Holiday Special! Defending Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Video)

If Resident Evil is the father of Survival Horror, then Silent Hill is most assuredly the mother. Embrace the holiday spirit with a look back at the franchises’ 7th entry, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, a perfectly chilling game for this winter season. Unless of course you live where I do, in which case winter has thus far been a low 50 degrees.

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  • Henrikm

    Silent Hill Shattered Memories was also one of my favourite after the first 3.

    Its hard to explain why but for me Silent Hill story has always been one of top ones of any series.

    The combat adds to the series but never been a important aspect for me myself.

    For me its always been the atmosphere and story.
    Wich I personally think SM delivered on.

    I dont know why it was not a fan favourite? Console chooise as mentioned in the video or the aspect that many fans would have rather seen a true Silent Hill 1 remake rather then reimagination?

    Nontheless its awsome and yeah the endings ๐Ÿ˜€ I try to go for one of the harder one that twist around the ending somewhat cant explain without spoiling ๐Ÿ˜€

    Yeah a true Silent Hill1 or HD remake/remaster has ofcourse been a wish from me aswell,doubt that will ever happen now with whats been happening around Konami now?

    They also messed up what could have been a cool Silent Hill collection.

    In my restless dreams I still see that Silent Hill collection pefected and with Silent Hill 4 included aswell in it….

  • brunopessoa

    and one the most boring and none silent hill game ever!!

    • Brodequin

      Matter of personal preferences, mate…
      Not an Silent Hill game, you say? Because it was free from ass-boring “classic SH” thousand same looking rooms to explore”. Sweet, especially when your character is fast as coffee overdosed slug…
      Not a SH game: absence “classic SH combat”, in its classic dull and clunky style?
      Or maybe missing SH classic controller mapping, so called “survival horror controller setup” makes it not an SH game? Must say, it is truly for extreme survivalists:
      Pure nonsensical mapping, featuring “stoned geriatric precission of thumbstuckies and buttonssies…

      SH should be always “classic SH” as maniac fans say. Are you one of them, dude?

      Shattered Memories contains pure SH style twisted story, usual fantastic sounds and music, new, unique mechanics, very addictive non-combat “run for your life” sequences. Finally intuitive and innovative controller setup.
      The only bad thing in Shattered Memories is the PS2 release: Ultra lazy PSP port…

      • Xuchilpaba

        Tomm Hulett ?

        • Brodequin

          Nope, i’m not ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Xuchilpaba

            Do you realize Classic Silent Hill are 5th and 6th gen games the newest one is 13 years old and their controls and mechanics belong to that era, right?

            If you’ve lived through that era you would know that Silent Hill gameplay formula was the best and the most versatile gameplay than any Survival Horror. In SH You can run away, you can stay and fight, and even you can turn off your flashlight let the monster go by. (There are even chase sequences) Instead of forcing you to do one thing all the time like SM did. Survival Horror is about having choice and I want to play my games at my own pace.

            It’s 3D controls were clunky? yeah! BUT gave you strafe run/side walk abilities, being able to move while you’re aiming and fighting(weapon depended due to game balance) You could even fast backstep and fast turn if you press run button. It gave us the most detailed control scheme that no Survival Horror game or no 3D controlled game could even imagine. I doubt people (newcomers) whining about controls hardly use all the functions, Hell I’m sure they didn’t know about these.

            Solid and detailed controls that will not confuse or jerk. Unique use of camera angles to support tension, easy to use and intuitive map system that sometimes drawn with progression. Inventory that will not choke you every time you enter. Melee fighting to diversify combat and conserve ammo. ฤฐnteresting places to explore at your own pace, mind you and if one try to see the big picture even an empty room is a part of storytelling, an answer to a situation or a general question.

            Let me ask a question to anyone; any newcomers haven’t been around when Survival Horror actually is a thing and my fellow old timers: What one could ask more 13 years ago? 13 frigin years ago, mind you.

            All the things you mentioned are controls, mechanichs etc change shapes as time goes by and as the tech develops further. So it’s not fair to compare. If you want to compare, compare the art. Because the real reason we adore Silent Hill is its unique art, The Art of Silent Hill… that determines if a game is Silent Hill or ‘non silent hill’ not the fucking controls or use of the IR sensor and speaker of fucking wiimote.

            Btw Classic SH Forever dude ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Brodequin

            I’m 43 years old, pal…

          • Xuchilpaba

            What theories? No theories, no drugs, no notes.

            It doesn’t matter how old you are, you’ve already revealed your understanding of certain things and your taste in your previous post. No insult.

            So what was your point again? you’ve tried to degrade a game because its old mechanics to elevate another game that uses new and different hardware and tech. And My point was that that I just found that’s unfair and very cheap way to defend the game. Generations old Silent Hill games’ controls being clunky doesn’t necessarily make Shattered Memories look good.

          • Brodequin

            What you called “understanding of certain things and my taste” is my own private thing. Not yours, not someone elses. And i completely don’t care what you or any other “fellow old timer” may think of it. No insult.
            See, you still missing my point: i didn’t judge or degrade any of Silent Hill games, i’m far from it. I absolutely love Silent Hill games, i love all of them.
            I asked guy a question: what is that makes him think of Shattered Memories as “non Silent Hill” game? Is it something that was in older games, something he is missing? It has great, disturbing story, fantastic sounds and music, superb unsetting atmosphere. Because these things makes Silent Hill. Not combat or its absence, not game mechanics, not camera view, or (clunky or not ) controlls. If someone likes it or not is the matter of his private preferences.
            Did i make it clear enough? I hope so.

          • Xuchilpaba

            I didn’t explain my point on the age thing properly. I thought you would know I mean; but still my bad.

            There are two types of gamer from what I’ve seen on internet. Old and new. Old gamers who have been around to see the video game industry’s development over the years and have understanding and tolerance of certain things because yesterday those mechanics, graphics, tech was new and exciting.

            And new gamers for example have barely seen 6th gen the oldest game they’ve played is PS3/360 games. They used to last thing. They’ve never seen the transition of the industry and all the shit they’ve been through, we’ve seen through. So whenever they see a classic game they gag. Because it way too old to what they have been used to. I mistakenly thought you’re one of those simple minded people because of your post. see the experience what is actually matters not the age and I assume people have been around have that experience. Not necessarily true all the time though. I’ve seen that now.

            I hope you know what I meant now.

            Look, play SM and like it all you want. it’s for you. But if you try and take a shit on holiest of the holiest to make your point on how SM good is, That’s different story, It’s not a SH kinda twisted one. disappointing and not something I’d expect from a 43 years old Silent Hill fan.

          • Brodequin

            Got it. But still i never liked and i newer will controlls that were made for first couple of SH games. Actually, most of controll schemes for PS2 Japanese horrors. Maybe it is because i always been mostly PC, not console gamer. Or maybe because PS controller is useless piece of junk. No matter how great these games are (i love almost all of them) i cannot stand its controlls ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ahmad Al-Hamily

    First of all, good to see you in the flesh doing this awesome video man.

    Secondly, Shattered Memories as I remember really had an impact psychologically one me when I played it on the Wii and its excellent Silent Hill game but I guess some people just didn’t get it. The whole thing about visiting the psychiatrist within the game was pretty much terrifying to me more than the monsters. Like being probed by someone and telling them the honest truth about yourself.

    But at the end I understand that this game is not necessary an enjoyable experience for some; however, to each his own.

  • Andy

    The game doesn’t need defending. It’s a great game and one of my favorite Silent Hills along with the first 3 games.


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