Whispers in The Dark Ep. 31: Snoop’s Lovely Subjective Revelation

On this lovely new episode of the Whispers‘ podcast, My Love returns only to complain about everything. Silent Hill Revelation discussion takes up a good chunk of this episode as we discuss how we feel about the film. Because it’s a discussion about something Silent Hill, we eventually rip each other’s throats out in a fit of rage and refuse to accept any other opinion than our own.

We also talk about what we think of Silent Hill Book of Memories, Corpse Party, Adrien Brody, the future of Resident Evil, subjectivity and reviews, and reality; we’re so dark and stuff.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Rourke Keegan, Whitney Chavis

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • Soo…I don’t count as a co-host anymore tell me how you really feel My Love.

  • Ross Ingram

    Another great podcast. Love the creepy voice CJ. I can do a similar one.

  • I would like to video games take a more mature route with issues such as rape, but I believe the term “video game” holds it back a bit. Video games are really just toys, which is totally fine, yet, to move onto a level that film has, there is a long ways to go. And don’t get me started on how the business side of the industry wouldn’t want to touch it with a banana-foot pole.

    Speaking of video game films, were you aware that Clock Tower is licensed to be made into a film?

    • Augophthalmoses

      I don’t know. The new Tomb Raider didn’t exactly have a rape scene (and the developers flat out stated it doesn’t ever go that far), but there is one instance in which a mercenary brushes his hand against Lara’s thigh and attempts to bite her neck. And apparently a bunch of prudish idiots blew that completely out of proportion as being such a horrible inclusion in a video game. So even if you attempted to deal with taboos in games, it’s really going to depend on how mature the audience is in response to them.

      Considering video games have one of the most immature and obsessive audiences out of any other media, you can’t really expect too much out of video games pushing the envelope.

      • If the audience is going to have any respect for the medium they’re going to have to face challenging aspects like that. It’s like when they were planning Six Days in Fallujah. I feel like when they took a step back from trying to inject reality into a FPS game was a missed opportunity to show that game creators can grasp a difficult issue. Reality isn’t always pretty, after all.

        But, yeah, I think I heard about the Tomb Raider bit being over exaggerated. That’s another issue that takes it to the other end of the spectrum :/

  • Augophthalmoses

    Yeah, Th Innkeepers is a VERY slow paced ghost tale. It takes a good while for things to get going, but to me it felt okay as it definitely helped establish the characters and get you to care about them. It’s a bit on the predictable side, but it’s still enjoyable. Another decent movie is The House of the Devil. It’s directed by the same person (his name is Ti West) and the style of that movie really harkens back to those in the 70’s and 80’s with the music, the camera techniques, the opening and end credits, and even the time setting and wardrobe. To me it seems like Ti West really understands what makes a lot of those older movies connect with people. It’s another slow burning film like The Innkeepers.

    So yeah, I’d suggest checking both of them out.They aren’t perfect, but they’re a nice breath of fresh air.

  • 4th Survivor

    Crap, CJ I did mean Kombi Christ D: (I have no idea where I got Cannible Corpse from)

    Thanks for answering all my questions 🙂

    Oh an Rourke in the RE6 spoiler cast, you mentioned the RE6 logo in RE: Revelations again. Are you sure about this? I completed it about 4 times an never noticed it. You like Phoenix Wright you should know if you want to sway the court you need ……EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A picture would do)

    Oh and I finished Ghost Trick, it’s amazing 😀

    • After the credits, (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR RE: REVELATIONS) Raymond sets a vial of (what can only be assumed to be) T-Abyss virus on a table in front of Jessica. They have a short conversation, and there are several close-ups of the vial. Finally, the curscene ends with a close-up zoom shot of the vial, where you get a very nice shot of the bubbles in the vial sort of shifting. Right before it cuts to black and the capcom logo appears, a “6” is seen in the glass. http://baconafterdark.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/resident-evil1.png

      • so, TAKE THAT! lol And I’m glad you liked Ghost Trick. I openly cried when you find out why “Sissle” did what he did.

        • 4th Survivor

          Oh the picture didn’t work for me, but I’ve seem to be proven wrong…..NO….THIS….CAN’T…BE! I have the Australian PAL version so it might not be in it….I don’t know D:

          Yeah I was really close to crying at the ending…..(SPOILERS) I wanna cat now, and I want to name is Sissel ;(

          • I mentioned it on the podcast, but I just recently got a kitty ^_^ I wanted to name my cat Sissle, but she’s a girl so I named her Trucey instead :3

          • 4th Survivor

            (GT SPOILERS!) Sissel is the name of Yomeil’s fiancée right? It could have worked, but Trucy is a good name for a cat 😀

            If I ever get a kitty I want to name it Neptune (from REmake) it’s a stupid name for a cat, but I like it (<That kinda looks like Kirby)

            I still have to listen to the whole podcast, I skipped to the the answer's 🙂 I shall listen to the rest at home 😀

            CJ's impression was creepy / hilarious.

  • i agree, especially with rourke on the legit threats on lara. i really hope tomb raider won’t change that scene on the final build, i thought it’d be kinda hilarious if they change it so it could awkwardly avoid the issue, similar to what re5 did. i really hope the game delivers, its the very first tomb raider game i’m very interested in. awesome creepy voice btw, CJ!

  • rem

    I am watching a lets play of Corpse Party and a game has never made me want to vomit and cry at the same time (I am only up to chapter 3) I have cryed becuase a video games before but if this gets much worse I might just vomit and cry at once.
    p.s. WHATS WRONG WITH ME I WANT TO WATCH THE REST OF THE LEST PLAY! (it’s story’s sooo good)

    (as you can tell I hate horror becuse I am easily moved by games)

  • rem

    Rourke’s drawings of Whitney (secret project)

    2:18 to 4:00

    [So… What’s the secret project? TELL US!]



    12:25 to 14:05


    Back to back

    17:08 to 17:26

    I thought of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMeafEWN2jo
    and I am holding you to writing a song for the show CJ!


    Book of memories Easter egg

    28:52 to 30:50


    Title pic

    1:29:10 to 1:29:50

    Rourke: that’s when you discovered I’m Junpei

    [WHAT?! ROURKE’S JUMPY FROM 999?! –fell asleep during the
    movie talk I am not a true fan-]


    Whitney’s metal cock

    1:42:16 to 1:42:24

    [I hope no one’s offended by this pic of a metal cock http://www.mbare.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/b/w/bwd196_1.jpg


    Rourke’s first drink and age mistakes

    1:50:10 to 1:55:20

    [My age has not been mistaken before it helps that I am a
    teenager so it’s hard to get wrong with my longish messy hair… I have been
    mistaken for female before I think my hair is to blame for that]


    CJ’s Seiko impression

    2:01:15 to 2:04:50

    CJ I’m going to do Seiko


    [1. Worst Naomi and Seiko voice acting reel ever! You
    weren’t even doing the voice half the time 2. DO IT! Have Caitlin on the
    podcast I wana find out if she is like Seiko also you mention her all the time
    so I’m curious]


    Whitney: if you want to hear me and CJ go at it

    [-Hears a section of the internet faint in shock-]


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