Whispers in The Dark Ep. 45: Los Juegos Hermanos

On this episode of the Whispers‘ podcast we talked a whole lot about the Xbox One and our concerns regarding Microsoft’s plans with the console. On top of that we discuss our plans to sell the podcast as an illegal substance, upcoming indie horror games, desktop gaming, and then we read a Whispers in The Dark fanfiction. It was just Kyle and I on this week’s show, so expect some serious unfiltered shenanigans.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Kyle Campbell

Duration: 01:48:29
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Whitney’s Deadly Premonition shirt
SLink.FM with Erin Fitzgerald

Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • rem

    it’s good to know I chose a good time to post my silly story. I saw the Xbox 1 stuff and was like. ”Well the next podcast will be depressing now :(” so I finally sent the fic. -listens now-

  • rem

    WITD ep 45

    IMPORTANT: the song is not mine I just edited the lyrics
    because I was lazy! It’s a fanfic thing I think. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SongFic

    Here let this explain the unbirtday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdsZT7WKjW8

    Kyle: it’s just me and CJ now, how do you feel about that?

    [something like this] http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7r65qo4gQ1qcqcna.jpg


    The professor and 8-bit meth

    0:55 to 4:37

    CJ: everyone on the Whispers podcast and some who listen to
    the show

    [-waves- I WAS THERE! Where you when Professor Kyle attacked
    twitch? OMG YOU HAVE EPISODE 44-5! –SQUEEE!-]


    Xbox 1

    5:15 To 29:00


    CJ’s internship

    29:01 to 32:00

    [God that would be a great video! You walk around the forest
    and each time it cuts back to you you look more beet up and it ends with the camera man being like “you have been walking in a circle for the last hour.” And it cuts off while you yell something like “SON OF A –end-]

    Kyle: and now we’re talking about Steve Erwin, this is what
    Xbox 1 does to you.


    WITD HD collection and Meth (this may be a highlight)

    1:00:20 to 1:04:30

    [Well if it helps CJ I’ll buy Episode 44-5 on cd! And since
    CJ is sending the package it will be interesting]

    CJ: we already know Rem and Brady are going to be our two

    Kyle: and Ross, we’ve got a global network

    CJ: all they have to do is distribute podcast episodes with
    crystal meth. It’s a full proof plan.

    CJ: what if we just print the podcast on hyper disks made of
    crystal meth? We store data in the meth and when there taking the meth they hear the podcast in their heads.

    Kyle: we are scientists clearly

    [Well we did meet Professor Kyle before he’s a scientist

    Sinner sandwich contest

    1:04:31 to 1:06:35

    [I wanted to enter but the prize was worthless to me because
    I don’t have a ps3. –still plays ps2- yes I am that old school now I am split
    between getting one of Whitney’s deadly premonition shirts or persona 4 for ps2]


    Prom night a WITD fanfic announcement

    1:09:19 to 1:10:25

    CJ: I’m going to read it for the first time now.

    [DEAR GOD! –laughing- and now for a dramatic reading of
    “Prom night” by Rem.]

    CJ: I got it 2 days ago. It has chapters! It has 11
    Chapters. I am reading this at the end.

    [Oh god yes! –laughing- I was just hoping to cheer you up
    after Xbox1 but now we can all laugh at my insult to the English language
    (which I should have finished editing before posting]


    Questions and milk wars pilot

    1:10:26 to 1:20:26

    [I was picturing you having the balls to pop the gum when
    told not to and then she fired two warning shots. Into your head! As for the quirk I was running on the logic of the cell block tango Chewing gum is enough to kill you.]


    CJ: we should film a milk wars pilot at Pax.


    Kyle: you remember where the milk comes from?

    [Mike Row?]


    Prom night the dramatic reading

    1:20:27 to 1:42:11

    [O god –breaks down laughing- go on without me! I thought I
    fixed the 3rd person terms. Also I love that CJ reads it like he’s
    female. Also DON’T QUESTION IT! THERE IS NO LOGIC HERE! Also CJ quit reading it so monotone. It’s meant to be over the top and stupid and one last thing I DID NOT GO ANYWHERE!]

    CJ: his demon powers might be too much

    Kyle: it would be like, twilight relationship. ‘’We can’t I
    might break you”

    [Still a better love story then… you know Twilight may have
    me beat]

    CJ: Why won’t you enter me Dante?!

    CJ: we’ll read chapter 7 next time.

    [DEAR GOD! –Had to skip it from hurting self from laughing
    to hard-

    Kyle Oh dear.


    [You know at first I was shocked at what I wrote but it’s
    about the same level of crazy as the rest of the podcast it’s just pretending to be a story.]

  • Things I learned from this episode:

    1. Even with two people, the show must go on!

    2. Rem should totally write sketchs for you guys to act.

    3. SELL T-SHIRTS! I want one :3

    • rem

      well we know one thing about the WITD tv show. I will be writing it with Brady.

  • StuntmanSnake

    I am a fist-bump in human form.

  • rem

    CJ there is one problem with your plan for us selling meth hyper disk versions of WITD episodes. HOW DO WE SEND THE MONEY TO YOU?

  • SecretX

    yeah! i knew the next xbox is gonna suck. it doesn’t matter if they have so many games at launch because they won’t have anything after launch. Wii U and Ps4 for life!! I can’t wait to play Halo on my wii U or Ps4 or any other games they have XD

    • SecretX

      Also league of legends is great but my hand started to hurt after playing so many hours on it 😛
      so i stop playing and because my mouse right click doesn’t work anymore.

  • “Nose” Kyle?! XD SORRY(!!!) about my SPELLING(!!!), I’m an IDIOT(!!!) sometimes! (^m^)

    Wonderful podcast dudes… (almost said ‘dude-ets’ XD I MISS WHITNEY!), really liked all the Xbox / Next-Gen talk, as a person whose trying to subtly move into PC gaming I really appreciated it, and also (I hope this doesn’t sound weird but…) it’s nice listening to Kyle talking about tech stuff! ;D

    Keep up the great work! I’m have nothing else to say really… so… (T-T) I’M GONNA’ CONGA OUT OF HERE! *grabs maraca’s and shimmy’s out of the room*


    • rem

      YOU DID NOT READ IT BEFORE DID YOU! -also cried with laughter-

  • rem

    -LATE ARRIVAL WARNING- I put a lot of spoilers in this! I did not think anyone but CJ would read it! sorry!


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