Alone in the Dark Creator “would love to do” an HD remake

French designer Frédérick Raynal who was in charge of the original Alone in the Dark, originally released for PC in 1992, would love to see an HD Remake of said game someday in the future.

During an AitD-Postmortem speech, someone from the audience specifically asked about a possible HD Remake. The french prorgramming legend then wets our appetite with this answer:

“I’d love to do a HD Remake. I really hope it’ll happen someday.”

(His speech starts at 13:30 in this video; check 1:06:40 incase of impatience)


Would you like to see a Remake of this classic aswell? Who actually played the original Alone in the Dark? Let us know via the comments!

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  • Benjamin May

    I never got to play this game, but I really like the subject matter of this game. Although I do enjoy the newer horror games of today, I am at heart an ‘old-school’ horror game fan. I’d love to see an HD remake of this game done in the style of the remake of the original Resident Evil – especially if it also included the original version of Alone in the Dark for comparison.

    I did play Alone in the Dark 2 on the PSone a while ago now. It was good, but it didn’t seem to have the same atmosphere of the original.

    Again, I never got to play Alone in the Dark 3.

    My favourite in the series is Alone in the Dark – The New Nightmare. For the time, the graphics were amazing – especially the PSone version. I usually play through it again around halloween.

    The less said about the newest entry in the series, the better. An utter, utter let-down. Some great ideas ruin by terrible gameplay. I was unlucky enough to have the blatantly unfinished Xbox 360 version. I wonder if the additions and improvements made to the PlayStation 3 actually made it worth playing.

    Hell, I enjoyed the PlayStation 2 version more than the Xbox 360 version. The graphics were pretty dire of course, but it was more fun to play.

    But, just to end on a positive, I’d have to say repeat what I first said, I’d like to see an HD remake of the original. There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned haunted mansion, and a bit of Lovecraft is no bad thing!

  • Ryan

    Does “HD Remake” mean “HD-Remastered” or an ACTUAL remake? It seemed like the former to me, when I was reading this article.

    • Benjamin May

      Well it could mean either, I suppose. Sometimes people seem to use the term Interchangeably. People kept calling the recent HD re-release of Resident Evil Code Veronica a remake when really it was just an HD remaster. So, yeah, I would like to see an HD remake, but I’d also be more than happy for an HD remaster.

      • TrueAnakin09

        I’d actually go for an actual remake. Remastering is just a cheap way of selling old products at inflated prices.

  • Henrik

    Sadly while I liked some of the ideas of Alone in the dark 5,it was badly implanted while inferno version fixed some of the stuff plus new ending.

    The mistake had already made that the game sold badly.

    I who played all AID titles,first AID was the my first contact with horror games before it got its name “survival horror” so its one of my favourite game.

    While a HD version would be cool,I would prefer a next installment game instead.

  • Sevket

    I want remake of the first games not the later ones

  • I tried the PS1 games. It was ok.

  • Andre

    I would actually love to see a remake of Alone in the Dark, and it would be great if they did a remake of 2 and 3 as well


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