Celebrate Valentine’s Day with House of the Dead III

It’s going to be quite a boring Valentine’s Day for me this year. But I won’t infect you with said boredom by talking about my plans (or lack thereof!) for the occasion. Let’s talk horror games!

House of the Dead III will be making its way to the PlayStation Store next Tuesday (February 14) for the price of $6.99. PlayStation Plus members will, of course, get some added incentives for purchasing the game. First off, they’ll get 30% discounted from the game’s original price. On top of that, they’ll also get the typical free themes and avatars.

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on the game, and who are PlayStation Plus members, a demo is available from now until February 21.

Check out screens from the game below, as well as a trailer. Will you be (digitally) picking it up next week? Will this make you dust off that neglected Move controller?



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  • This game is so incredibly bad and has no replay value whatsoever. Ill pass.

  • zombizzle

    LIES! This game has multiple paths; THUS- REPLAYABILITY (at least once) unless you… obviously die; then have to start at the beginning.


  • I’ve actually never played it. And my PlayStation Plus subscription ran out so I’m probably going to pass, too. Would like to demo before I buy, lol.

  • StuntmanSnake

    This is nice and all but I would of much rather preferred House of the Dead II instead. Fond arcade memories with that game, lol.

  • Lex

    Had the old xbox version on my 360. If I can remember right there were a few multiple paths, nothing outstanding, but a few little things here & there. I used to love going to the arcade to play HOD4, the better HOD in my opinion. & I’m still waiting for them to release that.

  • Steven Bayne

    Good times………. Good times. I might just have to pick this up……….. after how many quarters this game used to take from people,I think that it should be free.


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