Whispers in The Dark Ep. 47: The 10 Men of E3

On this episode of Whispers’ we address all of the exciting revelations and announcements that came out of E3 2013. Console reveals, surprise video games, and corporate policies get discussed on this episode. We then touch upon our most anticipated games, what we hope to see from the next generation of games, and Kyle and I rant about the god awful World War Z film.

We dedicate the last hour of this episode to a spoiler-filled discussion of The Last of Us. Keep listening to the podcast to check that out or just stop once the normal show is over. We care about consumer choice. We have listened and heard loud and clear what you, the consumer, wants out of our products. We appreciate your passion and your desire for choice. Thank you.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Kyle Campbell, Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • Kevin Murphy

    That picture is from Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Red Banner Trailer

  • If hope your TLoU spoiler-cast is like your RE6 one! (You basically talk about the game for an hour but spoil nothing about the story! XD)

    WONDERFUL PODCAST! DUDES AND DUDETTE! Please do something special for number 50! ;D (e.g. Livestream on twitch.tv… ^o^)

  • That Guy

    The HD cast making fun of 1996-2001 era voice acting is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard on the podcasts

    • “Your. Vagina. Belongs. To. Me. Now. Sonic!” XD I cried… BEST! IDEA! EVER! ;O

  • rem

    WHAT DID YOU DO TO SORA YOU MONSTER! (yay my are assignments over)

  • Even with all the HATE (SO! MUCH! HATE!) ‘World War Z’ gets on this podcast… I still wanna’ go see it! >.< Even if it is a piece of crap, I want something to laugh at ;D

  • rem

    The universe is exploding Xbox back peddle

    0:13 to 17:10

    [Sony is becoming Old Sega. Old Sega was a dick “had
    attitude’’ but could get away from it because they were awesome. Hope they don’t go the way of ‘’New Sega’’]


    [The kids in 13 where not so bad. Ok Hope was a whiney dick
    but give him credit he stopped Lightning from committing mass murder with his logic]

    [Australia was going to ban Xbox1? AUSTRALIA FUCK YEAH!]


    Fav game (CJ and Rourke)

    17:12 to 30:55

    [I CARE ABOUT RAYMAN! And the thing about being annoyed
    because it is delaying ‘’beyond good and Evil 2’’. I know that feel from
    Kingdom Hearts. –Spit take- 12 years?! Wow that sucks KH3 may take that long but at least we know its coming.]


    Metal Gear and Generation jump.

    30:55 to 39:40

    [I love the idea of “Stealth Horses” I may watch a let’s
    play or the cut scenes for the metal gear games. I played the demo for Metal gear 3 on the 3ds and I suck at it. It scares me because despite being 3rd person I get into the head of the character and think ‘’I I screw up I am dead” then I panic and die. You now see why I can’t play horror games.]

    [LALALALALALA –Ignoring Rourkes MGS spoilers]


    Indie games and ps4

    56:30 to 58:35


    OCTODAD and Oddworld

    58:35 to 59:30

    [YAY OCTODAD! My best friend loves Oddworld.]

    World war Z

    1:00:30 to 1:10:40

    Rourke: ‘’He’s from Harvard you know he’s smart” they
    actually say that once

    [I will look into the audiobook]

    [Is it so bad it’s good? Because it sounds like a movie I
    would watch with my friend.]



    1:11:00 to 1:11:20

    CJ: well Whitney now that you’re here are you going to down
    all those beers?

    Whitney: yes

    [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6pNfEhgJmU ]

    CJ: Will you chug them on air?

    Whitney: I have one.

    CJ: Aww


    Kingdom hearts 3

    1:13:50 to 1:19:30

    [You should get Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD! It has 358/2 days cut
    scenes (my fav story in the series) If any of you need help with the story let me know! I can help with the mess that is the story of Kingdom Hearts]

    Whitney: One of my most vivid memories was when I was
    fighting that water guy. I fucking hated him!

    [DEMYX! That fight was so hard! I still hate the fact that
    the in game journal says ‘’He’s a lousy fighter.” BTW this comic does that
    fight justice http://images.ados.fr/1/jeux-videos/comique/photo/hd/1325295132/117158808a/comique-comique-big.jpg


    [Kingdom hearts the ultimate cross over! I just pictured the
    Marvel world With Sora and the Guardians in spandex for FANSERVICE!]



    Rourke: throw Deadpool in there.

    [-SPIT TAKE- WE NEED DEADPOOL IN KH3! I must find that Fan
    art of Sora and Deadpool]

    [Edit: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lldgn2Q4AS1qai0h7o1_500.jpg
    found it]


    Podcast Image

    1:19:30 to 1:21:10

    [I should have looked at the link dump before downloading
    this podcast then I would know if shirtless Haley Joel Osment made it in the link dump]

    CJ: I wanna make it (the podcast image) with the avengers
    Sora and Haley Joel Osment

    [For once we get clear context on the podcast image this will never happen again]


    Man of steel

    1:21:07 To 1:24:40

    [Whitney fan girls and CJ tries to get Superman to be Her Dante then this happens]

    CJ: does he have cake? (Talking about superman)

    Whitney: No, only you have cake baby.

    CJ: Yep. Dam right!


    SMASH BROS!!!!!!

    1:25:34 to 1:29:00

    [If it has Online multiplayer you can add me Rourke! :D]


    PC Master Race

    1:29:15 to 1:31:24

    Kyle: CJ you scoff at the master race shit but when you get that computer

    CJ: I’m not becoming you!

    Kyle: you are!

    [KYLE! How could you do this to Zev? You two already agreed
    to fuse together! Do you really want to add CJ into your bromance?]

    CJ: NO!

    Rourke: don’t turn CJ into another smug master race prick.

    CJ: NO! I will fight it.

    Kyle: you’re going to change you think you won’t but you

    CJ: you can’t turn me.

    [I am picturing that scene in Star wars with Luke and Vader
    but it’s CJ and Kyle and Kyle’s all like “JOIN THE PC MASTER RACE!”]


    [I was not angry Kyle I just love the mental image of the PC
    master Race Living it large and you know that picture of Whitney’s face fused with the No face. I am seeing Kyle’s face fused with the “Like a sir’’ face]


    Zombie movies and Ablest

    1:31:10 To 1:35:15

    New person

    1:35:16 to 1:36:50

    CJ: we have a new person!

    Whitney: Wow!

    [I see how it is!]


    Rourke: game companies have been treating the consumers as
    thieves and it’s… Lame!



    Bad 90s voice acting! (BEST PODCAST EVER!)

    1:37:30 to 1:41:22

    CJ: -in 90s female voice (Amy?)- Stay out of my vagina Sonic.

    [-SPIT TAKE- ]

  • Tito

    Just finish with the last of us & the DLC. So I’m finally able to listen to you guys after a whole year.


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