil

    For me, my memory of Silent Hill involves the fourth game, Silent Hill The Room. I found the game creepy but I really enjoyed it. After about two years after finishing the game, I had to go to another place for about half a year. Luckily, we have a relative who owns a condo unit in the area and they agreed to let me use it. Unfortunately, that condo has a lot of similarities with the Room 🙁 I eventually got over it but the first few days were tough, and no I wasn’t locked in haha

  • gameday

    Silent Hill is one of the few game series that my wife and I play together. We’re both absolutely in love with the horror genre, and we’ve played every SH game side-by-side up to now. All the references and scary moments in the games are things we share, and no matter what happens with the series we’ll keep that going.

  • Henrikm

    A Silent Hill memory.
    Well it was during my early teenage years. I had recently came into the genre known as survival horror via a little title named Resident Evil,though I had played Alone in the dark prior Resident evil was the one at the moment.
    I was one the way to school and me and my fellow classmate discussed video games and we came into the horror topic and resident evil.
    Someone suddenly mentioned that a game just recently been released that would scare you more then Resident Evil.
    Namley Silent hill.
    I heard how they discussed that game intensly especially the school area.
    Could it be true what they said? As soon school was finsihed I went to the video game store and bought a copy of Silent Hill.
    The first that hit me was the awsome intro and musical intro already there it was awsome.
    After some introduction I soon mysel pretty lost in that foggy town.
    Which scared the crap out of me,I probably wasted alot of ammo on the foes.
    Which scared me alot as bullet not nesscarly made them stay down on the ground for long if one did not kicked their corpse up close and who wants too go up close too skinflayed monster dogs,well not me.
    To be honest I pretty much gave up the first time I played the game,mainly as I missed the clue of the key in the dog house and never seemed to get anywhere.
    But I could not stay away for long. I had to see that creepy school area all my friend talked about.
    Picked it up and found the clue of the dog house and kept playing til I came to said school.
    Which did not disappoint me,that part holds a great deal in my heart of Silent Hill memory.
    From the child crying in the school toilet,too the demon children(they have other name I know but then we reffered them to demon kids) to the shadowy kids that made your radio go off thinking a enemy was near.
    The cat in the locker was creepy too.
    After I finally made it too the school area,I knew Silent Hill was diffrent kind of survival horror. It was more scary and had a deeper plot then any game I had played up til then.
    I have not regrets getting silent Hill 1 its still my favourite in the series and thus made all Silent Hill game a must buy on release day for me.

  • TakKuroda

    My best silent hill memory was from the first one for ps1. My friend had bought it and I was playing the opening. We had just gotten through the first scare in the alley and were trying to find our way around. I soon ran into one of the many drop pits in the road. My mind was exploding. I couldn’t comprehend what my 14 year old eyes were seeing. The hole was so deep and dark. That view seriously made the entire game for me.

  • Glenn

    Deafening silence and a cool damp air heavy with fog accompany me as I walk a rural road. The enduring fog hangs but gives way to the surrounding forest as I push on, hoping to find the edge of town before dark, Three years had passed since I lost Mary to a fatal illness, and a renewed sense of purpose fuels my stride. I received a letter; she says she waits at our special place. So I walk. I know she is gone, yet the promise of seeing her again outweighs my disbelief. Visibility is very poor. The fog, though dense, doesn’t discourage me as it seems to have done with many drivers along this road. Abandoned cars and trucks are scattered along the way. Likely a typical sight in an area prone to such weather, but a welcome one which indicates the town can’t be far off.

    Finally, I reach welcome sign of civilization; a wrought iron gate which leads to a cemetery where I find a woman who appears to be in mourning. I don’t wish to disturb her, but I make my presence known to avoid startling her in these conditions. Our conversation is brief, and though she seems confused, she offered a warning to avoid the town ahead. I explain that I am looking for a loved one and she continued to insist that it was too dangerous, so I ignore her and turn to continue on. Shallow as it may be, I am filled with reckless abandon and anticipation at holding my wife once more.

    Eventually the indications that I am drawing nearer to town come closer and closer together. The road is paved and the area feels less rural. The hanging fog now giving way to guard rails, fences, and buildings. The trees which once provided a feeling of warmth are now gone and I navigate the streets by building and cold concrete. Like the rural road before, abandoned cars lined the streets; there is nobody in sight and the only welcome I receive is the deafening silence I was already familiar with outside of town. Although I seem to be alone I can’t help but feel like I am not; an overwhelming wave of dread quickly washes over me and I pause for a moment to better take in my surroundings. I quickly look behind me, then to my left. I am unable to see further than the fog which begins to obscure anything more than a few feet in front of me. To my right, a wall provides a point of reference in an otherwise disorienting environment and allows me to continue forward towards Mary.

    I keep the building to my right as a point of reference as I continue further into town until I reach a corner. I can see markings on the road ahead. They are indiscernible by the fog, so I proceeded toward them with curious intent. Their crimson color, unlike the white of traditional road markings, was foreboding. I felt uneasy as it became clear that the marking was not what I expected but pools of fresh blood, some of which appeared to have had something dragged through it. Before I have a chance to consider the possibilities of what happened, I notice movement in my peripheral vision and quickly turn to see a feeble and slight yet menacing figure fade into the fog. Its hobbled yet paced step was a disconcerting sight which begged the question, what happened to this town. What happened to Silent Hill?

    Thanks for reading. This is my first memory of a Silent Hill game. This is my retelling of the intro to Silent Hill 2 which I played on the original XBOX.

  • Diego Armando

    I love the original Silent Hill. Yes it was unsettling but it was also absorbing. I couldn’t get enough of it. I seeked every eding the game has, even the UFO one. The game was packed and replaying it never gets old. If only a game of its kind will make a comeback.!!

  • The town from which I come must be just around the size of Silent
    Hill with one big lake on the side. And when the fog hits the streets
    you really couldn’t tell the difference.
    And as a kid growing up in this small town, I was never aloud to watch anything horror related. So Silent Hill was basically my first real venture to the realms of any kind of real horror. I was 14. It was amazing. I know I only put the game down for a while when I came to the ‘piano’ puzzle (we didn’t had Internet all around then and it really took me a while to figure it out). But after that I couldn’t stop playing it. I played it for three days straight in a dark room with my cousins watching me, all of us on the brink of intensity. It would be hard to pin-point one thing about it that stood out then because it was such a wholesome, subtle and emotional experience for a 14 year old that I could compare it only to very rare things in life. Silent Hill changed my perception of storytelling, evolved my passion of mystery and everything I knew till then about fiction. It’s still by far the best SH game.
    Even now, when my cousins and I are ‘grown-up’ and have very different life’s, every time Silent Hill is mentioned (usualy by me) there’s always this spark of wonderful nostalgia in our eyes.

    Except for some obscure titles, I played every SH game since then. I know the series has a very rocky nature of ‘true’ and ‘false’ SH. But like to an old friend I will always return to the streets of Silent Hill just to see how and what it’s doing.

  • Patrick

    My good friend from college is afraid of everything, from scary movies to macabre paintings. This is not just a quirk and he ran with it for attention, It’s actually a phobia that runs deep.
    One day he came to my place with Silent Hill 2 in his hands, and asked if I had time that week to play through the whole thing so that he could watch. He had played years before when the game was first released, but since his phobia had grown he wasn’t able to play it again. He loved the story and world of Silent Hill so much that he braved through his anxiety just to experience that realm one more time.
    Like the game always states; that town never stops calling you back, and together my friend and I took a trip back to Silent Hill.

  • Mikey Ward

    Mine’s a bit sappy, I admit, but it’s definitely my fondest. I didn’t always have the boner for this series that I have today, it started to kick in around the time I finished Homecoming, I think, so it was around ’09 or so. That’s when I met my girlfriend of two years now. Horror was the BIG thing we shared and SH gradually bled into that. Unfortunately, she lived a few hours away and didn’t have any game consoles herself, so despite my offers to drop off my near complete SH collection, she couldn’t experience them.

    So after a good two years of talking of the series, she moved in with me and we finally had the chance to play them together. We sat down with SH1, SH2, SH3, SH4, Origins, and Homecoming and, for one week straight, we played the HELL out of the games. A Lying Figure would scuttle across the ground, I’d jump, which would make her jump, which would make her bop me for scaring the crap out of her. We’d have hours long discussions about the plots.

    We eventually got a hold of Shattered Memories and history repeated itself. But I think the best moment in particular is… Well, “moment” is a bit of an exaggeration, but the entire year between Downpour’s announcement and the time it took us to beat it. We’ve shared hype before, sure, but I don’t think anything has ever brought us together as much as Downpour did.

  • 4th Survivor

    (I can’t really enter cos’ I live in Australia but) My fondest memory………Almost having a mild panic attack as I encountered the first lying figure in SH2.

    Me running through Silent Hill, static getting louder, me thinking there’s something chasing me. The static continues to get louder then I see through the boards on the tunnel some ungodly figure form the depths of hell itself. James walking through the planks to talk to the figure, me screaming “WTF are you doing it’s a freaking monster” James saying nothing cos’ it’s a video game and he can’t here me. James picking up the wooden plank when the figure dosen’t respond to him. The cut-scene ending, me trying to figure out how to swing the plank. The figure making it’s way toward me in a slow stumble. My swinging again, and again, trying to make contact. The figure finally reaching me. Me panicking, hitting the figure slamming it to the ground. Me standing around it’s body for the next 30 sec’s making sure it’s dead. James climbing out of the tunnel. Me quick-saving then turning off the game, in am of triumph and pure fear

  • Mr. MacPhisto

    I have never played a Silent Hill game but I plan to to buy the HD collection soon (yes I know the complaints). I look forward to bying the original Silent Hill via PSN as well to complete the saga! Hope I win this contest 🙂

  • Jasper Loovis

    The first time I saw Pyramid Head in SH2
    . Jeepers.

  • Lazy Wachey

    My Silent Hill memory actually involves my boyfriend. He was so into Silent Hill 2 that we would just stay at their place instead of going out for a date. He was obsessed with pyramid head, he used it for his laptop wallpaper, he made a poster, etc. I from as actually starting to get pissed at him for this. With some of my friends, I planned a prank. After an exhausting night, he was fast asleep. We then made a very loud noise to wake him up. Once he went outside to inspect it, there I was with a crappily made pyramid costume holding a knife. He was freaked out upon seeing me. I still remember the look on his face! He apologized for his obsession afterwards.

    It is almost our 15th anniversary together and if I get picked, the gamw will be a lovly gif for him.

  • DavidFCG

    Fond memories are hard to recall when it comes to Silent Hill. But intense ones are not. It was my first time ever playing Silent Hill 3. It was a hot summer night, perhaps around 3 A.M. Surround sound, big screen, no lights and no company can be a terrifying combination when venturing into the realms of Silent Hill. Yet i found myself so compelled and immersed the game stayed with me all the way to my sleep. As I laid on my bed, I was surrounded by a world of inghtmare. My bed pulsed like a sickened heart beating, struggling to survive and the walls rumbled in agony, in despair. And then I woke up, only to find that an earthquaquake was responsible for my nightmares, or perhaps a wild fantasy? In any case, after that day I made sure not to play alone in the dark any more, but still hoping to find myself in that vivid dead world someday. Horror can be such a satisfying guilty pleasure.

  • Frost

    Sitting in my room at 2am playing Silent Hill 1 (right after it came out) with the lights off and the volume turned up. I was a wuss back then and had to turn the lights back on but it was a blast.

  • My most memorable silent hill moment was from the 2nd game where we first come across the Pyramid Head, where we get into this apartment room and realize the movement in the kitchen and James hides into closet and there we see the infamous Pyramid Head struggling with on of those weird creature that has legs on both side of their body and as soon as Pyramid kills this creature he steps close to closet by dragging his gigantic knife making all this squeaky sound and leaves the room, oh boy even this day I remember that scene so clear and creeps me out but that’s why I love this game and I would die for the PS Vita game, big big Silent Hill fan here :]

  • The Boss

    I love Shattered Memories the most since its no combat gameplay was refreshing. For me it was a true survival game and unique in bringing in horror without combat.

  • The fondest memory I have of the Silent Hill games were the strange nightmares I had while playing the first one on my old playstation. sometimes I was so obssesed about a difficult puzzle or an enemy that when i turned off the game and went to sleep i could literally continue the game inside my dreams, sometimes i was left thinking how to solve an specific puzzle and woke up in real life to try it on the game. I think all of it was because I was way younger back in the day and I had a very vivid imagination. I have enjoyed the latest secuels but I don´t dream about them anymore, Im more scared of living people now.

  • Benny Clarver

    The most prominent feature in Silent Hill that strikes me is its use of fog. The games really do an cellent of conveying fear by not knowing what’s out there… even in plain daylight.oggy areas in real life do scare me, which is why that dread is felt when I play the games.

  • Hitoshura

    I had a Silent Hill related dream once. Everything was normal except for one thing. The ground were grates similar to the alternare version of the areas in the games. The thing is everybody acted normally. Pretty weird dream eh?

  • James

    Well, I very rarely remember my dreams, and even more rarely ever remember nightmares. But this is one dream I don’t think I will EVER forget…

    I opened my eyes to see myself in a damp dark room. I couldn’t tell if the moisture in the air of the room I layed in had created beads of water dripping from every part of me, or it was a heavy, cool sweat. I decided not to dwell on it and propped myself up. As I stood I studied the walls of the room, but before I could even turn to see the final wall the floor beneath me gave way and I fell, it felt as though I was falling for hours, days, years… When I finally arrived at the bottom with a very loud echoing *thump* I layed there more hoping all my bones still in one piece. *Crash* a massive steel pipe landed right in front of my face, I rolled to the right trying to evade the next attack. *crash* another blow to the defenseless floor. I stumbled to my feet facing the foe that aggressively introduced itself to me. It was nine other than a dreaded pyramid head, right as I realized it, I ran as far away from him as possible. Or at least I tried… After a few steps flames engulfed the surrounding area. He raised his mighty weapon which I then realized was his infamous greatsword. He forced it down in my direction, I threw myself to my left, I wouldn’t consider it a dodge because I barely missed the attack and he still greatly mangled my leg. He raised his weapon again… I braced myself for the oncoming end but tight before it connected I awoke in my bed in a cold sweat… Still shaking from such a vivid dream

  • Chris Rock

    The music and the first 45 minutes of silent hill 3 really stand out to me. Everything set the mood for me immensely and even hearing a song remotely like one from from the OST (which I still own) brings back a flood of memories from a great game.

  • Shill Xia

    The creepiest thing I remember was in Silent Hill 4 where using the candles to heal the girl doesn’t work in the end and you’ll see her all bloody 🙁

  • Grace Padaca

    Silent Hill to me is all about the monsters. Other games have zombies, aliens, demons and whatnot but Silent Hill’s craetures simply makes you go WTF? It’s the things we don’t understand that frightens us.

  • Inno

    I had a dream where I was at school. It was dark, the power was down and there was no one around. I had a flash light on. The school was actually the one I was attending. It was scary, but what woke me up was when I heard a radio(which I didn’t knew I had in my pocket) blurt out static noise that suddenly grew louder and louder. I woke up then, staring at our ceiling for about five minutes!

  • Vyse

    Silent Hill creatures are weird and creepy as all hell. The indiscernible anatomy of the weird nurse-like monsters look like they were born from hell. And then they make weird jerky movements! One halloween a lot of my friends came wearing Silent Hill-themed costumes. It was great replicating all that craziness!

  • Reeve Bertura

    My memory of Silent Hill is from the first game. You were left wandering in a foggy abandoned town. You arrive at an alley and then little demons arrive! I didn’t know you were suppose die in that sequence which is why my heart was racing so fast to survive!

  • Puss

    The fondest memory of Silent Hill I have was when my parents were out for 3 days and I was home alone. I didn’t know the game was scary my friends recommended it to me since it got good reviews. I was able to get four of the endings in that period. Being home alone was very difficult since the mind suggest things that are not really there, sounds thar wre really normal ones and sights that I regularly see everyday. Silent Hill is great, but one things it does to you is that it bugs you. It bugs you for some time.

  • my favorite moment was in Silent hill 1. My friends were over my house and we had gotten to that piano puzzle. The game was already scaring the crap outta us with its atmosphere so we were pretty scared when we go stuck on the puzzle and had to look around the for clues. That piano puzzle really took all my friends to figure out. It was a personal great victory for us after it took like maybe 1/2 hr to an hour of search and guessing? Still we felt like we were on top of the world after we solved the puzzle.

  • Etria

    My standout moment would be the fight with Cybil. That was shocking to me!

  • Phenom of the Opera

    My Silent Hill memory is not with the games but the movie haha. I just got a Vita and hopefully I will be adding my memories to the book of memories!

  • Peter

    To me, what made Silent Hill and the early Resident Evil games so effective is the fact that you’re not an invincible superhero. Thr fear of getting killed is very effective in horror. It was truly survival horror. That is why each encounter with an enemy was frightening in a way.

  • The Legend

    My unforgettable Silent Hill memory was when my mom passed by just in time for her to see the infamous pyramid head nurse rape scene. I got grounded for three days 🙁

  • Fateful One

    My scariest Silent Hill memory is seeing how the HD Collection managed to murder to excellent horror games. What they did to it is the stuff of nightmares.

  • Vesperia

    The greatest fear I have in Silent Hill is the fear of losing minutes or hours of progress. In Silent Hill 4 on the prison stage, I remember spending a long time after my last save. Then the power went out. I’ve been paranoid with saving ever since.

  • digbyholic

    My Silent Hill memory is quite a funny one. My boyfriend had a copy of Origins but he was too scared to play it! I wasn’t though and I was constantly trying to make him watch me play. He’d get mad and would ask me to stop it.

  • Raibu

    My Silent Hill memory was when me and my friends did an all-nighter to finish the HD Collection. It was late at night yet there were a lot of times when we screamed!


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