Whispers in The Dark Ep. 56: Whitney’s Silent Ascension

On this prophesying episode of the Whispers’ podcast, Whitney, Tobii, and myself discuss some horror games news, detail our plans to replace Team Silent through a complicated yet brilliant belief system founded by Whitney, Sailor Moon, first person indie horror games, the PlayStation 4, and other assorted topics.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Tobiichi Karlsson, Whitney Chavis.

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Intro: ‘Collard Greens [feat. Cyanotic]’ – Symmetrical Syndrome

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  • Whitney Chavis

    I think the creepy photoshop you made of me Cj is scaring people away from listening! I told you I would make a terrible cult leader 😉

    • Fear creates obedience.

      • rem

        Yes sir! -salutes-

  • rem

    [Wow. it has taken me ages to get to this. I am a few podcasts behind, guess I got distracted by school]

    [P.S. CJ you have not watched 358/2 days. I hope you like it. It’s my favorite KH story; then again I have strange taste.]

    Kingdom Hearts, computers and porn stars

    10:14 To 14:10

    CJ: “Now I’m the master of the internet’’

    [CJ “master of the internet’’ Melendez]


    Whispers in the Anime

    17:50 To 22:00

    CJ: I gonna put a gun in my mouth, give me a minute.

    Whitney: Let’s keep talking about anime Tobi. Let’s see how
    far we can take this.

    Tobi: I’m sorry I don’t get to talk about anime much.

    [Says the guy who is on a anime podcast]

    CJ: That’s a lie!


    Whitney’s cult

    22:10 to 39:10

    CJ: and I thought. Whitney has two fan sites on the internet
    about Silent Hill and Deadly Premonition, that’s kinda like emo books, from Edgar Allan Poe

    [Because nothing says emo quite like Deadly Premonition,
    Silent Hill I can see]

    CJ: So what if Whitney started a cult revolution and we just
    worshiped her, what would happen?

    Whitney: nothing because that would never happen.

    CJ: I think we should worship you.


    CJ –to Whitney-: You’re going to kill people who claim you’re not a true fan.

    [I was joking when I said that! I called myself not a true fan more then I have called anyone else that!]


    Whitney: Ok, so basically what this is. I’m teaching the
    class at your college, teaching you photoshop.

    Tobi: yes

    [This keeps going and leads to killing people and eating Team Silent I am too lazy to keep going but some of the good moments were]

    Whitney: My calling is not to be a cult leader.

    Tobi: No it’s to be a god.

    CJ: your calling is to be the god of all gods


    CJ: once Whitney dies I’m going to wear her skin

    Tobi: So when Whitney dies. Year that works, that works

    [not “if” when Whitney dies some god :P]



    42:40 To 52:52

    [I want to play that. I will have to see how much it costs]


    Villain swap

    1:31:00 To 1:33:25


    Whispers in the sheets

    1:36:46 to 1:38:15



    [Ok, I am calm now. I will look forward to Whispers in the


    WITD witches

    So If I have this right.

    Whitney: the supreme (can do all magic but likes reviving the dead)

    Tobi: Voodoo

    CJ: moving stuff with magic



    1:43:05 To 1:49:00

    [Is it odd that in that list the one I want to see the most is Keiichi Maebara cosplay that would be a fun cosplay, I should think about doing that after I play Higarashi (I know bits of the anime and wanna play the game before I work out if I wanna cosplay him.]


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