Whispers in the Dark Ep. 25: An Alien Cyborg Romantic Comedy, in 3D

We are back in the habit. This week’s podcast brings us much debate about the state of the games industry, horror films in Japan verses America, entitled and sociopathic gamers, videogame films, and a bunch of talk on Resident Evil.

Also, 3D.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan

Duration: 02:12:13
File Size: 75.6 MB
Format: MP3

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • Ross Ingram

    Another great podcast, 2hrs perfect. CJ Bane ftw.
    To Rourke – how many times can you tell us the creepy cabin in the woods story? Not being rude, but you need to make a comic featuring THAT cabin.

    • Rourke is a parrot.

    • I forget things REALLY easily. Sorry for repeating myself, but I do it to my friends and family, too. I just forget, lol.

      • Ross Ingram

        No problem. It’s a good story. I just wanna know more. Who put those faces in the cabin? Why?

        • That’s exactly it! Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan are trying to figure it out as we speak! Hell, Scully and Mulder are on the case too! It has signs of ritualistic natures, but there doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to the way the faces are displayed…

          • Ross Ingram

            Maybe it was one of Agent York’s early cases. We could ask him.

          • It very well could be… He’ll probably have to run it past Zach first, tho.

          • I like that idea!

    • Yeah, the cabin IN THE WOODS and the faces LOL

  • Lapus

    hurray Vatra is closing down, they deserve to be eliminated

    • Alice

      They are the best ones since team silent!

      • Lapus

        the best one??? they cant even perfect they’re on game

        • ^What he said

          • 123

            CJ start the fight, and may I say to you Lapus even if Vatra cant perfect they’re on game they have created a game that is a true silent hill experience even if they are not team silent, and common give some fucking respect as they are nearly closing and you are celebrating it WTF

          • Lapus

            Why I am celebrating because I am a true fan

          • Great, can’t wait to celebrate when you lose your job.

            A true fan, ha!

            Wake up it’s a VIDEO-GAME. Making that into some kind of a dogma is INSANE!

          • Lapus

            ha! ha! ha! ha!

          • Isn’t he adorable guys. He thinks real life caters to his needs. Aw, 123, can we take him home?

          • Can I teach him about punctuation? He doesn’t seem to have any idea what HALF his keyboard does.

          • Neutron15

            Do what ever you want with him, also CJ I will use my disqus account from now on because I don’t want someone to imitate me like what happened to Alice Wolf

          • That was the most CHILDIS and PATHETIC thing i have ever seen in my entire life. Why do that? And even worse: in that comment of mine, there wasn’t ANYTHING regarding him, not even Vatra, so, what was the point?
            Meh, anyway, now that will not happen again to me and neither to you anymore 😉

        • A “true” fan? It’s most likely “fanatic”. They were talking about this in the podcast: some people cheered about Vatra’s bad news, and that was stupid.
          I don’t know how can you call yourself a true fan, if you can’t appreciate the new games like Downpour, which was one of the best ones since Team Silent’s, if not the best. As CJ said, Origins wasn’t bad, i also really enjoyed it. I don’t see why some hate it just because it isn’t created by TS.
          No person should celebrate this, if they do, they can’t show nothing of respect towards any person, as 123 said.

  • Nick

    Can’t stand comments that applaud Vatra’s situation. I’m not a fan of Downpour, personally. But that’s no reason to wish for people to lose their jobs.

    And on a tangent, I’d be more willing to blame Konami for my personal complaints with Downpour or any of the post-4 games. It’s ultimately their responsibility to oversee the product.

    Anyway. Good podcast so far! Still listening.

  • Alice

    I was waiting for this!!
    Thank you for this other great podcast!!! 🙂
    I started to hear these since wednesday (very late, i know :/)
    But, seriously, those SH fanatics have to shut up. Vatra is the best company since TS, i agree with all of you.

    • SHFAN

      Your the one who needs to shut up

      • Alice

        See? Some are very childish.
        And why? Vatra is seriously the best one to have a SH project on its hands, and they did it very well. I just say that there are some fanatics that don’t like the new ones just because they are not team silent made. Homecoming was the only sh game tha was bad, but the other ones are really good, and, as they in the podcast say, some people have to get their minds open before they start raging about games that they don’t even have played, like BoM. Downpour was seriously the best sh game since 4, and as Whitney, i’m disgusted with those comments from people that think it’s good that they are closing.

        • SHFAN

          nope, Vatra created only two games if they have created more games then they will likely to survived the inspection and but in this case they only created two games so they will not likely to survived

          • I know it’s very unlikely that they could survive, but i just say some have to show some respect to them as a company that put all of their effort to make a game that SHOULD please some fans.
            Downpour really tried to be a real SH experience, and they succeded. As CJ said: apart of some bugs and glitches, the game is perfect.
            I don’t see why some think it’s a “crappy” game just because of that. Some have to learn to lok at the good side of everything.

          • Not perfect, but IMO, very good (outside of the monster designs)

          • OH, true!
            That, and the fact that the otherworld is a wonderful view, rather than scary. 🙂
            And it needed more than 3 bosses, too.

  • Alice

    I also think BoM is not going to be a really good seller, because all of the competitive franchises out there, and because those childish fanatics that don’t understand that it’s just a spin-off (i really hate those that say “RIP Silent Hill, it’s not dying and if it is for them, that’s it!: It’s just because of them! no one else’s fault
    I can’t say too much about what you talked about RE, because i don’t know too much about it 🙁
    I don’t think SH: R is gojng to be action oriented, it’s just the trailer, as you guys said. I wanted Valtiel to appear at the carousel! D: not PH, but at least it looks really funny! (:
    I am with you with that part of the oversexualized Heather. Where do they get that? She looks great to be her, were they expecting to see an exact double? i didn’t 😀 Yes! they should look into their mirrors!
    I also agree with the film part, they only got some names right, and they weren’t the same characters neither.
    YAY!!! MY QUESTION APPEARED!!! Claudia!! Thank you for answering! I also hope she appears more than in one place 🙁 And yes, maybe she is just revelaing her true intentions, but someone told me that she will…ok, not going to say spoilers (although heather’s actress was the one that said it ;)).
    And also that some monsters from SH3 appear 🙁 i want to see some of the originals, and not only some from SH2 as you said.
    At least it’s good to see the mannequin, that, as you also say, it looks that it got inspiration from Scarlet.
    Anyway, thank you for doing such an awesome podcast guys! totally worth the time! I’m going to listen to more Whispers in the Dark and Voices in the Static when they come out, since i’m just starting to hear these. THANK YOU CJ, WHITNEY AND ROURKE!

    • Alice

      wow, I am a psychotic silly bitch

      • Now using my name to post something to insult “myself”? Now that’s childish.
        I guess i’ll have to use this account now, to avoid this.
        Anyway, at least it was a reference to one of my favorite games…i’m not saying i liked it, however.
        Who posted it? Someone trying to disguise himself as the person that he wants to insult, to make it seem like herself was the one that posted it? pathetic.

        • Neutron15

          I am 123 here and I am going to use my disqus account from now on here, I dont get why he/she imitated you and that comment is really a tragic one, what if people think that you are taking or insulting to yourself, whoever he/she is an asshole

          • He is just an idiot with no life. I hope that doesn’t happen any longer 😉 Glad to see you are doing the same thing to prevent these things.

  • Batman

    Vatra Sucks why because I am Batman

  • SecretX

    i love nintendo can’t wait to get 3d XL so i could play Revelations on it 😀
    i hope the wii U gets RE6 since RE4 work great on the wii.

  • What is that picture?

    • Heather from the Silent Hill Revelation trailer

      • Neutron15

        I start laughing when I see the pic because she looks like an old lady waking up lol

  • Neutron15

    Hey here is the Operation Raccoon City Ost

    The last one is the first while the first one is the last


    • Neutron15

      this ost is amazing, I did enjoy the game but I wish it was longer

  • rem

    WITD 25
    CJ: well Whitney then your Wesker’s… daughter.
    CJ: I wana say some words and have some humour

    [Me: you go CJ you say your words]
    Rourke the raciest

    2:15 to 3:10

    (Everyone’s a little bit raciest! I love this song)

    America not getting games

    4:25 to 6:17

    [Try being on my side In Australia, We only just got an 18+
    rating so we lost a lot of games (e.g. Deadly premonition) and the ones we got are messed with see left for dead 2 and were getting games sold to us for too much it’s like whenever they go over budget they just say “add $20 to the Australian release” sorry Australian rage over.]
    CJ dancing video and Facebook

    6:53 to 11:05


    11:07 to 11:45

    CJ: I DON’T WANT TO DO WHAT THEY WANT! –Referring to

    [Me: you don’t care about what I post? –Sad anime eyes
    activate- ]

    Whitney: come to my podcast I’ll listen to you!

    [Me: yay –listens to coffee talk again- (wow I will never
    catch up to the podcast at this rate)]

    [Wow the silent hill fan base
    sounds so bad.]
    People suck comment addition and

    25:35 to 34:50

    [Really CJ Chris’s arms are too
    big to be steroids more like he has to have things hidden in his arms

    I have to agree with 8/10 people
    don’t know book of memories exists]
    Creepy shack

    1:15:00 to 1:16:30

    [I have a combo of Zelda Majora’s
    Mask but with faces instead of masks and York as the FBI
    CJ used slap, the attack missed

    1:40:25 to 1:41:20

    Rourke: When you slap me then you
    have my permission to tell me to shut up.

    [Me: CJ keep that in mind during
    “whispers in the sheets”]
    God fetus

    1:43:13 to 1:43:45

    Whitney: I do not think there is going to be a god fetus

    [Me: aww but then you could wear the god fetus around your neck and use it to slap anyone who questions your title as “Queen of Silent Hill”]
    Rourke’s childhood

    1:49:43 to 1:51:23

    [Currently this is my theory why Earthbound was never rereleased because that games dark! At one point you are given this dialog “I will break your legs” “you will lose them” and then “do you accept?” “YES/NO” If you pick NO he just asks again. YOU HAVE TO ALLOW A BOY TO BE TORTURED, KILLED AND GIVE THE KILLER PERMISION TO DO SO IN ORDER TO CONTINUE! (You see why I refuse to play the game and would never get past this point if forced. This is just sickening! I mean you have to give consent! ] (Sorry that got ranty)

    2:05:20 to 2:05:45

    [can we just agree that America’s fat, (Australia’s not much
    better) and Chris’s arms are unnaturally huge]

    • Wait! Rem, your from Australia?! ME TOO! 😀 *prepares virtual hug* Oh and I’d have to say that this song is better! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-TA57L0kuc XD

      And someone find us that goddamn video of CJ dancing! *throths at the mouth*

      • rem

        -returns internet hug- ok ill check his youtube you check his facebook and we’ll report back here if we find anything…. He has facebook right? if he does can we find out his name useing it?


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