Whispers in The Dark Ep. 89: The REmake Debate

On this fan-service-y episode of the Whispers’ podcast, Rourke returns along with our newest editor Bradley, to discuss Resident Evil Zero Remaster and the upcoming Resident Evil 2 REmake. All three of us have played Capcom’s Resident Evil Zero Remaster and we start of the show with an evaluation of the game and its fresh new coat of paint.

The latter half of the podcast is us discussing what we would like to see from the Resident Evil 2 REmake, with ideas on how Capcom can leverage the reception to their Resident Evil Remasters versus latter titles like Resident Evil 6 to give fans the best possible remake possible. We talk everything from art style, mechanics, to release format. It’s the Resident Evil 2 REmake episode you’ve always wanted!

Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Rourke Keegan, Bradley Neal

Duration: 01:28:53
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Intro: Alternating Dilemmas – Cyanotic

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  • Shane

    Telltales episodic model is terrible, waiting a month or even more for the next episode allows for customers to forget or just lose interest in a already flooded market. The Walking Dead had great success thanks to constant media spotlight but look at Telltales other offerings such as Game of Thrones and Tales from the Borderlands. Blink and you could have missed them. Revelations 2 didn’t need to be episodic I agree, but in my opinion Telltale and especially Double Fine deserve no credit for their release model’s either.

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    Well it’s good to have the podcast back really made my day.

    As for the RE 2 remake, what would be interesting is to make the reason behind the zombie outbreak a mystery how many times do we have to go through the same old this virus did this kind of bad thing.

    So maybe keeping the core elements of the storu would be a nice thing but repeating the whole viral/infection zombie storyline is becoming generic.

    I dunno make the whole reason behind it supernatural or whatever.

    For the gameplay, I was thinking maybe have it sort of old school or something but my main concern is that they’ll have it more in connection with what is considered the norm now.

    • Eh, Resident Evil IS the virus/zombie outbreak. Supernatural elements are just not part of the series. The way they tell that story in a remake could be improved, though, and I hope it is.

      With a remake, you can’t deviate too far without upsetting fans, and RE2 is far too iconic of a game to alter that much.

      • Ahmad Al-Hamily

        If the game follows the Japanese title Biohazard, then yeah there is no way to deviate from that.

        However, I personally wanna see something of a mystery behind why zombies are there. It doesn’t have to be a umbrella all the time.

        I remember seeing an RE 4 concept demo with some element of the supernatural being involved in the gameplay.

        I think I saw Leon was fighting some demon dolls and possessed knight-armor at some point in that.

        Refreshing the plot won’t be that bad of an idea but knowing what the diehard fans want, capcom will follow the money.

        • While that looked supernatural, pretty sure it was all due to a virus. Leon was having hallucinations.

          • Ahmad Al-Hamily

            See! Just like that you came up with a nice plot involving a virus that makes you hallucinate XD I mean something really fresh would be nice it doesn’t have to be supernatural or whatnot just something interesting.

  • Nickolaidas

    One thing I’d like to note. Marcus mentions that Wesker and Birkin are different and that he INTENDS to make them rivals eager to tear each other’s throats. Apparently, his method strengthened their relationship and turned them into besties. There is no mention anywhere in Zero which insinuates that Wesker and Birkin were actually rivals – only that Marcus *wanted* them to be.

  • Andy

    YES!! a new podcast!!

    I love Resident Evil 0 I think it’s highly underrated. Yeah the item management and the inventory stuff is annoying at times. A lot of the shotguns and the hook shot took up two item spaces. You had to drop a lot of items and sometimes you had to remember where you left your items. That’s why I always left my items by the type writer. But you could leave only so many items on the ground at once.

    I don’t mind the story in RE0 and I think it’s unfair to bash it I mean it’s Resident Evil lol. It’s not going to be amazing or award winning stuff. It’s B movie horror and it has been since the very first game. It’s cheesy but I never saw it that way when I was a kid. When I was a kid playing RE I took everything very seriously too. But like I said it’s suppose to be a B horror movie and nothing more. I never play any game for story. Also not everything needs an explanation in RE. That’s like wanting an explanation in any anime. But another series that doesn’t make any sense is MGS. The stories in those games are really terrible like a really bad anime and honestly I think the story in MGS is worse than any story in Resident Evil game. But I think the worst story in any RE game is Resident Evil Revelations 2.

    But the things I want from the RE2 remake is great atmosphere and music just like in the original game. I just don’t know how they are going to approach the RE2 remake. Is it going to be classic RE like tank controls, pre rendered backgrounds? I just hope it’s not an episodic game like the FF7 remake. Like in the first remake I don’t think there is anything they need to change story wise. But the main thing I want back in RE again and not just in the RE2 remake is horror. I want horror back again in RE. I think the scariest games in the series is the original, RE2, RE3 and RE remake.

    • residenteviltalk

      I was playing REmake the other day from the origins collection and the horror for me isn’t only just the fear of crimsons (which I’ve played dozens of times and learned how to minimize crimsons and still have surplus of oil) but when the mansion slowly gets out of control between crimisons, zombies crashing through windows and hunters. Like even though we continually explore the mansion over and over, which I like (!!), but there is always this sense of dread playing it for me because I know the situation just becomes more dire as you go along and you are scared to go down hallways and continue the game but you have to push through your fears. That is what makes RE great for me.

  • residenteviltalk

    I think you were right in all the critiques about RE Zero. I wasn’t a fan of it but it’s one of those things that I enjoyed playing more than RE5 or RE6. And I think RE2 honestly should be prerendered with fixed camera angles. I get the in between situation where you can have fixed camera angle but also over the shoulder mode as optional but I think that makes for a broken experience? I think it resembles the same pandering of styles that RE6 did. Just do fixed camera as it should be and everything will be fine. It may alienate newer fans of the series but then again we are remaking one of the classics. It really would be unfair to the newer fans but really I don’t think newer fans deserve it if we compare how older fans deserve fixed camera more, if that makes sense. Like if we had to compare who deserves service more old fans or new fans, I think old fans win out.

    just posting this twice not sure which one you’ll see fb and here

    • Site comments preferred so more people can see them!

  • Shane

    I would like to see the original intro FMV be a mixture of cinematic’s and gameplay. Having Claire walk around Emmy’s Diner as a slow boil introduction to the first zombie for her campaign as an example. Brian Irons has the potential to be one of, if not the most screwed up characters in the series.

    REmake, in my opinion is the pinnacle of classic Survival Horror design, but RE2 remake has all the ingredients to surpass it, only time will tell if it’s executed though.

  • Wojciech Olczyk

    Just make another Metroidvania in 3D… thats what Biohazard is…

    • Andy

      Very true.


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