Aliens: Colonial Marines pushed back to Fall 2012

Prior to E3 2011, fans of the Alien franchise and all of its presentations were overjoyed with the expectation of Aliens: Colonial Marines to both be at E3 2011 and be released in Spring 2012. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case as Gearbox announced the game will not release so soon.

With fans in sure disappointment and left to wait until the new window being Fall 2012, there is a new trailer to accompany our growing impatience. With a very surprising background track most of us would recognize from the amazing film “Moon”. Check it out!


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  • Ben May

    If we get a better game at the end of it, then I don’t mind waiting.

  • Lex

    While I had a feeling it would be pushed back again, I just hope it gives us a fantastic game. I just hope it at least finally comes out this year & dosen’t get pushed to 2013.

  • mkdfan

    Casselman from MKO?
    You’re a writer on this site now? You got good taste! 😀

    The delay can only be a good thing, I was kinda disappointed by the demo.

  • Yes it is me. Hey man!

    Delay could be either good or bad. Maybe both. I can wait for this, but I hope this window is solid now.

  • W Alienkiller

    yeah i justy got liens colonial marines its freaking beast

  • W Alien

    i got aliens colonial marines 3 days ago beat it


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