Book of Memories DLC hits PSN next week

Konami has officially announced (but not after they thought it was out today) the release date for the Silent Hill Book of Memories DLC. Fans of the game can buy the DLC at an undisclosed price on March 19th. The DLC is said to contain a bevy of new items, clothing, characters, enemies, weapons, and room types. I’ve sent along an inquiry for precise details on what we can expect.

Book of Memories is a fun game and I occasionally jump into a dungeon. A patch with some fixes is greatly appreciated. If this happens to be the last Silent Hill game, at least it’s seeing some post-release support to make it as fun as possible.

Here’s hoping the DLC will have an unlockable Team Silent mode! We need that so bad!


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  • EvilResident

    I LOVE book of memories. It’s criminally underrated. I was so worried they’d forgotten this game, and I’m extremely happy for this news. The patch has already made single player MUCH better.

  • Kera

    I dunno….I just feel like the series is dying to me….I mean, even if this is a good game, I think what helped make the series for me was the mystery. Game one- we didn’t know what the hell was going on. We were going into the unknown. Game two- we didn’t know what the town was capable of.

    I mean, I know Downpour’s approach was about people interacting with the city, as opposed to the Order being involved, and that could work! Worked in SH 2! Maybe if they did that and try to think about what made the earlier games more enjoyable…

    Even if this game is underrated, it just doesn’t feel like a Silent Hill game…not the kinda that made me love horror gaming…. (Was actually going to write a retrospective piece.)

    Ah, sorry for mopiness! Graphics do look NICE here!

  • FoxNine

    Dat screenshot! There goes my sleep…

  • What was the last time Konami was on the ball about announcing anything Silent Hill related that wasn’t about the movies? Seriously, they said nothing about that Month of Madness ordeal last year that went belly up after being hyped for a good few months beforehand. I’m pretty sure if it’s not Metal Gear, Konami just stopped caring.

  • I find this fuzz about a game that is clearly a spinoff hilarious. People need to stop getting their panties in a bunch over nothing.

  • luigiix

    Surprising that Konami is still supporting this game, considering that it probably didn’t sell well (is on Vita, after all). Maybe they should bring it to consoles as a downloadable title. I mean, what’s there to lose? Silent Hill is dead anyway, so they might as well give it a last squeeze and bury it for good.

  • rem

    CJ with this picture you have shown the interent what whould happen if optimus prime

    and rouge the bat
    had a kid


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