Alien: Isolation patch recalled for PS4

Creative Assembly, the developers behind October’s fantastic Alien: Isolation, have pulled their recent patch for the game on Playstation 4 due to unintended glitches. The issue came to light as people found themselves having problems playing through the game’s fifth chapter.

Creative Assembly’s official notice stated: “We’re currently working with Sony on a fix and will have that available as soon as possible.”

Not to fret though, as a sign of acknowledging consumer frustration they have since removed the patch so people can still play it until Creative Assembly gets the kinks worked out. If you own the disc, just delete the latest patch, however if you bought the digital copy you will have to reinstall the game. It’s a small inconvenience, but it’s notable that the developer is taking steps to rectify the issue rather than abandon their fans, (*cough* Silent Hill HD Collection *cough*). Keep checking back for any new information on the patch release date.

[Source, via Joystiq]

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  • Henrikm

    Dont remind me about Silent Hill HD it could have been great but what could have been is no more:(

    If not konami try too do a remastared version for ps4 and actually include more titles and a version that is not messy.

    Glad Some developers as said in the article does not think like konami.

  • ariessiren

    Developers are releasing Games that are bug filled way too much. Relying on patches is getting old. Seriously its almost better to wait for six months after a game releases just to play it smoothly

  • Xuchilpaba

    Last time I played there was a game breaking glitch in ps3 version which is preventing to progress, serious but I was able get around; but who cares ‘previous’ gen, right. Sad to hear PS4 version had it shares.
    As for SH HD Collection… that was a game could not possibly fixed. Ugly as bloodstained excrement. It must be burn in fires of hell, forever. (Amen)


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