Whispers in The Dark Ep. 51: Keith David Won’t Sleep With Me

On the latest episode of the Whispers in the Dark podcast, the crew gets back together to talk about a whole bunch of things that have happened since our live episode. Kyle gives us the rundown of his PAX Prime experience, Whitney and I hook ourselves up to a dialysis machine, Zev becomes Microsoft’s new CEO, and Rourke battles for more penises in media. And last but not least, too much talk about all of these damn video games that have come out!

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Kyle Campbell, Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan, Zev Levit.

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Intro: ‘Collard Greens [feat. Cyanotic]’ – Symmetrical Syndrome

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  • Ross Ingram

    A really great podcast until the end where I totally embarass myself >_< Sorry.

  • rem

    The gang’s all here!

  • rem

    Rourke at renaissance festival

    3:10 to 4:25 then 12:26 to 15:30

    [Now to hope for pics of Rourke in his awesome outfit. Ask a
    friend to take a pic of you or something! I wanna see your stylen outfit!]


    Psychics and Beat with a live pigeon

    5:08 to 12:25

    [If I ever get to continuing the WITD wiki I have to have in
    CJ’s trivia “A psychic told Zev that he was going to die”]

    Whitney: -to Zev- so the psychic said your friend [CJ] was
    going to die in a horrible way. Is there anything you can do to prevent it?

    CJ: wasn’t it that I have to be nice to people?

    Zev: I don’t fucking remember

    CJ: I remember because it haunts me


    Whitney: CJ. Have you gone for a second opinion?

    CJ: No I have not. I’ll assume she knows her stuff because

    Rourke: all psychics know there stuff


    Whitney: CJ, have you done like protection spells or stuff
    like that to protect yourself from this unknown threat.

    CJ: I know what the threat is, we know what the threat is.
    I’m pretty sure it’s going to be upsetting a significant other, that’s what
    it’s supposet to be.

    Whitney: your significant other’s going to kill you?

    CJ: it might be that

    [He had it coming! He had it coming all along! I didn’t do
    it! But if I done it! How could you tell me that I was wrong! –dances- I am magic! That song reminded me of CJ
    before I knew this I am a psycho! I mean psychic!]

    Rourke: with a pigeon?

    CJ: I don’t know we’ll find out!



    Kyle PAX

    15:35 to 47:40


    Beyond two souls

    23:10 To 32:42

    [Stream beyond CJ!]



    16:36 to 17:04

    [I only half put this here as a note for when I get back to
    the WITD wiki]

    [Kyle: 5 foot 9 inches]

    [CJ: 5 foot 7/6

    CJ: -to Kyle- I can rest on your shoulder.

    [Not now fanfic fule! I am busy with yearly tests]

    Whitney: -to CJ- how do you seem so tall to me?

    CJ: maybe your 5’4 or something. [guess]


    Suicide bombing downtown Seattle

    42:10 To 48:15

    Kyle: they said watch your back, that was the part I was
    worrying about. I was like Oh god, I like went up to a Cloud Strife cosplayer

    –gets interrupted-

    [aww I wanted to hear what happened with Kyle and Cloud! The
    Adventures of Cloud and Kyle! I like the sound of that :D]


    Cosplay bounty hunter

    50:55 to 52:30

    Kyle: I just wanna chase drug addicts dressed as Boba Fett
    and tackle them, it’s all I want or spike Spiegel one of the two… or Samus

    Kyle –to CJ- see you didn’t think the through now it’s
    fucking awkward, everyone’s silent.

    [I wish I had the Photoshop skills to put Kyles head on zero
    suit samus]


    Resident evil 2 signed (Kyle fanboys to vally girl levels)

    52:35 to 1:01:28


    Celebrity crush (also for wiki)

    1:01:15 To 1:05:00


    My little pony!

    1:05:10 To 1:10:10



    1:10:11 to 1:18:00


    Old man penis

    1:29:55 To 1:33:25


    Rainbow shirt (no homo)

    1:33:30 To 1:37:20


    Gabe thing

    1:47:40 to 1:53:50


    Old man penis the collection

    1:54:51 to 1:55:20

  • Davina

    Can Rourke just
    read me bed time stories. Like I dunno I just really love his voice and I want to hear it all the time ok.

    • rem

      have you heard him do some of his voices? His Stitch voice from Lilo ans Stitch may be the cutest thing I have ever heard! (episode 32 at 20:50 to 21:02)

      • Rourke Keegan

        :3 Ohana Means FAMILEH xD Thanks!

    • Rourke Keegan

      ^//^ heehee, thanks! I wouldn’t mind reading audiobooks, I spent most of my childhood (okay, who am I kidding, I still do) listening to books on tape. “Flip the tape to side 2” lol.

  • Janessa BlackDiamond Sweet

    Dis my fuckin’ jam.


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