Capcom Registers a New “Devil May Cry” Trademark (Update: Capcom responds)

Well, well, well, it looks like my cuddle muffin, Dante, has not left me quite yet. Uncovered by Junkie Monkeys was a recently filed trademark for “Devil May Cry“. What could this be? Well, the possibilities are interesting.

For starters, – if this is not just a trademark renewal – we might be seeing a re-release of a “Definitive Edition” of sorts for last year’s DmC: Devil May Cry on the recently released consoles. The second, and most exciting possibility, would be a sequel to DmC: Devil May Cry. The former seems more plausible since the console version of DmC ran at the highly controversial 30FPS – something Devil May Cry and hack & slash fans did not appreciate. A re-release on current hardware would ensure that console owners will receive a 60FPS version of the game.

While I do wish for a sequel, I doubt this trademark means we’ll see that anytime soon. Despite how much I loved the game, it did not meet sales targets set by Capcom. There’s also still a lot of vitriol from series fans over the reboot’s existence. Either way, Capcom has filed for this trademark and we don’t know why. I’ll reach out to them and see what they say.

Update: Upon asking Capcom what this trademark means, they’ve issued the following (and expected) statement, “We have not made any announcements regarding a new Devil May Cry title. No further comment at this time.”

[Image Source: SumireHaikuXNA deviantArt]

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    My bet new Devil May Cry liking be Sequel to Devil May Cry 4, for me i hope for DMC Devil May Cry

    • CJ Melendez

      That seems more likely for the series than a DmC sequel.

  • Scipio

    Please be DMC5, I don’t want anymore of the reboot.

  • JohnJacksomSmith

    It seems like you’ve only played the abominable reboot. It’s either going to be an iOS game or DMC5

    • CJ Melendez

      I’ve played them all as they released. I just happen to think this is the best one (In my opinion).

      • ZenTzen

        ok, if you call a dumbed down game with a horrible story and characters the best one

        • CJ Melendez

          I didn’t think the story was good, but it wasn’t incomprehensible and filled with anime-cliches like the previous ones. I appreciated that.

          both versions of Dante are perceptions of a cool-guy badass. The only difference is that one is Eastern and the other is Western.

          • ZenTzen

            give me the cheesiness of the previous games than the crap they gave us in DmC, you can argue all you want about all those issues you have, fact of the matter is the story was far more memorable and the characters far more interesting and again, “memorable”, than Donte or any other character in that game

          • CJ Melendez

            opinions and all that jazz

        • Jonathan Reid

          Dumbed down? In comparison to what? The old games? Did you actually play them? The writing isn’t up for any awards, I assure you… They did a great job on the new game, it’s just not the same and your having trouble wrapping your mind around it.

      • ariessiren

        I thought it was the best one also. Loved it

  • Keirnoth

    It would be retarded of Capcom to make a definitive version or a sequel to the “reboot” seeing how it sold horribly and below the numbers DMC3 and 4 did.

    Them re-registering the Devil May Cry trademark most likely means they are planning on a true Devil May Cry 5 sequel, as Itsuno (the previous producer of DMC3 and 4) stated that he would definitely want to work on another version of the game.

    • CJ Melendez

      It would be pretty cheap to release the game on current gen consoles with all of the DLC at 60FPS. It’s easy money and lets them make new sales.

      • Keirnoth

        Looks like I eat my words. You are correct; straightforward port and easy cash in. Well played sir!

        • CJ Melendez


  • luigiix

    DMC 5 or i won’t bite.

  • ZenTzen

    being a dumbed down, bottom of the barrel game that does nothing for the series besides deviding the fanbase in a series that didnt need a reboot is anything but vitriol

    what i’m saying is DMC5, like Itsuno expressed that he wanted to do or dont freaking bother

    • ariessiren

      Actually the game is quite good. They don’t just make games for the fans. Alot of us preferred the new Dante vs the old one. It lost alot of old fans, but gained alot of new fans.

      • ZenTzen

        i played the game and for me and a lot of people its crap

        so they middle fingered the loyal DMC fanbase for another, smaller fanbase. ok

        • ariessiren

          Well the world isn’t catered to you. The game sold over a million, so you don’t speak for everyone. Got great reviews too. Sorry you didn’t like it.

          • ZenTzen

            so, reviews arent the be all end all of opinions

            And whoop freaking woo, it sold over a million, being the worst selling of all, and i’m not speakin for everyone thats why i said for me, so please dont put words in my mouth

          • FLMKane .

            Uhhh yeah… they didn’t cater the game to us older, hardcore fans

            They lost money…

            Their poor sales speak volumes against your statement.

  • ariessiren

    I thought the new Dante was awesome and way more interesting. Loved the reboot.

  • Fabian

    I would have to be Switzerland on this. I like both the old and new Dante. I grew up playing the old Dante and love those games I do. But I also liked the new and modern/American spin on the DmC version of Dante as well. The old Dante was a true Japanese anime badass and I loved him for it. But I felt I better related to the new Dante. The story of DmC wasn’t as epic as the old series but in its own right it was still good. I didn’t like the new chick whose name I can’t think of right now. I preferred if they had a new version of Trish instead. I love the relationship between Dante and Vergil, and the new series can continue that while the old one killed him off and brought in his son Nero. Being a twin myself I want to see more of their story of their relationship with each.

  • Andrey Martim

    I liked DmC, I liked it very much… (I have platinated the game in 2 months… Even with College and stuff), it is still a greater game than DMC2, but Capcom… Please bring Dante and Vergil back! I liked the new caracters design and personality, but the classical ones where way better… Vergil is now a daddy’s boy, WTF! And uses weapons! WTF!

  • Pablo Iranzo

    Dante from the reboot was extremely obnoxious imho, so I hope they try something different.

  • Simon

    Because DMC didn’t sell as well, it would be a bad choice to make a sequel for that game (even though it DID have good reviews).

    If anything, DMC revved up hype for the Devil May Cry franchise to return to its former “glory” (heh), letting all that hate get into the media must have give the series at least a bit more attention to the gaming community.

    Also “Devil May Cry” in title seems like a sequel to the main series, not the reboot.

    Though I much prefer the reboot (better characters, acting, potential, humorous Western cliches) to the original, I have to say that Capcom is probably going to make the long-awaited DMC 5 or sequel to DMC 2.

  • Amanda P.

    When it comes to a squeal of the reboot DMC, it would honestly be a bad choice at the moment. Old fans(Which were the largest of the fanbase) were back handed by capcom and ninja theory who said their opinions didn’t matter and told them if they don’t like it don’t buy it. Now for you people who think 1million copies is a lot it isn’t.

    I will explain…

    5M was expected by start, never even reached that in a month, so 2M was expected by March/April after the release, by Sept. it only sold 1.15 copies. Devil May Cry 3 + Devil May Cry Special edition sold way more then that(yes sales were lower then the first two because number 2 wasn’t all that great.) but number 4 also sold more. Saying it was a success isn’t a correct term. Which is why capcom cancelled production with outside developers(their other games “failed” as well).

    Now on top of that, Capcom, Ninja, both blamed the old fans. Even a number of gaming magazines blamed the fans for belittling the game(after they said the fans opinions would do nothing) which caused yet another uproar from old fans.

    So for a DMC2 to come out is just asking to be burn since its only been a year since all this fan/company drama went down. As for the game equality itself…

    I will let the cat out of the bag when I say the graphics were HORRIBLE! I’m sorry, but even if I am butthurt about Dante’s appearance(which I learned to look pass) the graphics reminded me of PS2 or xBox. I honestly expected more(closer relation to Devil May Cry 4 or Skyrim). Character wise, Yeah Dante was cool, Vergil was too whiny for me, and that girl whose name I forget did not impress me.

    As for the story…I wouldn’t call it good. Nor would I call it bad. It was rather…Meh. I was completely indifferent to it honestly. But it didn’t have the same feel as the old games did. The hack and slash didn’t feel the same, devil trigger was my baby and I loved all the forms you could get with new weapons and that was taken away. They really took A LOT away from fans if you think about it machines wise.

    But to sum it all up….

    DMC2 would be a bad choice to make when it comes to sales. If Capcom really wants to get a ton of cash and make a crap ton of fans happy do a Devil May Cry 5(and don’t tell me they have nothing to go off on. You have Nero, you can bring back Vergil, in some weird way, they left a lot open), and let the old Developer make it(he said he would be more then happy to do another game for Devil May Cry). Heck, you can even do both western and eastern puns, if you work for both sides of the fanbase(which Devil May Cry 4 kind of did, sure they had white hair and looked sexy, big whoop about the anime thing but their personalities were great) and you win in profits.

  • So true

    its a Trademark Renewal they have to do it every 10 years in USA like everyone else its just the shitty devil may cry 2

  • Cameron Rogers

    They could just as easily make both Devil May Cry 5 and DMC2.

    Just like how Tomb Raider has two different continuities running side by side. Rise of the tomb raider is part of the new canon, while Temple of the osiris is part of the Legend canon.

    Anyways, it wouldn’t be fair to go back to the main series now, after they already said DmC was a reboot. There are new fans who like that.

    That would be like after Resident Evil 4 came out, and they said “F-U” to its fans and make the isometric games again and never made more of the RE4 style. (Although now it would be welcome).

    Anyways, knowing capcom, they wont go back to the old games. You can all probably hang that up.

    • Answorz

      Capcom already stated that they wouldn’t mind returning to the classic DMC storyline at any time. So yeah.. Your point is invalid.

  • hoodaticus

    They’re making a new DMC, but they’re not going to tell anyone until right before release so the fans can’t spew their demon bile and poison the market for what will be another FIVE STAR AWESOME game.
    I have replayed this more than Mass Effect – the new Dante is the new Commander Shepard and CAPCOM is sitting on gold if they can parry their demonic ex-fanbase.
    It scored ridiculously high in critical reviews, right behind Mass Effect 3. It even outsold the original version of DMC3. And much of the assets and code can be re-used for the sequel, so even breaking even on sales would pretty much assure them a profit on the next edition.

  • Jeffry Samuel

    devil may cry 6 nero is there

  • Lord Dagger

    Seems to me like the reason why the reboot got so many “good reviews” was because the journalists felt the need to defend the garbage from fan backlash.
    The combat was completely stripped down, the characters and story were all annoying and dialogue was juvenile. DMC was always about challenging combos – you had to have skill to get an SSS rank. The reboot gave SSS ranks like candy and difficulty settings provides no challenge. I’ll take my anime cliches with awesome and challenging combat over Hollywood cliches with terrible dumbed down combat that catered to casuals. No wonder it has fanboys.

    Seriously, I beat this game without any upgrades the same day I downloaded it. Gotta thank PS+ for handing over the game for free – I did not waste a penny on this poor excuse of an entry.
    No surprise that CJ “the Silent Hill warrior” gave
    it a 9/10. The game babies anyone until they could win.

    • CJ Melendez

      How’d you find out my middle name?