Contest: Silent Hill Book of Memories Giveaway

Want to win a free digital copy of Silent Hill Book of Memories? Well, you’ve found the right place! You can win yourself a copy of the Silent Hill spin-off for the Playstation Vita, in a few easy steps.

How to enter

Step 1: Think of your fondest Silent Hill memory. Your story can be from either your time with the games, a personal anecdote that reminds you of Silent Hill, or even a Silent Hill dream that you have had. The winner will be chosen randomly, although I encourage entertaining material from you fine folks!

Step 2: See Step 1? You’re going to be writing that down in the comment section.

Step 3 (When Commenting):  Comment below using an email address that can be contacted (we need to be able to reach you!). Simply use your preferred email for contact. You do NOT need to publicly display your email address if you’re using it to leave a comment.

If you comment with a Facebook or Twitter profile, make sure you can receive messages from non-friends. If commenting with a Twitter profile, be sure to follow me (@Arsenic13) so I can send you a DM if you win.

The code for the game will be U.S. only. This means that you will need a U.S. PSN account on your PlayStation Vita to be able to redeem the game. It won’t work otherwise.

The contest will end on Saturday, October 20th at 10PM EST.

Update: IndubitablyRong is the winner. He or she has until Wednesday to claim the prize!

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  • The Boss

    I love Shattered Memories the most since its no combat gameplay was refreshing. For me it was a true survival game and unique in bringing in horror without combat.

  • The fondest memory I have of the Silent Hill games were the strange nightmares I had while playing the first one on my old playstation. sometimes I was so obssesed about a difficult puzzle or an enemy that when i turned off the game and went to sleep i could literally continue the game inside my dreams, sometimes i was left thinking how to solve an specific puzzle and woke up in real life to try it on the game. I think all of it was because I was way younger back in the day and I had a very vivid imagination. I have enjoyed the latest secuels but I don´t dream about them anymore, Im more scared of living people now.

  • Benny Clarver

    The most prominent feature in Silent Hill that strikes me is its use of fog. The games really do an cellent of conveying fear by not knowing what’s out there… even in plain daylight.oggy areas in real life do scare me, which is why that dread is felt when I play the games.

  • Hitoshura

    I had a Silent Hill related dream once. Everything was normal except for one thing. The ground were grates similar to the alternare version of the areas in the games. The thing is everybody acted normally. Pretty weird dream eh?

  • James

    Well, I very rarely remember my dreams, and even more rarely ever remember nightmares. But this is one dream I don’t think I will EVER forget…

    I opened my eyes to see myself in a damp dark room. I couldn’t tell if the moisture in the air of the room I layed in had created beads of water dripping from every part of me, or it was a heavy, cool sweat. I decided not to dwell on it and propped myself up. As I stood I studied the walls of the room, but before I could even turn to see the final wall the floor beneath me gave way and I fell, it felt as though I was falling for hours, days, years… When I finally arrived at the bottom with a very loud echoing *thump* I layed there more hoping all my bones still in one piece. *Crash* a massive steel pipe landed right in front of my face, I rolled to the right trying to evade the next attack. *crash* another blow to the defenseless floor. I stumbled to my feet facing the foe that aggressively introduced itself to me. It was nine other than a dreaded pyramid head, right as I realized it, I ran as far away from him as possible. Or at least I tried… After a few steps flames engulfed the surrounding area. He raised his mighty weapon which I then realized was his infamous greatsword. He forced it down in my direction, I threw myself to my left, I wouldn’t consider it a dodge because I barely missed the attack and he still greatly mangled my leg. He raised his weapon again… I braced myself for the oncoming end but tight before it connected I awoke in my bed in a cold sweat… Still shaking from such a vivid dream

  • Chris Rock

    The music and the first 45 minutes of silent hill 3 really stand out to me. Everything set the mood for me immensely and even hearing a song remotely like one from from the OST (which I still own) brings back a flood of memories from a great game.

  • Shill Xia

    The creepiest thing I remember was in Silent Hill 4 where using the candles to heal the girl doesn’t work in the end and you’ll see her all bloody 🙁

  • Grace Padaca

    Silent Hill to me is all about the monsters. Other games have zombies, aliens, demons and whatnot but Silent Hill’s craetures simply makes you go WTF? It’s the things we don’t understand that frightens us.

  • Inno

    I had a dream where I was at school. It was dark, the power was down and there was no one around. I had a flash light on. The school was actually the one I was attending. It was scary, but what woke me up was when I heard a radio(which I didn’t knew I had in my pocket) blurt out static noise that suddenly grew louder and louder. I woke up then, staring at our ceiling for about five minutes!

  • Vyse

    Silent Hill creatures are weird and creepy as all hell. The indiscernible anatomy of the weird nurse-like monsters look like they were born from hell. And then they make weird jerky movements! One halloween a lot of my friends came wearing Silent Hill-themed costumes. It was great replicating all that craziness!

  • Reeve Bertura

    My memory of Silent Hill is from the first game. You were left wandering in a foggy abandoned town. You arrive at an alley and then little demons arrive! I didn’t know you were suppose die in that sequence which is why my heart was racing so fast to survive!

  • Puss

    The fondest memory of Silent Hill I have was when my parents were out for 3 days and I was home alone. I didn’t know the game was scary my friends recommended it to me since it got good reviews. I was able to get four of the endings in that period. Being home alone was very difficult since the mind suggest things that are not really there, sounds thar wre really normal ones and sights that I regularly see everyday. Silent Hill is great, but one things it does to you is that it bugs you. It bugs you for some time.

  • my favorite moment was in Silent hill 1. My friends were over my house and we had gotten to that piano puzzle. The game was already scaring the crap outta us with its atmosphere so we were pretty scared when we go stuck on the puzzle and had to look around the for clues. That piano puzzle really took all my friends to figure out. It was a personal great victory for us after it took like maybe 1/2 hr to an hour of search and guessing? Still we felt like we were on top of the world after we solved the puzzle.

  • Etria

    My standout moment would be the fight with Cybil. That was shocking to me!

  • Phenom of the Opera

    My Silent Hill memory is not with the games but the movie haha. I just got a Vita and hopefully I will be adding my memories to the book of memories!

  • Peter

    To me, what made Silent Hill and the early Resident Evil games so effective is the fact that you’re not an invincible superhero. Thr fear of getting killed is very effective in horror. It was truly survival horror. That is why each encounter with an enemy was frightening in a way.

  • The Legend

    My unforgettable Silent Hill memory was when my mom passed by just in time for her to see the infamous pyramid head nurse rape scene. I got grounded for three days 🙁

  • Fateful One

    My scariest Silent Hill memory is seeing how the HD Collection managed to murder to excellent horror games. What they did to it is the stuff of nightmares.

  • Vesperia

    The greatest fear I have in Silent Hill is the fear of losing minutes or hours of progress. In Silent Hill 4 on the prison stage, I remember spending a long time after my last save. Then the power went out. I’ve been paranoid with saving ever since.

  • digbyholic

    My Silent Hill memory is quite a funny one. My boyfriend had a copy of Origins but he was too scared to play it! I wasn’t though and I was constantly trying to make him watch me play. He’d get mad and would ask me to stop it.

  • Raibu

    My Silent Hill memory was when me and my friends did an all-nighter to finish the HD Collection. It was late at night yet there were a lot of times when we screamed!