9-Minutes of gameplay from Shadow of the Eternals


Shadow of the Eternalscrowd-funding campaign for 1.5 million dollars has already gone live, and to follow-up IGN has released nine minutes of Shadows of the Eternal to promote it.

We’ll keep you updated on Shadow of the Eternals news as it develops.


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  • Chris Mitchell

    Nobody knows how to make horror games anymore heres hoping
    The Evil Within is a fantastic game and brings back a mix of good horror and tension, all the other horror games coming out look
    pretty terrible if you ask me.

  • GrimSanto

    I am super siked about his game. It is look great so far.

  • Please not that Denis Dyack is a known scammer and has been known to put together trailers using old assetts in order to scam publishers in the past. He may be using the same tactics to scam gamers this time around. Please note these terms regarding donations to the project:

    “Precursor Games will accept donations immediately upon receipt; there is no minimum aggregate goal for funding.

    A donation cannot be cancelled or returned once it has been completed, whether or not Precursor Games completes the Game or fulfils the specified reward.”

    It says right in the black and white they get your money and don’t even have to make the game. I’m not saying it’s for sure a scam, but you’re certainly taking a risk by donating to this one.

  • Bulbatron

    Loved Eternal Darkness and this looks as though it could be just as good. Rather gutted it’s PC and Wii U only though. But as he said on the video, perhaps if people make a fuss, then other platforms will follow.

    • Wii U kinda deserves one good AAA title…don’t ya think?

      • Bulbatron

        Of course, I certainly wouldn’t dispute that. The Wii U deserves as many AAA titles as any other system. I just don’t want it to be Wii U exclusive, that’s all.

  • Okay Now I want it !!

  • Henrikm

    Loved Eternal Darkness and still has it in my collection.

    Cant wait too see what kind of scare they can conjure up this time.

    I wonder if we might see cameos from first Eternal Darkness if they jump back and forth in timline this time or not.

    However they mentioned Charlemagne(spelling) in the 9 min video and there was one of Alexandra Roivas’s ancestor Anthony who served him aswell.
    Dont know about scams etc mentioned below but I am one of the donors.


  • Grif

    Man, this could be really effing good. I’ve seen tons of success on the spiritual successor games. Bioshock came from System Shock, Perfect Dark and TimeSplitters came from Goldeneye and Fallout came from a game nobody has ever even heard of called Wasteland. it’s just a great way to redo some things better than the original.

  • After seeing this, I actually believe that this game will be a success. I really hope this gets the funding it needs.


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