Whispers in the Dark Ep.16: Kennedy Love Boat

On this merry episode we discuss the stories of both The Hunger Games (spoilers, so avoid 32:00-36:40) and The Human Centipede 2. We actually talk a lot about cinematic adaptations of novels. Reading is important, kids!

On the games front, we talk about the latest news and releases of content on the horror game front, horror game parodies, horror series ideas, remakes and re-releases, and lastly Whitney’s forbidden romance with Leon Kennedy acted out by Rourke and I; it’s so romantic!

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Host: CJ Melendez
Co-Hosts: Rourke Keegan,Whitney Chavis

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Link Dump:

Junpei Iori Ace Defective

Lone Survivor

The Silent Hill HD Collection: Why it needs to be changed, patched, and fixed

Resident Evil 4 (Bentley Bros)

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed

Goosebumps Intro – 1995

The Zack Files

Biohazard 4: The Movie Trailer #2

One Fine Objection Day

Kodomo no Jikan Ending Parodies


Intro: ‘A Still Light Sun’ – Cyanotic.

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  • “lastly Whitney’s forbidden romance with Leon Kennedy acted out by Rourke and I; it’s so romantic!”

    That was so weird it came out of nowhere XD

  • StuntmanSnake

    Whitney: I’m flying!
    Leon: Don’t worry, Whitney, I’m hangin’ on to ya’!


  • Ross Ingram

    Another great podcast. Looking forward to the next RE:Unlimited. Will NOT be watching The Human Centipede 2.

    Finished SH2 btw. Wow the Eddie boss fight scene was way out of sync.

    Rourke if you need PSN friends add me: OVERLORD_RAHL

  • Mr.Awful@9

    God, I love these header images.

  • Mr.Awful@9

    Also, I love the podcast, but I should not have been eating whilst listening!

  • Levito

    There isn’t a great alternative to Skype without paying, but you could use Ventrillo.

    Also, this episode was hilarious, good stuff!

  • Not many comments on this one. Damn those Itunes silent listeners!

  • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

    Most hilarious podcast to date XD.

    Wonder If Elmo gets stuck in Silent Hill or Racoon City oooooh I got a plan now. Muhahahahaha

    • Liked the new intro?

      • Ahmad S. Al-Hamily

        At first I thought I was listening to another podcast then picked up my phone and saw it was not the case.

        I enjoyed it, if that’s what you’re asking.

        Plus, I dunno if there is a regional restriction on the podcast on iTunes. I tried to Downpour’s OST but that damn restriction thing wouldnt let me.
        So i can write a review but I’m gonna have check if i could do that without that problem occurring.

  • 123

    fatal frame 2 remake will have fatal frame 4 controls not silent hill shattered memories

    • 123

      play fatal frame 4 CJ or Rourke, shattered memories has different control scheme

  • {o}

    Downpours engine sucks, if konami will create a silent hill remake they should create a generic engine, Played Downpour but I could not take my eyes on the issues and glitches

    • The Unreal engine doesn’t suck. It’s used wonderfully in the right hands. The game just needed a few more weeks to iron out the lag.

      • 123

        your right, they should have work more weeks or months, although enjoyed the game

  • rem

    here’s the transcript of the live action fanfic and heres CJ’s video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxu9OTnf9f4&feature=youtu.be

    Episode 16: time 02:39:30 live action fanfic

    (Note: if the comments I add don’t make sense
    it is problem because I wrote this at 10 to 11pm)

    CJ: -singing- This is
    the end of everthing, Whitney is typing. Her love stories with Leon –sniff-

    Whitney: what?

    Rourke: In a bar.

    CJ: Right now I
    am going to say you were writing a fanfic between you and Leon Kennedy the
    entire time.

    Whitney: What?

    CJ: Yep

    Whitney: No.

    Rourke-as Leon-: Whitney come on! We have got go to the police
    station, we’ll be a lot safer there.

    CJ: Zombies are knocking at your
    door. Yep he’s knocking at your door after zombies where trying to get

    Whitney: -laughing-

    CJ: and he kills them all and he bursts in

    Whitney: how you doing. –laughs-

    Rourke-as Leon-: I’ve got to
    take off my jacket.

    CJ –as Leon-: argh there is fire on me.

    Rourke-as Leon-: I have been hopping over this log over and over (I
    think that’s right)

    CJ –as Leon-: There’s fire on me quick douse it off.

    CJ as Whitney: ”I’ll get it’’ and just rips it off

    CJ –as Leon-: only one part of me was on fire

    CJ as Whitney: and she’s like ‘’I don’t care; you’re going to be on fire tonight.”

    Whitney: -laughing-

    CJ: and then you just maul Leon Kennedy

    Whitney: -laughing-

    Rourke: Hey Whitney no glasses (is he only saying inside jokes
    or something?)

    Whitney: -laughing- o god you’re so weird

    Rourke: -laughing-

    CJ: -laughing-

    CJ: We could write this whole story. Ok
    Rourke, you be Leon I’ll be fake Whitney.

    Whitney –laughing- What o god

    CJ: Go! Go.

    Rourke –as Leon-: Hey there Whitney we’ve got to
    get to the Racoon city police department it’ll be a lot safer there.

    CJ –as Fake Whitney-: but my leg. I can’t walk.

    Rourke –as Leon-: That’s ok I’ll carry you! –lifting sound-

    CJ –as Fake Whitney-: Thank you. You’re so strong!

    CJ: and then while you’re running and going –massive sniff noise- seeling you.

    Whitney: -laughing- I’m sniffing his hair?

    CJ: No. You’re sniffing his jacket and it smells like fire and man.

    Rourke: -laughing-

    Whitney: -laughing-

    Rourke: we should name this episode
    Fire and Man!

    Whitney: -Laughing-

    CJ: keep going Rourke. Go

    Rourke –as Leon-: All right so (gets cut off and keeps making
    attacking noise in background)

    Whitney: what’s wrong with my leg?

    CJ: nothing. You just want to sniff him.

    Whitney: O I’m being creepy.

    CJ –as Fake Whitney-: What are we going to do Leon?

    Rourke -as Chris?- you’re doing lines of his sent.

    Rourke: that sounded like Chris.

    -They go on about Chris’s voice actor being in Kids avenger’s

    CJ: so now that we’re done with Whitney’s Fantasy.

    Whitney: -laughing- I got picked up and he started running with me and that was it.

    CJ: So now we’ll finish it. Where’s he running to Rourke? Where’s
    Leon running to with Whitney in his arms?

    Rourke: To the raccoon city
    police department.

    CJ: he’s running really fast too despite holding a
    human being in his arms.

    Rourke: yes I am clicking left stick down to run
    (resident evil reference?) –Attack sound-

    CJ: as Fake Whitney: Where are
    we going Leon?

    Rourke –as leon-: Toys R us.

    CJ as Fake Whitney:
    why are we going to Toys R us?

    Whitney: What?

    CJ: -laughs-

    Rourke: ummm

    Rourke as Leon: ummm… To see if they have
    any cool Resident evil toys!

    Whitney: Ok.

    CJ: as Fake Whitney: I like toys! (I feel gross writing that because I wonder what toys CJ meant.)

    Whitney and Rourke: laughing

    Whitney: God that could be taken the wrong way. (So it’s not just me.)

    CJ: I know! I know.

    Rourke: -laughing-

    Whitney: -laughing- yeah cool story

    THE END! (I think do they continue this in future podcasts?)


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