Whispers in the Dark Ep. 92: Go Tell Aunt Rhod-E3

On this timely episode of the Whispers’ podcast, the gang is back from E3 and finally get all of the hype off their chests. A surprising number of horror announcements dropped, and we couldn’t have been more excited to be on the show floor this year.

Yes, Resident Evil 7 happened and we talk about it! You can finally stop asking what we think Capcom will do with it.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Thomas Truong, Rourke Keegan, Whitney Chavis, Zev Levit-Ramos

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Intro: Alternating Dilemmas – Cyanotic

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  • Andy

    Wow you guys are really just buying into this whole RE7 aren’t you? and attacking people that are not liking this new change in RE7. Yeah we don’t know anything about the story yet or really anything about the game yet. But the fans that are underwhelmed by this demo have every right to be.

    and it is a P.T clone. One of the writers that is working on RE7 worked on P.T. You have to be in huge denial to say it doesn’t look or play like P.T.

    and I agree with a lot of people that are saying that RE7 is a serious over reaction to RE6 and all the backlash that it got.

    and are ghosts, creepy ghost girls and manikins staring at you part of the RE universe? no RE is not about paranormal shit and ghosts and shining a flash light. That is Silent Hillish. It’s about viruses, BOWs, industrial settings, labs, sewers, hospitals etc. Not backwoods hillbillies like The Hills Have Eyes or Wrong Turn. They also said they were inspired by Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I love that movie a lot and it’s a classic but that is also not a right tone for RE either. RE7 takes place at a plantation in Louisiana WTF?

    and if they are using VHS to make it scarier why not just set it in 1998 like RE1,RE2 and RE3?

    But seriously there is just a lot of questionable decisions with this game. Capcom is clearly following a trend with found footage movies, paranormal TV shows and indie horror games which I’m not a fan of personally.

    Also one more thing this game looks incredibly scripted. Like the way you have to follow those two characters in the video and when Andre walks off and suddenly is gone.

    For me I’m waiting for the RE2 remake and see how it turns out and what they will do with that. I hope it’s not 1st person. I want the RE2 remake to be like RE4.

    • > Buying into the RE7 demo.

      Yes, because it’s an effective and promising bit of media that is actually playable. Perfectly valid to form an opinion on something playable.

      > Attacking on fans?

      No, we criticized the mindset that RE7 is doomed or bad because it’s trying something new. The previous games over the last 7-8 years are hardly worth coveting. Change is good.

      > PT Clone, same writer

      What writer? The Jordan Amaro rumor was debunked already. No one from the PT team has or is working on the game according to Capcom. Is it similarly designed, ofc. But so are many games trying to follow popular trends. Nothing new here.

      > Ghosts

      The producer already addressed fans concerned about supernatural elements and he essentially said not to worry, that it will be traditional, just wait and see.

      Check out some more interviews with the director and producers. A lot of your concerns have been addressed already! Sorry that we didn’t cite and quote more during the podcast. there’s a lot of info available now.

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Hey people good to hear your individual voices again it’s been so long for me to get back on track.

    Hmmm seems that the RE7 demo is making a splash but I do wonder if game will have some supernatural elements I haven’t gotten by paws on it yet.

    Wasn’t there another game in E3 with like a huge horde of undead/ infected people attacking a player character. It was on the site but I don’t recall you guys mentioning that during the podcast.

    Keep up the good work folks and come back soon with a kickass episode (y)

    • Thanks! Like I shared below, the producer said to not worry about the supernatural stuff just yet.

      Yeah, we didn’t talk about Days Gone. Speaking for myself, not very interested yet.


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