Whispers in the Dark Ep. 24: Greasy Stars and The People in The Walls

On this long and exhausting episode of Whispers in The Dark, the gang discusses a whole variety of things. From Comic-Con to the cosmos, this episode is filled to the brim with the talking about the things.

We initiate a completely reasonable Kickstarter to get us all to California for the Silent Hill maze; Whitney’s exclusion from our mantivities; Resident Evil 6 getting fixed due to feedback; Spec-Ops The Line being scary; Katamari being abusive to its players; gore in film; literally sleeping together, and other shenanigans.

Skype and our recorder gave us a lot of problems during this episode, so please bear with us. Technology can be mean and fate can be cruel.

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Whitney Chavis, Rourke Keegan, Zev Levit

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Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • 123

    Congrats Whitney on winning the contest

  • TooLongPodcast Mcgee

    I don’t know if its just me but your podcasts are getting longer and you guys don’t really talk about much of anything interesting… Kind of just like you guys talking about random things and say shitty jokes to one another. I have listened to Whispers in the Dark since HD days and now they are just full of nonsense. About an hour and maybe 30 minutes of this podcast is actually informative… I hope i’m not coming off too rude. I am just saying lets edit some of the shit and trim some of the fat.

    • This episode came out extra long because of all the issues we had that put us out of what. We even started earlier as to get things done sooner. I don’t cut out much because we have people who do enjoy our fun banter. This episode might not have had the right flow but we want to be entertaining as well as talk about topics.

    • Yes it’s long but instead of just having a dry podcast. They guys are trying to make it an enjoyable experience.

  • James

    I kind of agree with the guy below I was trying to find Silent Hill news and discussion but had to skip through to find something but even then couldn’t find anything. Sucks because this is the only Silent Hill podcast I know of…

    • We discussed the movie clips, the Universal maze, and the HDC patch, other than that there is nothing else.

  • StuntmanSnake

    The thing I like about the long podcasts is that I can listen to it in intervals. Think of it as three podcasts in one. I listen to an hour a day when I’m excersising or just bored playin’ games.

    If I had to point out any problems I have with the podcast, I would have to really think about it. Although, the smoke alarm dying was kinda annoying, ha. No offense, Whitney.

    • Ross Ingram

      Did you read my comment about your podcast name sounding like a gaming/advice podcast? CJ kinda glossed over my reply tsk tsk.

      • StuntmanSnake

        I have only made it one hour in. I did see your comment and I appreciate the feedback!

    • Sorry

      • StuntmanSnake

        No reason to be sorry, it happens, lol. Keep doing what you guys are doing, I’m lovin’

      • StuntmanSnake

        it! (my message was cut off, hah)

  • Ross Ingram

    Another good podcast. Yes I think a slighty shorter one would be better. 2 hrs is probably perfect, but there were problems as you said.
    You could alter the format to appease some listeners. Get the news and questions done first, and then chat about anything and everything afterwards for your die hard fans 🙂

    • that’s usually the plan…if only we could stick to it

  • Whitney, you saw Love Plus?! Did you ask what they brought it to CC to showcase?
    I imported the original game, and yeah, there are insane promotions for it in Japan.

  • StuntmanSnake

    Thanks for the feedback on my cheesy podcast name, guys! The name clearly blows so it looks like I’m back to the drawing board.

    What’s really funny about this podcast is that I’ve been trying to buy both Katamari Forever and Spec Ops The Line off eBay and was really surprised to hear them talked about on the podcast. I’m really intrigued with The Line and I’m pretty stoked to play it. Can’t wait!

    • I’ve been playing Touch My Katamari, but I’m sure the levels are the same.

  • Thanks for another fun podcast.

    Say what happened to the links dump thingy? Wanted checkout the things you mentioned in the podcast 🙁

  • Benjamin May

    Have to agree with you about the most recent Alone in the Dark game. The controls were truly awful. Hard to believe the Wii is even worse. This may sound odd, but more people should’ve tried the PlayStation 2 version. The graphics weren’t as good, of course, but the controls were much better.

    But I also have to agree that Alone in the Dark – The New Nightmare was a great game!

  • rem

    [I was realy tired the night I wrote this and it shows. also I love all of you and your rambeling. I love hearing CJ’s new plan to frame Whitney for murder, I love hearing Rourke’s awsome voice acting I love Whitney playing the stright man to everyones insanity! I LOVE YOU ALL! (never just tell the news on me!)]

    In this episode of Whispers in the dark we heard about CJ and Zev’s plan to hide in Whitney’s walls, I write a WITD fanfic, CJ gets called fat then told he has a six pack, Whitney become president of silent hill, the gang discusses
    fanservice, we learn Whitney has very tall friends and she has really gross idea of what guys are like, and hear again of the kickstarter that will lead to
    ‘’Whisper in the sheets” [please tell me this happens eventialy]
    doll collection
    0:50 to 1:40
    [Me: it took just over a minuet for me to
    almost vomit. Wow you would think I’d get used to this by now]
    1:50 to 3:40
    Wisconsin chronicles 3 (Tokyo drifting)
    [Personally I would pick the crazy people. Less chance of death and I would get some cool stories out of it.]
    [I noticed and I am just glad my computer is not beeping at
    Zev and CJ frolicking in Whinny’s house naked
    9:40 to 13:30
    [Me: When Whitney said “no it won’t” I had the mental image of CJ and
    Zev frolicking naked in Whitney’s apartment and the background was all anime and sparkly and then Whitney opened the door saw them and was just like “Really guys?”]
    [Me: you could make cleaning Whitney’s apartment fun! All you need is
    a musical number then it will be like Mary Poppins with Whitney as Mary Poppins
    and CJ and Zev as the two kids who get locked in the dresser and the toy box by
    then end of the song! (Wow I am messed up) –shrugs- at least I’m the fun kind of crazy and not the stalker kind of crazy]
    [What’s with me getting all the silly mental images today?]
    [Me: really Whitney you would think it was a
    fairy? At least blame your crazy stalkers fans like m… never mind its way too
    expensive to go there just to clean an apartment and have an extended Mary
    Poppins reference –lives in Australia-]
    [New theory: CJ is secretly a fairy
    and Zev is secretly an angle]
    [NEW THEORY ZEV IS ICARUS AND CJ IS ICARUS’S DAD! (I forgot his name but he made the wings)]
    Whitney the star (a new fanfic idea “your star” [whisper in the dark and Katamari cross over (I know nothing about katamari so this will probably be insulting to anyone who played the game)]
    13:30 to 18:45
    [Me: pleases note the following is silly and not
    thought out at all enjoy!]
    Me PLOT SUMMARY:–in narrator voice- In the
    Fanfic Zev the ruler of the cosmos wants Whitney to be his star so they can
    spend the rest of their lives together in the night sky! (So romantic! –Tries
    not to puke from corniness-) Whitney does not want to be a star because she will lose the ability to speak. Zev with the help of CJ makes Whitney a star and so she is forced to learn to communicate without talking and see a side of Zev she never knew before.
    Me: it’s so romantic! –Swoon- p.s. Whitney I am so sorry
    if someone actually writes this! –Secretly hopes someone makes it for laughs and makes the ending a tragic over the top version of the end of this section of the recording-
    Like this! Ending summary: e.g. after Whitney has learned of
    the responsibilities of ruling the cosmos and coming to an understanding of how Zev became ruler of the cosmos after being her friend for years. She also slowly moves from being angry that he made her a star agents her wishes to becoming friends with him again and is almost considering going out with him when she somehow communicates –maybe it’s like Morse code with light or something-
    “I wish I could just speak to you it’s so annoying doing this!” and Zev would be like “that was never my favourite thing about you” and Whitney would then commit star suicide –if she can control how much gas she uses to make light Morse code work this is not a stretch- by not using any gas and being silent for eternity SYMBLOSIM! Zev will be like “I’m sorry please come back PLEASE COME BACK! I can still see your light! (I wanted to be the one to fill your dark soul with LIGGGHT!) And he slowly breaks down as her light fades to nothing. And starts yelling through his tears. “I TAKE IT BACK I MISS YOUR VOICE!” And Rourke will tell him “You needed to be nicer to Whitney if you really wanted her to be “your star” (NAME DROP!)
    She would have established previously in a conversation
    with Zev that when she dies she will go back to her normal life except in an
    alternate universe where Zev was never becomes Ruler of the cosmos (this
    universe) where that universe only exists as a half-baked idea in some dudes
    over tired head. And the epilogue of the fanfic is Whiney texting Zev and it
    will be written in a way that makes it so we don’t know what she wrote and have
    lines like “after she posted the message she waited to see his reply she needed
    to know if he knew her reason for sending that message” and it will be all
    dramatic and romantic and stuff and then Zev will text back with “why did you
    send me the NO face?” THE END!
    [Wow I am really creative tonight and tomorrow
    I will hate myself for writing this and wish I had not posted it
    CJ: Zev is the king of all cosmos and he wants you to be a
    [Me: PLEASE! someone make that into an Uncle Sam parody with Zev and it
    be like “I want you to be a star”]
    23:32 to 23:44
    Zev: Whitney do you still love me?
    Whitney: no
    Zev: she said no that means she did at one point!
    CJ: -gasp-
    [Me: it did in an unwritten alternate universe fanfic –starts making ghost noises for some reason-]
    [Me: I may check out that
    slender thing I’ll get that link from you later
    30:30 to 31:18
    (I forgot the drinking game o
    well I don’t feel like adding it after hearing that about Zev)
    Whitney the queen of silent hill
    39:40 to 41:20
    CJ: you should have smacked him
    and been like “I’m the queen of silent hill motha fucka”
    Rourke: you
    should’ve taken the fetus off from around your neck and smacked him
    [Me: such a great mental image]
    Where all friends here
    47:55 to
    [me: What
    when where you angry at each other? I am calling it that I was madder when I raged at Rourke’s score of Ace attorney 2 (being tired has weird effects on me
    that night I was easy to annoy tonight I am silly and coming up with stupid
    theories all over the place]
    (pleases ignore my theories I just kept them in
    because I thought someone might get a laugh out of them)

    CJ: I got
    called fat by someone who was defending Chris’s bolder arms
    CJ’S FAT! It would explain his plan to crush beer cans with his 7 pound moobs!
    But pics indicate otherwise.]
    [NEW NEW THEORY! CJ’S way better at editing
    then any of us give him credit for and has edited every picture of him to make him look thinner] (it’s official everything I type in caps lock is either stupid or fanboying)
    Silent hill side games
    54:37 to 57:20
    fan of silent hill]
    Silent hill nurses and Fanservice
    1:12:00 to 1:14:30

    [Me: why not how about it a silent hill game where the main
    conflict is the protagonist’s sexuality because being gay is worth being dragged
    into the worst town in the world (wow that was snarky)

    [buff is not equal
    to sexy at least for Whitney judging by her reaction to George from deadly
    1:14:30 to 1:15:50

    [-In singsong voice- CJ is SHORT! I have no idea how tall I am but I
    think Rourke is taller than me. I don’t really see my height as important, but
    at least people notice me now. ( a dude sat on me twice in one year because he thought the chair was empty. if it was not for how freaked out he looked I would have thought he was doing it on purpose)] [I should not meet CJ in person I am 16 and kinda tall [not as tall as Rourke]

    [it’s fun to act old but when your old. what can we say to our grandkids to try to act like our lives where a lot harder then they are –in old man voice- “Back in my day we walked to the shops, we did not have these new fancy hover boards”]
    Whispers in the sheets
    1:17:40 to 1:19:35
    [Me: Pleases tell me at some point they do a
    podcast like this in the same room! It would be so great! Hahahah sorry I just
    had them mental image of them sleeping foot to head and CJ licking one of the dude’s feet. THIS IS A GREAT PLAN! You guys can have mantivities (man activities) and you can edit it into the end of the video podcast! You guys can make it sound all sexual and then the event is all you guys making a fort out of pillows and telling scary stories]
    CJ’s six pack abs
    1:56:35 to
    [So CJ what’s it like having abs or having 7 pound moobs or whatever
    your weight is at now?]
    Is CJ a gentleman?
    1:57:38 to 2:01:03
    Zev: -to CJ- Go pull your dick out and urinate fucker!
    [Me: In a different context
    that could be a great insult also I like how CJ is talking about how talking is
    an art form accidental fanfic reference!]
    The love life of Rourke (when he’s not being hit on by guys while working) and Whitney’s theories on guys
    02:01:05 to 2:04:45
    [I spent this whole time with this song in my
    head http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAxKHeMvc2E

    By the way good job Whitney it’s about time you said something that shocked and disgusted CJ]
    Katamari and tech support
    2:08:53 to 2:15:25
    [WHAT! WHITNEY’S THE KING OF ALL COSMOS NOW?! I will leave that plot hole for someone else to fix]
    [I love how CJ was suddenly scared of being called fat when
    before he laughed at it]

    Deadly premonition voice acting
    2:23:20 to 2:26:50

    [me: I Loved Jeff Kramer as York. I think that Thomas and Kaysen did
    a fantastic job they really got to show his talent in the ending. Just about
    everyone else did a good job. That being said I hold a special place in my heart for Amy Rubinate’s performance as Carol who’s singing voices is so
    indistinguishable that most people believe she is singing in a different
    language during the chorus of “Greenvale vocals” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iV6chycloXQ

    can you tell I made it a personal mission to work out what the lyrics are to
    these songs. She had good spoken delivery though]
    [You would like the colour of Phoenix’s hobo hat! It sounds like a blue you would like. I got to get to making that hat. I am making it for one of my friends she really like the games and I think she will like it. (I need to focus on what they’re saying Ooo SHINEY!)]
    Zev’s apology (CJ maybe you should apologise to Whitney some
    time that would be nice)
    3:02:30 to 3:03:30
    [I love the sound Zev makes
    when he is forgiven he sound like a kitty it SO CUTE! Wow I just imagined a Zev kitty sitting on Whitney’s lap and making that sound and asking “do you love me?”]


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