Whispers in The Dark Ep. 40: Meaty Night Terrors

On this international episode of the Whispers‘ podcast, the gang welcomes Tobbii Karlsson to the show. You might know him as podcaster extraordinaire for the Just Another Anime Podcast and The Final Battle. He joins us as we keep to tradition and talk about a whole bunch of crap.

This week’s episode features a lot of talk on the Resident Evil and Silent Hill series, respectively. We also talk about how some video game companies can improve themselves. We like all the consoles (and PC)! Something, something, what’s going on?

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Kyle Campbell, Rourke Keegan, Tobbii Karlsson

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • That Guy

    Glad Rourke didn’t take the meme personally, was just having fun with him.

  • I have 3 hours post-show talk between me and Kyle recorded. .P

  • SecretX

    good podcast. i’ve been buying games from amazon ever since gamestop screw me over with a used game saying that it was new.

  • Great! I don’t check RoH for two days and I miss a new WITD Podcast D:

    Anyway! *sings* WOO! Were (almost) almost were half way there! WOO! Whispers Podcast 40! Downloading Now…thoughts later! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! 😀 Also: Greetings Tobbii! (have I weirded you out yet?!) 😉

  • I have an idea of what to ask next time.

    Always a joy to listen to guys.

  • I wanna’ type out all the things that happen in this podcast, but I’ll just wait for Rem to get here… 😉 *sits* *waits*

    • rem

      you can do it if you want im up to episode 24 so it will take me a while

  • rem

    here is my really late comment on this.

    WITD diet

    0:50 To 3:04

    [you don’t need to diet do you CJ –has no idea if CJ has abs
    or not anymore-]


    Tomb Raider

    3:15 to 7:05

    [I did not like the story she kills one guy vomits and then
    is like “well I am a killer now’’ and commits mass murder and this is just a
    personal thing. I thought the gameplay would be more survival like the first
    tutorial with the deer that was forgotten.]


    The lovely holes

    32:00 to 34:00

    Kyle: wherever you go CJ, it has to be a place that’s ok
    with me peeing in your but. Remember that.


    DMC vs Devil may cry

    1:22:50 To 1:32:00

    CJ: I don’t want get naked, you don’t want to see these
    moobs, they don’t produce milk… according to Whitney

    Rourke: not yet.


    CJ: In 3 he (Dante) says “Let’s go to the party” every
    fucking 5 minutes.

    [These are the jokes I could have added to troll CJ. Oh well
    the Funyarinpa was enough.]


    CJ: and no one. Kyle you’ll agree with me. No one can deny
    the new Dante’s abs.

    Kyle: It’s true

    Tobbii: He’s hot

    CJ: exactly. Rourke you have to agree with us you’re the
    only one not agreeing.

    Rourke: um ok I guess. I don’t know enough about DmC so I just kinda tuned you out.

    CJ: do you know enough about the mans body?

    Rourke: aggh the male body?

    thought I would say that.]

    CJ: you can’t deny that DmC’s Dante has the best button nose
    in the world.

    Rourke: Linny (did I hear him right?) would disagree with
    you CJ.

    CJ: Why. [That tone of voice is so scary]

    Rourke: She would say that you do.

    CJ: awww

    Rourke: she thinks you look like puppies.

    [that may be the best complement ever.]

    [Do the video with you wearing a white wig and being all the Dantes.]

    [When you have played Kingdom hearts then we will talk. It’s
    like they are trying to spout exposition in symbolism or something.]


    Movie commentaries

    1:37:15 To 1:46:00

    [You have to do a commentary these Resident evil movies! –has not seen them- They sound like the stupidest funniest movies ever]


    WITD nametags

    2:27:12 to 2:30:00

    [Some men just can’t hold their arsenic –sings the cell block tango-]

    [My Screen name Rem is my initials. I have found out that It’s a female Japanese’s name and that has caused confusion. It’s also a English name meaning ‘’From the Raven city” no idea what it means but sounds cool!]

    [I just looked up Brady’s name meaning. It means “Spirited” It totally fits him]


    WITD Harem

    2:37:44 To 2:39:00

    [If anyone questions the Sexual tension of WITD I will link here]


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